• About the Wanstead Wildlife website

    What and Where is Wanstead and its Wildlife?

    Ten years ago - in 2007 - when I really got the Wanstead Wildlife up and running, I wrote an introduction to it which included a number of questions as to what the website was about and for, and some problems that I'd discovered in deciding what it should contain. The problems and questions were these:

    • What comprises Wanstead?

    • What constitutes wildlife?

    • Why is the wildlife here?

    • How do I present the findings?

    • Where and when do I stop?

    I'm not sure that I have really answered all or even any of these, and in effect the website contains what it contains, and its value is whatever I and anybody else that accesses it finds. Ten years hence, and a fair bit of work, and during that time there has been a significant increase in the numbers of people that have an interest in our local wildlife. The question about how I present the findings certainly deserved the inclusion of lists of records of species found here. I have always believed that in order for any local conservation group to help to conserve things, they need to know what and where the things are. Hence there are a good few lists, and I did hope that these would be added to by the inclusion of records sent to me by the increasing numbers of enthusiasts, and particularly passed on by the local conservation group - namely the Wren Conservation Group. These hopes in the main have proved difficult to fulfil. Others' records have been kept and presented in so many different forms that I have found increasing difficulty in keeping up with them. Some are in private records, others in group records, others on websites, blogs and social media. Therefore, I have slightly re-organised the contents so that Wanstead Wildlife's records are presented primarily with those that I have collected myself. However, I have appended records that have been presented to me, and many that I have researched from other sources. In future - if I keep the website going - fewer "others'" records are likely to be added. In fact, I suspect that fewer of my own records will be added; ability and enthusiasm seems to be lacking these days! At least the website may act as a repository which may be of interest to some.

    I also included a light-hearted look at Wanstead itself - for those who don't know it and those who think they do, and I thought I might update this slightly as I reproduce it here. So:

    Wanstead is an area of east London approximately 6.85 miles north-east of the City of London. This distance is taken from St Paul's Cathedral to Christ Church near Wanstead High Street, and is as a Crow (Corvus corone) flying in an incredibly straight line, might fly.

    It is an east London suburb which still has something of the feel of a village about it - though only just. It is located between the River Lee (or Lea) to the west, which is the historical boundary between Middlesex and Essex, and the River Roding to the east; which is the more recent boundary between the postal districts of London and Ilford, Essex.

    In 2010 the census details gave a population of 63021, although this also includes the neighbouring area of Leyton, because Wanstead is part of the Parliamentary Constituency of Leyton and Wanstead. The population of Wanstead itself - included within the Suburbs and Small Towns: Commuter Suburbs  designation of the UK census data - was 11543 in 2011.

    Wanstead is in Greater London, part of the London Borough of Redbridge. It is also in Essex. In fact, so deep rooted is the fact that Wanstead is in Essex (that is, east of the River Lee or Lea) that many inhabitants insist that letters sent to them via the Royal Mail postal service are addressed as "Wanstead, Essex". This is despite the fact that they are actually in Leytonstone, LONDON, E11, as far as Royal Mail's routing codes (addresses) for letters are concerned.

    But Wanstead is greater than a routing code; the Red Bridge itself (or at least the bridge that replaced the Red Bridge) is to the east, crossed by the Eastern Avenue (the A12); beyond is Redbridge. This is part of Ilford (in the London Borough of Redbridge), but definitely in Essex if only because the postal addresses say so (ILFORD, Essex, IG...)

    Just to the west of Wanstead is that part of Wanstead which is called Snaresbrook, and a little further west still the Borough boundary is crossed, and Waltham Forest (London Borough of) is entered. Here we are in Walthamstow (LONDON, E17), so we have left Wanstead.

    But Wanstead contains within its boundaries a little known marvel - Wanstead Park. It is part of Epping Forest as is Wanstead Flats - although these may not be percieved to be in Wanstead, in so far as true (is there such a thing?) Wanstonians are concerned

    Other areas - not in Wanstead - but within the remit of WWL, are Bush Wood, Leyton Flats and Gilbert's Slade - all parts of Epping Forest. Wanstead Park is separated only by a single road from Bush Wood. This in turn, is separated only by the Green Man roundabout from Leyton Flats (in fact, adjacent to Leytonstone). Leyton Flats is not flats (ie high-rise buildings) at all - but a mainly flat area of grassland - with lots of trees and shrubs! It is part the London Borough of Walthamstow, which we entered north of Snaresbrook.

    Just across the Snaresbrook Road, north of Leyton Flats, the Forest of Epping continues northwards through an area known as Gilbert's Slade. It is not far from Wanstead, and adjacent to it, and the wildlife (I'll get round to that in more detail) is just as interesting, so it has been included in the "in and around Wanstead" label. But at the north end of Gilbert's Slade, Epping Forest has been gashed more severely even than at the Green Man roundabout in Leytonstone. Thus this part of Epping Forest is probably known more to drivers than to naturalists. It is Waterworks Corner. And here - at least in a northerly direction - it is convenient to limit the extent of "in and around Wanstead"

    The western delineation - at leat that by Leyton Flats - is quite conveniently made by the A104 Lea Bridge Road between Whipps Cross roundabout amd Snaresbrook Road. However the Forest stretches to either side of the continuation of this road nortwards to Waterworks Corner roundabout, and the Forest and study area here comprises a variety of small roads and allotments.

    And what about the southern boundary? It follows Capel Road and Forest View Road by Wanstead Flats. By "the Flats" are the enclaves of Lake House and Aldersbrook - both rather nice estates of houses adjacent to parts of Epping Forest. The Lake House estate is situated between Bush Wood and Wanstead Flats and is in Leytonstone E11 (or Wanstead, Essex) in the London Borough of Redbridge, and Aldersbrook is situated between Wanstead Park and Wanstead Flats and is in Manor Park E12 (or Wanstead, Essex) - in the London Borough of Redbridge.

    The south edge of Wanstead Flats abuts on to Forest Gate in the London Borough of Newham. This is the Forest Gate that is LONDON, E7, although it is probable that a few people would prefer to be in Wanstead, Essex. The nearest railway station in Forest Gate to Wanstead Flats is Wanstead Park, so this may support their claim (though not their routing code). The Flats themselves are in Redbridge (mostly). As the post-Olympic development of Stratford with its much-hyped transport facilities progresses, a spread into neighbouring areas - perhaps particularly Forest Gate - is becoming apparent. So much so that even addresses Flats-side of Wanstead Flats, such as Capel Road, is finding newcomers having their mail addressed "Wanstead Park".

    The western edge of Wanstead Flats, nearer to Forest Gate, still abuts on to Forest Gate (E7), although in the vicinity of the Jubilee Pond, the houses in Forest Gate are in the London Borough of Walthamstow. Indeed, by Sidney Road in Forest Gate, even what is considered here to be part of Wanstead Flats (LB Redbridge - remember?) is in LB Waltham Forest. Further north - across Lakehouse Road, the houses that act as a boundary to the Flats are in Leytonstone (E11). The Flats here merge into Bush Wood.

    So that brief outline encompasses Wanstead itself, (the village/town), and neighbouring parts of Epping Forest which are incorporated into the study area dealt with here. But still - where to stop? Because the wildlife doesn't necessarily stop anywhere; it is no revelation to anybody that a totally wild fox may be seen wandering through any of the streets, housing estates or forest already mentioned.

    Within Wanstead - for example St Mary's churchyard - or near to it (eg the City of London Cemetery or the Alders Brook) are areas of "wild" or semi-wild habitats that have a host of wildlife. They also have a host of non- "wild" life, particularly species of plants that have been deliberately introduced but nevertheless contribute enormously to the diversity of habitats, species and the ecology of the area.

    'Wanstead Wildlife' strives to take account of the area primarily looking at the animals, birds and plants that may be found here, something of the history which has led to how it is today, a little of the ecology of the area, and issues that arise relating to these aspects.

    Paul Ferris, 10th January 2017

  • Algae


    Lack of expertise means that the tables below only represents of some of the species that are present, and in some cases uncertainty is indicated by brackets and a question mark.

    Below is a list of Algae, presented in alphabetical order. A photograph (where available) of a specimen found somewhere in the area may be viewed by clicking on the scientific name.


    Species Common Name Location
    Achnanthes sp. Diatom Alexandra Lake 08/01/2018
    Achnanthes sp. Diatom Alexandra Lake 08/01/2018
    Ankistrodesmus gracilis (poss.) Colonial alga Perch Pond 18/04/2018
    Cladophora sp. Green alga Capel Road garden 09/11/2015
    Closterium sp. Desmid Alexandra Lake 08/01/2018
    Coelastrum sp. Colonial alga Capel Road garden pond, 09/04/2018
    Cosmarium sp. Desmid Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Cylindrocapsa (?) Green alga Capel Road garden pond 18/12/2017
    Cymatopleura sp. Desmid Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Cymbella sp. Diatom Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Desmidium sp. Desmid Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Diatom Diatom Alexandra Lake 08/01/2018
    Diatom Diatom Capel Road garden 01/12/2015
    Enteromorpha sp. Gut Weed Wanstead Flats, Jubilee Pond 13/07/2011; Wanstead Park, Heronry Pond
    Eudorina sp. Colonial alga Perch Pond, Wanstead Park, 18/04/2018
    Euglena sp. Euglena Flagellate Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Euglena sp. Euglena Flagellate Capel Road garden, 29/03/2018
    Gonium sp. Colonial alga Perch Pond, Wanstead Park, 18/04/2018
    Gymnodinium sp.? Flagellate Capel Road garden pond 27/12/2017
    Navicula sp. Diatom Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Nitzschia sp. Diatom Capel Road garden 29/11/2015
    Pediastrum sp. Green Algae Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Peridinium sp. Flagellate Capel Road garden 19/11/2015
    Phacus sp. Euglena Flagellate Alexandra Lake 08/01/2018
    Scenedesmus sp. Green Algae Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Scenedesmus sp. Green Algae Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Spirogyra sp. Green Algae Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Staurastrum(natator?) Desmid Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Staurastrum sp. Desmid Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Trachelomonas sp. Euglena Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Trentepohlia aurea Green Algae Bush Wood 07/11/2007
    Trentopohlia (abietina?) Green Algae St. Mary's churchyard, Wanstead 07/02/2016
    Ulothrix sp. Green Algae Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Ulotrichales (Order) Green Algae Harpenden Road garden pond 01/01/2018
    Volvox Volvox Capel Road garden 17/12/2017



  • Bees


    The number of bee species identified in the area was enhanced, particularly during 2016, by the efforts of local naturalist Rose Stephens, and her records are appended to my somewhat meagre list of species. Means of assistance to the identification of species have been helped considerably in recent years by not only the publication of good field guides such as Falk and Lewington's Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015), but also by the availability of good quality photographic equipment and on-line assistance from experts such as may be available from such websites as iSpot and iRecord.

    However, identification made on the basis of information available in general field guides and by means of photographs cannot always be reliable. Some species require microscopic examination and specialist knowledge to reliably identify. As such, the information presented here relating to my knowledge of local bees should be treated with some caution. Where a species has been reliably identified, or thought to be distinctive enough that there is little doubt, then it is given here without comment. In some cases, though, it may have been only identified to Genus level, and in others a question mark is put after the species.

    The genera list is arranged taxonomically (following Michener (2007)), with the species arranged alphabetically. (This is the order listed in The Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland by Falk and Lewington)


    Name Family Species Locality and first records
    Gwynne's Mining Bee ? Andrenidae Andrena (bicolor ?) Wanstead Park, 22/03/2016
    Grey Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena cineraria Wanstead Park; near Perch Pond, 18/04/2009 and on Temple slope in 11/04/2010; on Plain /04/2015
    Clarke's Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena clarkella Wanstead Flats 03/04/2011; Wanstead Flats 31/03/2016 (TH)
    Grey-banded Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena denticulata Capel Road garden, 14/06/2011
    Tawny Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena fulva Wanstead Flats, 19/04/2006; Wanstead Park, 10/04/2009
    Orange-tailed (Early) Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena haemorrhoa Wanstead Flats 23/04/2015
    Red-girdled Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena labiata Wanstead Park 10/07/2015
    Grey-patched Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena nitida Wanstead Flats 19/04/2006; Manor Park Cemetery 08/04/2016 (RSt)
    Chocolate Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena scotica Capel Road garden, 23/04/2014
    (Large) Shaggy Bee Andrenidae Panurgus (poss. banksianus) Wanstead Park, 13/06/2015
    Blood Bee Halictidae Sphecodes sp. Capel Road garden, 10/05/2015
    Wool Carder Bee Megachilidae Anthidium manicatum Capel Road garden 26 July 2016
    Red Mason Bee Megachilidae Osmia bicornis Capel Road garden 11/04/2011
    Patchwork Leafcutter Bee? Megachilidae Megachile centuncularis? Capel Road garden 01/07/2013
    Flavous Nomad Bee Apidae Nomada flava Capel Road garden 05/05/2011
    Painted Nomad Bee Apidae Nomadafucata Manor Park Cemetery 13/04/2016
    Gooden's Nomad Bee Apidae Nomada goodeniana Capel Road garden 13/04/2016
    Lathbury's Nomad Bee Apidae Nomada lathburiana Manor Park Cemetery 20/04/2016
    Little Flower Bee Apidae Anthophera bimaculata Capel Road garden 26/06/2017
    Hairy-footed Flower Bee Apidae Anthophora plumipes Capel Road garden 15/05/2010
    Garden Bumblebee Apidae Bombus hortorum Capel Road garden 01/06/2007
    Tree Bumblebee Apidae Bombus hypnorum Capel Road garden, 27/02/2011
    Red-tailed Bumblebee Apidae Bombus lapidarius Wanstead Park, 28/03/2006; City of London Cemetery, 27/03/2011
    White-tailed Bumblebee Apidae Bombus lucorum Capel Road garden, 01/09/2004; City of London Cemetery, 17/12/2006; Wanstead Park 15/08/2010
    Common Carder Bee Apidae Bombus pascuorum Wanstead Park, 03/04/2005; City of London Cemetery, 28/03/2011; Capel Road garden 05/05/2013
    Early Bumblebee Apidae Bombus pratorum Capel Road garden, 02/03/2009
    Buff-tailed Bumblebee Apidae Bombus terrestris Wanstead Flats, 19/04/2006
    Honey Bee Apidae Apis mellifera City of London Cemetery 13/01/2008


    List of species recorded by people other than myself - notably Rose Stephens (RSt). I have not personally seen these species.

    Name Family Species Locality and first records
    Hawthorn Mining Bee ? Andrenidae Andrena (chrysosceles?) Manor Park Cemetery 09/04/2016 (RSt)
    Short-fringed Mining bee Andrenidae Andrena dorsata Manor Park Cemetery 20/04/2016 (RSt)
    Yellow-legged Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena flavipes Wanstead Flats, 11/03/2016 (RSt)
    Buffish Mining Bee Andrenidae Andrena nigroaenea Wanstead Flats 25/03/2016 (RSt)
    Wilke's Mining Bee ? Andrenidae Andrena (wilkella ?) Manor Park Cemetery 14/04/2016 (RSt)
    Bronze Furrow Bee Halictidae Halictus tumulorum Wanstead Flats 12/04/2016 (RSt)
    Bloomed Furrow Bee Halictidae Lasioglossum albipes Wanstead Flats 11/04/2016 (RSt)
    Common Furrow Bee Halictidae Lasioglossum calceatum Wanstead Park, 22/03/2016 (RSt)
    Furry-claspered Furrow Bee Halictidae Lasioglossum lativentre Wanstead Flats 22/04/2016 (RSt)
    Large-headed Resin Bee Megachilidae Heriades truncorum Wanstead Flats 20/07/2015 (RSt)
    Spined Mason Bee Megachilidae Hoplitis (Osmia) spinulosa Wanstead Flats 11/07/2015 (RSt)
    Fabricius' Mining Bee Apidae Nomada fabriciana Manor Park Cemetery 08/04/2016 (RSt)
    Little Nomad Bee ? Apidae Nomada (flavoguttata) Manor Park Cemetery 08/04/2016 (RSt)
    Marsham's Mining Bee Apidae Nomada marshamella Manor Park Cemetery 13/04/2016 (RSt)
  • Bees and Honey

    Bees and Honey

    A couple of days ago, on 13th June 2018, I walked across Wanstead Flats after meeting with Tony Morrison, the Wren Conservation Group’s newsletter editor. We hadn’t been discussing newsletters or editing, nor anything to do with wildlife or conservation, but rather the sad closure of our local bus-stop, courtesy of Newham Council. It is not only wildlife that can suffer cuts.

    wf alex filming 180614 generalcWe wondered what was going on down by Alexandra Lake, and I went to the few people there, who had chucked a bicycle into the lake and were erecting some structures which seemed to relate to an abandoned children's playground. I asked them what they were doing, and “Filming” was their answer, but for what film they wouldn’t say. They assured me that they had a license from the Conservators of Epping Forest, so that must be alright.

    Strolling back home on a track across the rough grassland just south of the sand-hills that give the lake its alternative, if local, name – i.e. the Sandhills Pond – I was enraptured (if that isn’t too spiritual a term) by all the forms of grasses, the yellow flowers growing amongst them, the other-coloured ones too, and the sound of a skylark ascending not so high into the heavens (if that isn’t too poetic and spiritual a description) that I could stand and watch as well as listen. It was just one of those nice days and gentle experiences.

    The following day the whole area was “swamped” with vehicles and personnel. The rest of the film crew had joined in. Tony said to me that “there were more vehicles in the area than on the M25...!!!”

    wf alex filming 180614 crewcWith disgust and sadness I sent a brief email to Tim Harris, Chairman of the Wren Group. It said little more than “Skylarks yesterday, film crew today.”

    Unexpectedly, and shortly after, I received a phone call from Martin Newnham, Head Keeper for Epping Forest, just checking on my observation and confirming that they had been given permission to film there. I explained that that was rather unfortunate, as the skylark I’d seen the day before might not be too happy. I certainly wasn’t too happy, and I’m not even a skylark.

    Then followed a rash of emails, primarily sent to Tim, who copied them on to me. More and more people seemed to be getting involved. I responded to one from Geoff Sinclair – Head of Operations – in which he stated that the film crew “are in an area…. well away from the ‘Skylark nesting area’."

    wf alex filming 180614 seesawcI felt I ought to respond to this and explained that although well away from the main nesting area, this relatively small patch has for years provided a nesting area for one pair. Also, that it wasn’t just the skylarks that might be disturbed, but because of the nature of the soils there (sand and gravels) there were other aspects at risk, including plants and mining bees.

    Both Tim and I were saddened, disappointed and concerned that after years of providing information about habitats and wildlife to the Conservators of Epping Forest, this seemed to have been disregarded in favour of income. Bees and Honey.

    Well, it is easy to turn ones disappointment into a rant. Perhaps that’s why for a good few years now I have (almost) stopped banging my head against a solid Forest wall. That hurts.

    The last email I received, also addressed to Tim, was a very understanding one from Geoff Sinclair. I was really pleased to receive that, because in effect it was an admission and apology for getting things wrong in licensing that film shot, and a "thank you" for bringing the matter to his attention. In addition, Geoff suggested that, following this incident, it might be in order to investigate how things might be done better in the future, particularly – perhaps – taking local knowledge into account.

    wf alex filming 180614 plinthc By Friday the massed personnel, vehicles, broken swing, abandoned bike and filming frame were all gone. There were a couple of holes (too big to have been made by mining bees) where a see-saw once stood, some flattened grass and some cigarette butts. Of course, those may have been left by any visitor. But also left behind was a very apt artefact. It was a plinth – looking like stone but actually, I think, wood – which had a plaque on it. This read (word for word, spelling for spelling) This nature preserve was made possible by the generous donation of THE GLENGROVE HOUSE MEMORIAL TRUST. Well, fancy donating a jammy Glengrove House Memorial Trust to the Forest! And it has spread out some grass, too. Hold on: there are the mining-bees, and then there is fly-tipping...

    And what of the Skylarks? I didn’t hear them on a visit the day after, but that doesn’t mean that they are not there. However, during 2009 and 2010 Thames Water Authority installed an underground pipe-line intended to carry water from a bore-hole in the Old Sewage Works (Aldersbrook Exchange Lands) to the Redbridge Water Treatment works near Redbridge roundabout. This involved using a large machine named the Longborer to create a horizontal bore to carry the pipe, under the south arm of the Ornamental Water and across the Plain. Now, up until then there had annually been a pair of larks nesting on the Plain. Apart from here there isn’t much else of a suitable habitat in Wanstead Park for Skylarks, so just one pair had enough room for a territory. After the disturbance caused by that boring, the Skylarks have never returned to the Park. It takes only one disturbance to finish things off.

    And the title of the film? Tim suggested it might be called “The Lark Descending”?

     Paul Ferris MBNA, 15th June 2018


     WFlatsFilming 002c

    WFlatsFilming 003c

    WFlatsFilming 001c

    Photos by Paul Ferris and Tony Morrison

  • Bird Migration Excitement on Wanstead Flats

    Migration Excitement on Wanstead Flats

    Anyone visiting the Flats on the last Saturday of August 2009 could have been forgiven for thinking they had been transported to one of the UK's coastal bird migration hot-spots. As I was walking towards Jubilee Pond just after 8 a.m. I received a text message from Jonathan Lethbridge - at the other end of the Flats - telling me he'd just seen a Spotted Flycatcher, a Redstart and three Whinchats. Minutes later I was watching four Whinchats in one tree, while a group of distant pipits flitted between trees. Unfortunately, I couldn't get close enough to make up my mind whether they were the Tree or Meadow variety, and I didn't hear them call. However, my suspicion is that they were the former species and - like the Whinchats - on the move from breeding sites unknown. Evidence of a good breeding season, and the great importance of this tract of the Flats, I saw at least 12 Common Whitethroats in the area just south of Lake House Road.

    The combination of the time of year, with many of our summer visitors beginning their long migrations south, and a spell of overnight rain which had probably encouraged many to pitch down in the nearest suitable habitat, had clearly produced something very exciting.

    When I reached the broomy area south of Long Wood I couldn't believe my eyes. Wheatears and Whinchats seemed to be everywhere I looked! I counted four Northern Wheatears in one hawthorn, while another three hopped around on the dusty track. In the broom itself there were at least five more Whinchats - but it was difficult to be sure of the number because of their constant flitting from plant to plant.

    I joined Paul Ferris near Alexander Lake, where we searched in vain for the Redstart and the Spotted Flycatcher. Just after I left Paul I found another Wheatear on the edge of a football pitch.

    It is notoriously difficult trying to accurately assess numbers of small migrating songbirds, but piecing together the evidence from my own observations and those of Stuart Fisher, Jonathan Lethbridge and Paul Ferris, the migrant 'fall' involved at least three Yellow Wagtails, three Redstarts (two of these being males), eleven or twelve Whinchats, eight Wheatears, one Lesser Whitethroat, a dozen or more Common Whitethroats, several Chiffchaffs, three Willow Warblers, a Spotted Flycatcher and up to eight Tree Pipits.

    Expecting the migrants to have departed overnight, imagine my surprise when the following morning there were still five five Whinchats (a mixture of adults and young birds) south of Long Wood. And on the bank holiday Monday a 'new' female Redstart was near Jubilee Pond, with seven Whinchats nearby and another four of the latter species to the east of Centre Road.

    It's weekends like this that local patch-watchers live for. Eat your heart out, Cley!

    Tim Harris, 1st September 2009

  • Bluebells in Chalet Wood

    The Bluebells of Chalet Wood

    Many people are making their annual visits to Chalet Wood in Wanstead Park at the moment, to see the bluebells.

    These have become quite an attraction, and even people other than us locals are travelling to see them now. It would be interesting to know how the visitor numbers may have increased over the years.

    wp bluebells flowers 070421 0011artThe Common Bluebell - Hyacinthoides non-scriptaIt was certainly a good few years ago that I began suggesting to the then Wren Conservation Group – now the Wren Wildlife and Conservation Group – that it might be an idea to delineate route-ways through Chalet Wood to try to encourage people not to trample on the plants. Even before the flowers were showing – and probably more so – casual walkers, and five-school-days-a-week youngsters, would unwittingly trample the emerging leaves. Trampling can cause as much damage to native bluebells as picking can. And picking isn’t much use anyway, because the flowers will have wilted into a thrown-down mess before the park gates are reached.

    wp bluebells notice 090323 90354artAn early notice, explaining why blubells should not be pickedThe response to delineated ways through the wood was mostly one of horror from most group members, as well as from the Conservators of Epping Forest when the suggestion was made to them. After all, the wood should retain its natural aspect, shouldn’t it – and be free-to-roam? I was not so sure of the natural aspect issue. For years, every winter before the first bluebells were hesitatingly pushing through and watching out for boots, members of the Wren Group would go into the woods and clear up fallen wood-litter, and particularly attempt to remove brambles. A lot of work went into enhancing the possibilities for the bluebells to increase their area, and to be seen by people. So it was hardly a natural aspect. And as for the free-to-roam? Well, my suggestion was not for great iron railings or barbed-wire fences, but simple log-edgings – not high, easily stepped over if one was inclined, but mainly acting as a psychological barrier.

    wp bluebells pre logs 090425 0255artIt looked quite nice before the log-edgings, but large areas were being trampled upon.Around 2007 I made a couple of temporary encapsulated notices and pinned them to posts at the main entrances to the wood. These explained how valuable the bluebells were. By April 2009 the Conservators had put up their own ones, complete with the proper logo.

    It took years before any path-deliniation happened – some aspects of Epping Forest management can be somewhat reticent to accept ideas from outside their own circles – but in early 2014 a load of mixed-diameter lengths of timber – newly cut from clearance further up in the Forest – was delivered to Chalet Wood, and mainly Jill and Alan James and myself set about using pyramid-and henge-building techniques, effort and whatever muscle we had, to move some of these into place. Some we were just able to pick-up-and-put, others needed levers; it was a mixed load.

    wp bluebells logs 140224 01169artSome small logs laid along the path-ways. This could give a chance for the area at the bottom right to become colonised.I think that there has been a fresh supply of logs in more recent years, and I understand the Wren Group have reinstated some of the old ones over the years. I am still surprised that there has never been an attempt to ‘pin’ them in place, with simple wooden place-holders; they often get moved, or roll out of position – or are deliberately moved to create the ‘shelters’ that are always being constructed in the wood.

    The degree of casual and unintentional trampling has – I believe – been greatly reduced, and in the main people keep to the paths. But there are always some that like to get in close for the ‘professional’ photograph, or lay in the bluebells to look at the sky and smell the smell. And the dogs running around, of course. But it is the shelters that are the biggest damage-doers. It isn’t just the area the shelter takes up, but the removal of path edging and the dragging and trampling that takes place constructing them. It’s a difficult one. These ‘Forest School’ and ‘survival skills’ activities – and pure play – all need somewhere to be. I just wonder if Chalet Wood is the best place?

    wp bluebells shelters 190414 00238artOne of the major causes of damage nowadays is the making of shelters. Edging-logs are removed and dragged, and large areas are trampled.There is another problem, too. The whole reason that the bluebell wood is so beautiful is that they are native ‘English’ bluebells. These are Hyacinthoides non-scripta, and although certainly not confined to England, they are our common native one – and very different from the Scottish Bluebell, which is what in England is more often called a Harebell (Campanula rotundifolia). Those, though, are not the problem. It is the Spanish Bluebell Hyacinthoides hispanica that is. These are the luxurious bluebells that you are likely to see in gardens – and garden centres. They are not native, and as well as being luxurious, they are big and invasive. And they hybridise with the English ones – and eventually outbreed them. A friend recently said to me that he had a load of bluebells that he’d turfed out of his garden, and should he plant them in Wanstead Park? I hope that I persuaded him not to!

    I looked at Chalet Wood the other day, and along that western edge of Chalet Wood and its English bluebells were ranks of Spanish ones, waiting to take over. It is illegal to uproot wildflowers or to take them from grounds without the owners permission, but these need to be uprooted (or up-bulbed) and destroyed. Otherwise, gradually, creepingly, we won’t have the lovely delicate Hyacinthoides non-scripta anymore, just a load of gaudy hybrids. People will still come to see them, and doubtless say how lovely they look, and ‘what a show’, but there will be something missing.

    Paul Ferris 28th April 2021

  • Butterflies


    By the end of 2014, 28 species of butterfly have been recorded in the area. Three species of Skipper are present with both Small and Essex particularly common on Wanstead Flats but together with the Large Skipper also common elsewhere  such as in Wanstead Park. There were no known records of Green Hairstreaks in the Wanstead area until a colony ws discovered on Wanstead Flats by Tim Harris in May 2013, when at least six were seen. The Purple Hairstreak, however, is quite common, although perhaps not too often noticed. There are annual colonies on the oaks towards the east end of Capel Road, and it has been observed that individuals perhaps from these colonies regularly feed on pears on a tree in a garden adjacent to nearby Manor Park Cemetery. They have also been seen in Wanstead Park and in Bush Wood. The White-letter Hairstreak has only occasionally been sighted, by the Grotto and also near Whiskers Island. Small Coppers are very common, particularly on Wanstead Flats and on the Plain in Wanstead Park. The Brown Argus is an interesting one: an individual was first recognised and distinguished from the similar-looking female Common Blue in the Sewage Works site on 4th June 2011 by Tim Harris. I saw others in the same location on 10th July and on the Plain in Wanstead Park on 19th July. However, a check through my photographs show an individual on Wanstead Flats on 8th August 2005; has this species simply been overlooked? Common Blues are common, in a variety of locations including gardens, as are Holly Blues. The Red Admiral is another common butterfly in the area, often being one of the earlier or later species seen during the year with one being seen flying in Wanstead Park on Christmas Day, 2011. Painted Lady butterflies are of course sporadic in their appearance, with only one record - on Wanstead Flats - in 2011. The Small Tortoiseshell is common enough in a variety of locations as are Peacocks and Commas, the last of which particularly so in Wanstead Park. The Clouded Yellow is another sporadic visitor, with very few sightings.  Brimstones are usually one of the first butterflies to be seen in the area, with fast-flying individuals sometimes seen in Wanstead Park. However we don't have any of the species' food-plant - buckthorn - in the vicinity. Large White, Small White and Green-veined Whites are all quite common. Orange Tips are another early species, and are relatively common. The Speckled Wood is perhaps our most commonly observed species, with a long flight-period. It is particularly frequent in Wanstead Park, and also in gardens near Manor Park Cemetery. The Wall butterfly is a rarity, the only records being of an individual seen in a back garden of Roseberry Avenue, Manor Park on 22nd July 1989 by Tim Harris and another seen by Tim Harris in Wanstead Park on 23 July 1990. The Marbled White is a distinctive butterfly and had not been recorded in the area until one was seen by Jennifer Charter in Wanstead Park by Northumberland Avenue on 4th July 2011; subsequently another sighting was at the east end of the SSSI on Wanstead Flats by Nick Croft on 6th July 2011 and another in the same location by myself on 9th July. Gatekeepers are quite common on Wanstead Flats, in the Park and in the Sewage Works, as are Meadow Browns and Small Heaths. On 20th July 2013, Kathy Hartnett and myself spotted the first ever Ringlet recorded in the area. This single specimen was on Rosebay Willowherb between the Shoulder of Mutton and Heronry ponds in Wanstead Park.

    Past Records:

    An interesting local record relating to the Large Tortoiseshell - which although common in Victorian times has only been recorded 150 times since 1951 and is now considered extinct in the UK. This is related in the "The Entomologist's record and journal of variation" Vol 97, 1985:

    LARGE TORTOISESHELL, Nymphalis polychlorus (LINNAEUS) IN 1985 - It may be worth placing on record the recent observation by my friend Nick Mallet of a single female large tortoiseshell butterfly at a bramble flower in Wanstead Park, South Essex, [London] , on 14th July 1985. The origin of this particular insect is open to question. Certainly I have seen no others here in the last ten years which rules out a remnant breeding colony! One is left therefore with two choices: either a genuine migrant or an escape/introduction. Contact with the local butterfly breeding fraternity seems to rule out the latter choice, (although one can never be one hundred percent certain). Colin W. Plant, Passmore Edwards Museum, Romford Road, Stratford, London, El5 4LZ.


    Name Species Status
    Small Skipper Thymelicus sylvestris Common - particularly on Wanstead Flats
    Essex Skipper Thymelicus lineola Common- particularly on Wanstead Flats
    Large Skipper Ochlodes faunus Common
    Green Hairstreak Callophrys rubi  A colony discovered on Wanstead Flats on 27th May 2013. Appeared to be more widespread in 2014, with specimens seen either side of Centre Road.
    Purple Hairstreak Neozephyrus quercus Common, colonies in Bush Wood, by Wanstead Flats and by Wanstead Park; feeds on pear trees in Capel Road garden
    White-letter Hairstreak Strymonidia w-album Occurs near the Grotto in Wanstead Park
    Small Copper Lycaena phlaeas Common- particularly in Wanstead Park
    Brown Argus Aricea agestis Recognised by Tim Harris on 4th June 2011 in Sewage Works site. Subsequently found by Paul Ferris on 10 July in same location. However, a photograph taken on Wanstead Flats on 8th August 2005 is of this species
    Common Blue Polyommatus icarus Common
    Holly Blue Celastrina argiolus Common, particularly in the City of London Cemetery; common in Capel Road garden.
    Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta Common
    Painted Lady Vanessa cardui Infrequent; on Wanstead Flats July 2005
    Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae Common
    Peacock Inachis io Common
    Comma Polygonia c-album Common
    Clouded Yellow Colias croceus Infrequent - has been seen in the old Sewage Works
    Brimstone Gonepteryx rhamni Fairly common
    Large White Pieris brassicae Common
    Small White Pieris rapae Common
    Green-veined White Pieris napi Common
    Orange Tip Anthocharis cardamines Common
    Speckled Wood Pararge aegeria Common to very common, in Wanstead Park and increasingly in gardens in Capel Road
    Wall Lasiommata megera 22nd July 1989 an individual seen in back garden of Roseberry Avenue, Manor Park by Tim Harris; another seen by Tim Harris in Wanstead Park on 23 July 1990
    Marbled White Melanargia galathea First noted by Jennifer Charter in Wanstead Park by Northumberland Avenue on 4th July 2011; subsequently by Nick Croft at the east end of the SSSI on Wanstead Flats on 6th July 2011 and Paul Ferris in same location on 9th July.
    Gatekeeper Pyronia tithonus Common in colonies, particularly in the Sewage Works; increasingly in gardens in Capel Road (2004)
    Meadow Brown Maniola jurtina Common, particularly on Wanstead Flats
    Small Heath Coenonympha pamhilus Common, particularly on Wanstead Flats and on the Plain, Wanstead Park
    Ringlet Aphantopus hyperantus First local specimen on Rosebay Willowherb between SOM and Heronry Ponds on 20th July 2013. Seen by Kathy Hartnett and myself
  • Coronation Footbridge over the River Roding

    The Coronation Footbridge over the River Roding

    The footbridge over the River Roding from Ilford into Wanstead Park known as the Coronation Bridge was originally built in 1902 in the form of a “rustic” footbridge. It was officially opened on 21st June that year, and an Edwardian postcard appears shows people reading a notice posted on the Ilford side of the bridge. The sides of the bridge can be seen to be composed of diagonally crossed wooden branches. The bridge was rebuilt to some extent in later years – possibly the 1960's as I seem to remember (just) the original form. However, it has been closed since 2012, meaning that an easy access between Ilford and the Park – and indeed the only access – has been denied to pedestrians for too many years.

    wp coronation bridge old artThe Coronation Bridge near the time of its opening in 1902There is still a way from Wanstead Park Road in Ilford via the recreation grounds and the Park by way of a nearby concrete bridge. Although this is perfectly satisfactory for cyclists - and indeed constitutes part of the London Cycle Network and the proposed Roding Valley Way - it is a poor substitute for pedestrians, who have to make a considerable detour just to get into Wanstead Park, with no indication that this is even possible.

    The bridge is owned by the London Borough of Redbridge, and is managed by Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure, which is a Charitable Trust. The bridge was closed by officers from the Borough's Highways & Engineering Service following an inspection. This revealed the bridge to be unsafe. Although the structure is apparently sound, the deck and deck railings are in need of replacement.

    wp coronation bridge 150520 5864artViewed from the Ilford side - barred to pedestriansIn early 2013 L.B. Redbridge stated that they were looking into having the bridge repaired as soon as possible, but that there was no funding within internal budgets for this. When it was asked whether external funding could be used to help finance the repair of the bridge, it was stated that as the bridge could not be used by cyclists due to the no-cycling regulations within Wanstead Park, no funding could be found. In other words, there was funding available for cyclists but not for pedestrians. This seems to illustrate quite well my concerns that pedestrians are increasingly being disadvantaged in favour of cyclists.

    In March 2015 the Wanstead and Woodford Guardian said that following £105,000 of funding from the Mayor of London's Big Green Fund the Coronation Bridge would be reopened as part of the improvements to be made to open spaces along the River Roding. I wonder how long it will be before this happens?


    Paul Ferris, 20th May 2015

  • Fungi - Wanstead Park

     Wanstead Park - Fungi 

    (for a description of the Fungi of the area see The Fungi of Southern Epping Forestby C.W. Plant and G. Kibby, The London Naturalist, No.63, 1984.)


    Common Name
    Agaricus arvensis Horse Mushroom Near Perch Pond, foray on 13/10/96
    Agaricus campestris Field Mushroom The Grove, foray on 13/10/96
    Aleuria aurantia Orange-peel Fungus L8, south side of mound
    Amanita muscaria Fly Agaric K7, corner of Chalet Wood near Park gate, in grassland, 14/10/79; Chalet Wood and at the top of Glade, 12/10/92; The Grove, Foray on 13/10/96; 01/03/2010
    Amanita rubescens The Blusher Wanstead Park, 21/10/2000
    Armillarea mellea Honey Fungus Wanstead Park, 31/10/2007
    Auricularia auricula-judae Jew's ear G6, on a fallen log in Reservoir Wood, 01/11/80; 20/09/92; Chalet Wood, 27/10/00
    Auricularia mesenterica Tripe Fungus L7, on a log seat, 28/10/79; Chalet Wood 08/12/2008
    Bjerkandera adjusta Smoky Bracket L6, tree stump by Perch pond, 19/11/80; Chalet Wood, foray on 13/10/96
    Bolbitius vittelinus Yellow Fieldcap Chalet Wood, foray on 13/10/96
    Boletus badius Bay Boletus L6, in grass on peninsula of Perch Pond, 14/10/79; Reservoir Wood, 20/09/92
    Boletus chrysenteron Red-cracked Boletus In grass near Keepers Lodge, 12/10/92
    Boleteus(satanus ?) Devil's Bolete ? Wanstead Park, near the golf-course extension 03/10/2006
    Boletus subtomentosus Downy Bolete Chalet Wood, 12/10/92
    Calocera glossioides? Jelly Club wp 29/11/2006
    Clavaria fistulosa   23/10/2000
    Clitocybe flaccida Tawney Funnel-cap Chalet Wood, foray on 13/10/96
    Clitocybe gibba (infundibuliformis) Common Funnel-cap Reservoir Wood 25/10/2000; Chalet Wood and Warren Wood, 12/10/92
    Clitocybe nebularis Clouded Funnel-cap M9, River Wood, 2/11/80; Chalet Wood and Warren wood, 12/10/92; Chalet Wood and Warren Wood, 12/10/92; Chalet Wood, foray on 13/10/96; The Grove, 24/10/00; Reservoir Wood 25/10/00; Chalet Wood, 27/10/00
    Collybia butyracea Butter Cap Common in Chalet Wood, 12/10/92; The Grove, foray on 13/10/96
    Collybia peronata Wood Woolly-foot N4 in grass; Chalet Wood, foray on 13/10/96
    Coprinus atramentarius Ink Cap On a tree stump by Heronry Pond. 13/3/77; Near Perch Pond, foray on 13/10/96
    Coprinus cinereus Dung heap Ink-cap N7, on fine mud in grass in the Bund, 19/02/77
    Coprinus disseminatus Crumble-cap 01/01/78
    Coprinus domesticus? Firerug Inkcap 20/09/92
    Coprinus micaceus Glistening Ink Cap On tree stump, 08/1/78; Chalet Wood and Warren Wood, 12/10/92; The Grove, foray on 13/10/96; Wanstead Park, 20/01/2007
    Coprinus plicatilis Pleated Inkcap 25/08/2010
    Coriolus versicolor Many-zoned Polypore 20/09/92; The Grove, foray on 13/10/96
    Cryptostroma corticale Sooty Bark Fungus 20/12/2004
    Dacrymyces stllatus(deliquescens) Common Jellyspot On many tree-stumps, mostly elm, 12/02/77
    Daedaleopsis confragosa Blushing Bracket 20/09/92
    Daldinia concentrica Cramp Ball On tree stump by O.W., 26/02/77; and elsewhere in park
    Epichloe sp. Grass-choke Fungus 20/07/2007
    Fistulina hepatica Beef Steak Fungus 18/10/92 (Richard Baker); wp 06/10/2010
    Flammulina velutipes Velvet Foot Common on tree stumps, 12/02/77; Warren Wood, 12/10/92
    Ganoderma applanatum / adspersum/ europaeum Artist's Fungus K7, on Beech at edge of Chalet Wood near end of Plain, 14/10/79
    Ganoderma lucidum Lacquered Bracket 26/08/2010
    Ganoderma resinaceum Lacquered Bracket  12/02/2010
    Gymnopilus junonius Spectacular Rustgill M6, base of tree stump by Dell, 04/10/79
    Hebeloma mesophaeum Veiled Poisonpie Chalet Wood, foray on 13/10/96
    Heterobasidion annosum Root Rot A specimen from an unknown location in the park was at first thought to be Ganoderma applanatum, but a look at the spores showed globose shape approx. 5.5x3.5 microns
    Hypholoma fasciculare Sulphur Tuft N/6, on tree stump near weir-bridge, 2/4/77; ?, 20/09/92; Chalet Wood, 12/10/92; Chalet wood, foray on 13/10/96; Dell 26/09/01; Grove 24/10/00
    Inocybe bongardii? Fruity Fibrecap Chalet Wood, 12/10/92
    Laccaria amethystina Amethyst Deceiver 20/09/92; Near Perch Pond 24/10/00
    Laccaria laccata Deceiver Chalet Wood; 12/10/92; Chalet Wood, foray on 13/10/96; Warren Wood 27/10/00
    Lactarius quietus Oak Milk-cap Reservoir Wood, 20/09/92; Chalet Wood, 12/10/92
    Lactarius rufus Red Milk-cap Chalet Wood, 12/10/92
    Lactarius turpis Ugly Milk-cap Chalet Wood and top end of Glade, 12/10/92
    Laetiporus sulphureus Chicken of the Woods N7, a nice specimen growing on a Yew tree
    Langermannia gigantea Giant Puff-ball K6, many on bank above lake (all kicked at!), 10/10/92
    Lepiota cristata Stinking Parasol Chalet Wood, 12/10/92
    Lepista nuda Wood Blewit G6, in leaf mould near entrance gate at west end of Reservoir Wood, 08/01/78; on a log by Perch Pond peninsula, 30/11/79; Dell 26/10/00
    Lycoperdon perlatum Puffball Chalet Wood and top end of Glade, 12/10/92; The Plain and Chalet Wood; Reservoir Wood 25/10/00
    Lycoperdon pyriforme Stump Puffball Chalet Wood and Warren Wood, 12/10/92; Chalet wood, foray on 13/10/96
    Macrolepiota procera Parasol H6 Reservoir Wood, 14/10/79; I6, in grass near car park area, 30/09/80
    Macrolepiota rhacodes Shaggy Parasol The Grove, foray on 13/10/96; Chalet Wood 13/11/00
    Macrotyphula(Clavaria) fistulosa Pipe Club The Grove 23/10/00
    Marasmius androsaceus Horse-hair Fungus The Plain, foray on 13/10/96
    Marasmius oreades Fairy Ring Champignon 20/09/92; The Plain, foray on 13/10/96
    Meripilus giganteus Giant Polypore G6 Reservoir wood, 26/10/80; The Grove, foray on 13/10/96
    Mycena galopus Milking Bonnet G6 Reservoir Wood, 01/11/2008
    Mycena inclinata Clustered Bonnet 18/10/92 (Richard Baker); The Grove, foray on 13/10/96; Chalet Wood 27/10/00
    Mycena olivaceomarginata Brown Edge Bonnet The Plain, foray on 13/10/96
    Mycena sepia   The Plain foray on 13/10/96
    Mycena vitilis (filopes) Snapping Bonnet Chalet Wood, foray on 13/10/96
    Nectria cinnabarina Coral-spot Chalet Wood and the Grove, foray on 13/10/96
    Oudemansiella mucida Porcelain Fungus Warren Wood, 12/10/92
    Panaeolus sphinctrinus Grey Mottlegill The Grove, foray on 13/10/96
    Paxillus involutus Brown Roll-rim L6, Perch Pond peninsula, mud bank at waters edge, 14/10/79; Chalet Wood and Warren Wood, 12/10/92; the Grove, foray on 13/10/96
    Peziza sp. Cup Fungus Wanstead Park near the Grotto, 03/04/1977
    Peziza repanda Palamino Cup Near the Tea Hut, foray on 13/10/96
    Phallus impudicus
    Stinkhorn M8, top of bank in trees at corner of OW path and the Glade, Sept.?
    Phlebia radiata(merismoides) Wrinkled Crust 18/10/92 (Richard Baker); The Grove, foray on 13/10/96
    Pholiota squarrosa Shaggy Pholiota Warren Wood, 12/10/92
    Piptoporus betulinus Birch Polypore Reservoir Wood 08/12/2008; L6, on Birches on peninsula of Perch Pond; Chalet Wood near Keepers Cottages.
    Pleurotus dryinus Veiled Oyster L10. on dead tree (Elm?), about 7 feet up. A number of jointed brackets, 19/11/80. Specimen looked like P.dryinus, inc. soft "furry" cap. The spores however averaged about 10x3.5 microns, smaller than should be - more like P. ostreatus
    Pleurotus ostreatus Oyster Mushroom I6, on a fallen tree, 15/04/79
    Pluteus cervinus Deer Toadstool On a tree stump by OW., 13/03/77; Chalet Wood, foray on 13/10/96
    Pluteus leoninus Lion Shield Chalet Wood, foray on 13/10/96
    Polyporus squamosus
    Dryad's Saddle M6, on tree stump at N.E. end of Perch Pond, 29/04/79
    Psathyrella gracilis Brittlestem Near Perch Pond, foray on 13/10/96
    Psathyrella microrhiza Rootlet Brittlestem Chalet Wood, foray on 13/10/96
    Rhytisma acerinum Sycamore Tarspot 28/08/2004
    Russula atropurpurea Purple Russula  
    Russula cyanoxantha The Charcoal Burner 31/10/2008
    Russula ochroleuca Common Ochre Russula 20/09/92; Chalet Wood, 12/10/92; Reservoir Wood 25/10/00
    Scleroderma citrinum Common Earth-ball 28/10/79 L7, edge of Chalet Wood
    Scleroderma (verrucosum?) Scaly Earthball 20/08/2009
    Scutellina scuttelata Eye-lash Fungus L6, growing on a log in the reed bed at west end of Perch Pond, 14/10
    Stereum hirsutum Hairy Stereum The Grove, foray on 13/10/9
    Stereum rugosum Bleeding Stereum  
    Stropharia aeruginosa Verdigris Agaric Near Park Road 06/12/2009
    Thelephora terrestris Earth Fan In the new chestnut avenue at top of Plain, 29/11/2006
    Trametes gibbosa Lumpy Bracket On a log by OW., 05/03/77
    Trametes versicolor Varicoloured Bracket Chalet Wood 21/10/2000
    Tremella mesenterica Yellow Brain 02/01/2016
    Tricholoma saponaceum Soapy Knight The Grove, foray on 13/10/96
    Vascellum pratense(Lycoperdon depressum) Meadow Puffball N7/8, on bare ground in Bund, 23/10/79
    Volvariella speciosa Rosegill Near Tea Hut, foray on 13/10/96
    Xylaria hypoxylon Candle-snuff fungus L10, base of tree near pump-house, 01/01/78
    Xylaria polymorpha Dead Mans Fingers Wanstead Park, near the pump house, 23/09/2001

    In addition, the following have not been seen by me but have been reported:

    Common Name
    Agaricus haemorrhidarious Wood Mushroom 18/10/92 (Richard Baker)
    Amanita pantherina Panther Cap Wanstead Park 2009 (Brian Gotts)
    Calocera cornea Small Stagshorn 18/10/92 (Richard Baker)
    Lacrymaria velutina Weeping Widow 18/10/92 (Richard Baker)
    Panaeolusacuminatus(rickenii) Dewdrop Mottlegill (Wren Group record)


    Beef Steak Fungus
  • Fungi - whole area

    Fungi of Southern Epping Forest 

    Expertise to readily and reliably identify fungi in this area has not been readily available to me over the years, so the list below is only a representation of the species that have been found recently. I have labelled some of the species as uncertain by appending a question mark, although it should be emphasised that - due to my own limited expertise - it is possible that there are mis-identifications present within the remainder. Nevertheless, I feel that just having some record - and photographs to go with them - should at least show the variety of fungi that may been found locally.

    In 1984 a paper entitled 'The Fungi of Southern Epping Forest'was published in the London Naturalist. (No. 63) by C.W. Plant and G. Kibby'. In this it was acknowledged that the mycological flora of southern Epping Forest has still only begun to be explored, but that public pressure on the study area for recreational purposes does render many specimens unidentifiable because of trampling. Yet it also states that examination has shown that the extensive grasslands, large numbers of mature oaks and rich pond margins fringed with Salix have their own fungal-rich flora. This was a survey of the fungi of that part of the Forest south of Waterworks Corner, which is the same area that is covered within Wanstead Wildlife, so reference should be sought to that paper for more information.

    The Mycetozoa or slime moulds have often been associated with the fungi but this intriguing group of organisms has now been classified as an entirely separate class (the Myxogastria) of living thing. Some photographs of slime moulds are included preceding the photographs of fungi, and a list is available here.


    For lists of fungi found in specific locations, with more details, see below

    bw = Bush Wood, click here

    col = City of London Cemetery, click here

    wf =  Wanstead Flats, click here

    wp = Wanstead Park, click here

    Below is a list of Fungi which covers the whole study area. They are presented in simple alphabetical order. The first known date of identification for a specific area is given where known.

    Those species where a photograph is available of a specimen found somewhere in the area may be viewed by clicking on the scientific name.

    Species Family Common Name Location
    Agaricus arvensis Agaricaceae Horse Mushroom wp 13/10/1996
    Agaricus campestris Agaricaceae Field Mushroom col; sw 23/09/2000; wf 23/10/1979; wp 13/10/1996
    Agaricus haemorrhidarious Agaricaceae Wood Mushroom wp
    Agaricus macrosporus Agaricaceae   wf
    Agaricus silvaticus Agaricaceae Wood Mushroom col
    Agaricus xanthodermus Agaricaceae Yellow Stainer col 04/11/2008; wf;
    Agrocybe praecox Strophariaceae Spring Agaric col
    Aleuria aurantia Pyronemataceae Orange-peel Fungus col 02/12/1979, wp
    Amanita excelsa(spissa) Amanitaceae Grey-spotted Amanita col
    Amanita fulva Amanitaceae Tawny Grisette bw
    Amanita muscaria Amanitaceae Fly Agaric col 31/10/2007; wf 28/10/2012; wp 14/10/1979, 29/11/2006
    Amanita pantherina Amanitaceae Panther Cap wp 2009
    Amanita rubescens Amanitaceae Blusher bw; col 31/10/2007, 26/09/2013; wp 21/10/2000;
    Anthracobia macrocystis Pyronemataceae Cup Fungus (a peziza) wp 27/04/1979
    Armillaria mellea Tricholomataceae Honey Fungus col 09/11/1980; wp 27/09/1979
    Ascocoryne sarcoides Ascocoryne Purple Jellydisk col 03/11/2005
    Auricularia auricula-judae Auriculariaceae Jelly Ear bw 08/01/78; col 21/01/2006; wp 28/10/1979
    Auricularia mesenterica Auriculariaceae Tripe Fungus wf 18/10/1979; wp 08/12/2008
    Bjerkandera adjusta Meruliaceae Smoky Bracket bw 26/10/1980; col 02/11/2007; wp 19/11/1980
    Bolbitius vittelinus(=titubans)
    Yellow Fieldcap bw 28/10/2012; wp 13/10/1996
    Boletus badius Boletacea Bay Bolete bw 03/09/1979; col; wp 14/10/1979
    Boletus chrysenteron Boletacea Red-cracked Bolete bw; col 09/11/1980 16/10/2006; wf 28/10/1979 ;wp 12/10/1992
    Boletus edulis Boletacea Penny Bun or Cep col 29/10/2000
    Boletus elegans / Suillus grevillei Boletacea Larch Bolete col oct 1981
    Boletus erythropus Boletacea Dotted-stemmed Bolete col
    Boletus scaber Boletacea Birch Bolete col 13/10/1980
    Botetus sp. Boletacea Bolete wp 03/10/2006
    Boletus subtomentosus Boletacea Downy Bolete col 02/09/1979; wp 12/10/1992
    Bulgaria inquinans Bulgariaceae Black Bulgar wf 12/01/2016
    Calocera cornea Dacrymycetaceae Small Stagshorn bw 14/10/1979; wp
    Calocera glossioides? Dacrymycetaceae Jelly Club wp 29/11/2006
    Calvatia gigantea Agaricaceae Giant Puffball col 09/10/2006; sw 18/09/2010
    Chondrostereum purpureum
    Silver-leaf Fungus col 1977
    Claviceps purpurea Clavicipitaceae Ergot col; wf 10/08/1979
    Clavulina rugosa Claviariaceae Wrinkled Club col 06/11/2012
    Clavulinopsis sp. Claviariaceae Golden Spindles col 09/10/2006; wp
    Clavulinopsis cinerioides Claviariaceae Coral col 11/11/2020
    Clavulinopsis fusiformis Claviariaceae Golden Spindles col 31/10/2007
    Clavulinopsis helvola Claviariaceae Yellow Club col 03/10/2005
    Clavulinopsis luteo-alba Claviariaceae Apricot Club col 09/10/2010
    Clitocybe dealbata Tricholomataceae Ivory Funnel  
    Clitocybe flaccida Tricholomataceae Tawney Funnel-cap bw; col; wp 13/10/1996
    Clitocybe gibba (infundibuliformis) Tricholomataceae Funnel Cap bw 28/10/2012; col, wp 25/10/2000
    Clitocybe nebularis Tricholomataceae Clouded Funnel-cap bw 28/10/2012; col; wp 02/11/1980;
    Collybia butyracea Tricholomataceae Butter Cap bw 31/10/2008; wp 12/10/1992;
    Collybia dryophila Tricholomataceae Russett Toughshank bw; col; lf 26/10/1980; wf;
    Collybia erythropus Tricholomataceae Redleg Toughshank col
    Collybia maculata Tricholomataceae Spotted Toughshank wf
    Collybia peronata Tricholomataceae Wood Woolly-foot bw; col; wp 13/10/1996
    Coprinus atramentarius Coprinaceae Common Inkcap col; wp 13/03/1977
    Coprinus cinereus Coprinaceae Dung heap Inkcap wp 19/02/1977
    Coprinus comatus Coprinaceae Lawyer's Wig col 02/09/1979
    Coprinus disseminatus Coprinaceae Crumble-cap wp 01/01/1978
    Coprinus domesticus? Coprinaceae Firerug Inkcap wp 20/09/1992
    Coprinus micaceus Coprinaceae Glistening Ink Cap col; wp 08/01/1978
    Coprinus plicatilis Coprinaceae Pleated Inkcap bw 31/10/2008; sw 02/09/2000, wf 15/03/1977; wp 09/11/2002
    Coryne sarcoides Corynidae Purple Jellydisk bw 26/10/1980; col 02/12/79
    Cryptostroma corticale?   Sooty Bark disease wp 20/12/2004
    Cyathus olla Nidulariaceae Field Bird's-nest wf 01/01/2019
    Cystoderma amianthinum Agaricaceae Earthy Powdercap col
    Dacrymyces stllatus(deliquescens) Dacrymycetaceae Common Jellyspot col; wp 12/02/1977
    Daedaleopsis confragosa Polyporaceae Blushing Bracket col; wp 13/10/1996
    Daldinia concentrica Xylariaceae King Alfred's Cakes lf 26/10/1980; wf 12/01/2016; wp 26/02/1977
    Entoloma rhodopolium
    Wood Pinkgill col 02/12/1979
    Epichloe typhina Clavicipitaceae Grass-choke Fungus wp 07/07/2002
    Erysiphe platani Erysiphaceae Plane Mildew col 22/07/2016
    Exidia glandulosa ? Exidiaceae Witches Butter col 03/11/2005; wf
    Fistulina hepatica Fistulinaceae Beef Steak Fungus bw; wp 06/10/2010
    Flammulina velutipes
    Velvet Foot col; wf 11/11/1979; wp 12/02/1977
    Ganoderma applanatum/adspersum/europaeum Ganodermataceae Artist's Fungus bw 08/01/1978; col 02/11/2007; smw 07/02/2016; wf 12/01/2016; wp 14/10/1979;
    Ganoderma lucidum Ganodermataceae Lacquered Bracket col 09/11/1980; wp 26/08/2010
    Ganoderma resinaceum Ganodermataceae Lacquered Bracket wp 12/02/2010
    Grifola frondosa Meripilaceae Hen of the Woods col 11/11/2020; wp 19/08/2010; Aldersbrook Riding School 23/09/2000; Aldersbrook Riding School 23/09/2000;
    Gymnopilus junonius
    Spectacular Rustgill bw 26/10/1980; col 13/10/1980; wf 14/10/1979; wp 04/10/1979
    Gymnosporangium sabinae Pucciniaceae Pear Rust gdn on pear tree, 27/07/2015
    Hebeloma (crustuliniforme?) Hymenogastraceae Poison Pie bw 31/10/2008; col 04/11/2008
    Hebeloma mesophaeum Hymenogastraceae Veiled Poison Pie wp 13/10/1996
    Heterobasidion annosum?
    Root Rot wp
    Hygrocybesp. Hygrophoraceae Waxcap col 21/10/2008
    Hygrocybe ceracea Hygrophoraceae Butter Waxcap col 29/10/2000; wf;
    Hygrocybe(coccinea ?) Hygrophoraceae Scarlet Waxcap col 06/11/2012
    Hygrocybe irrigata ? Hygrophoraceae Slimy Waxcap wf 22/10/2000
    Hygrocybe marchii Hygrophoraceae Honey Waxcap col
    Hygrocybe miniata Hygrophoraceae Vermilion Waxcap bw 26/10/1980; col 11/11/2020
    Hygrocybe nigrescens Hygrophoraceae Blackening Wax-cap col 06/11/2012; wf;
    Hygrocybe (Camarophyllus) nivea Hygrophoraceae Snowy Waxcap col 06/11/2012; col 04/11/2020; wf 23/11/1980
    Hygrocybe pratensis Hygrophoraceae Meadow Wax-cap col
    Hygrocybe psittacina Hygrophoraceae Parrot Wax-cap col; wf;
    Hygrophorus eburneus? Hygrophoraceae Ivory Waxcap col 06/11/2012
    Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca Hygrophoropsis False Chanterelle bw; col
    Hypholoma fasciculare Strophariaceae Sulphur Tuft bw 02/11/2008; col 31/10/2007; lf 26/10/1980; wf; wp 02/04/1977; Gilbert Slade 18/11/1979
    Hypholoma sublateritium ? Strophariaceae Brick Cap wp 01/01/2006
    Inocybe bongardii? Inocybaceae Fruity Fibrecap wp 12/10/1992
    Kuehneola uredinis ? Phragmidiaceae Rubus leaf rust wp 21/07/2013
    Laccaria amethystina Hydnangiaceae Amethyst Deceiver bw; wf; wp 20/09/1992
    Laccaria laccata Hydnangiaceae The Deceiver bw 26/10/1980; col 13/10/1980; lf 26/10/1980; wf 22/10/2000; wp 12/10/1992;
    Lacrymaria velutina
    Weeping Widow bw; col; wf; wp 18/10/1992
    Lactarius rufus Russulaceae Red Milk-cap col, wp
    Lactarius quietus Russulaceae Oak Milk-cap bw; wp
    Lactarius rufus Russulaceae Red Milk-cap wp 20/09/1992
    Lactarius turpis Russulaceae Ugly Milk-cap col 09/10/2010; wp
    Laetiporus sulphureus
    Chicken of the Woods bw; col; wp 01/07/2012; Aldersbrook Riding School 23/09/2000
    Langermannia gigantea
    Giant Puff-ball col; wp 10/10/1992
    Leccinum duriasculum Boletaceae Slate Bolete bw
    Leccinum scabrum(Boletus scaber)
    Boletaceae Brown Birch Bolete col
    Lepiota cristata Agaricaceae Stinking Parasol col, wp
    Lepiota konradii Agaricaceae Slender Parasol col
    Lepista nuda Tricholomataceae Wood Blewits bw 28/10/2012; col 04/11/2008; wf 11/11/1979; wp 08/01/1978; Gilbert's Slade 18/11/1979
    Lepista saeva Tricholomataceae Field Blewit wf
    Leucoagaricus (Lepiota) leucothites Agaricaceae White Dapperling wf
    Leucoagaricus romellii  ?
    Agaricaceae   col 02/11/2007
    Lycoperdon perlatum
    Common Puffball bw; col; wf; wp 12/10/1992
    Lycoperdon pyriforme
    Stump Puffball bw 26/10/1980; col; wf 01/02/2005; wp 12/10/1992;
    Macrolepiota procera Agaricaceae Parasol Mushroom bw; col 02/09/1979; sw 22/10/2004; wf 28/10/1979, wp 03/09/1977
    Macrolepiota rhacodes Agaricaceae Shaggy Parasol bw; col 04/11/2008; wf 03/11/1979; wp 13/10/1996; gdn 20/09/2018
    Macrotyphula(Clavaria) fistulosa Cantherellaceae Pipe Club col; wf; wp 23/10/2000;
    Marasmius androsaceus Marasmiaceae Horse-hair Fungus col; wf; wp 13/10/1996
    Marasmius oreades Marasmiaceae Fairy Ring Champignon bw; col 02/09/1979; wf 18/08/1979; wp 13/10/1996
    Meripilus giganteus Coriolaceae Giant Polypore bw; col 13/10/1980; wf 11/09/1979; wp 26/10/1980
    Merulius tremellosus(Phlebia tremellosa)
    Jelly Rot col 21/01/2006; lf 26/10/1980
    Mycenasp. (fibula?) Mycenaceae Bonnet col 29/10/2000; wp
    Mycena aetites Mycenaceae Drab Bonnet col
    Mycena alcalina Mycenaceae Stump Bell Cap col
    Mycena epipterygia Mycenaceae Yellowleg Bonnet bw; col; wf
    Mycena filopes Mycenaceae Iodine Bonnet bw; wp
    Mycena flavo-alba Mycenaceae Ivory Bonnet col; wf 09/11/1979
    Mycena galericulata Mycenaceae Common Bonnet col 02/12/1979; lf 29/10/1980; wf 29/10/1980; Gilbert's Slade 18/11/1979
    Mycena galopus Mycenaceae Milking Bonnet bw; wf 09/11/1979; wp 01/11/2008
    Mycena inclinata Mycenaceae Clustered Bonnet bw 26/10/1980; wp 18/10/1992
    Mycena leptocephala Mycenaceae Nitrous Bonnet col; wf
    Mycena olivaceomarginata Mycenaceae Brown Edge Bonnet col, wp 13/10/1996
    Mycena polygramma Mycenaceae Grooved Bonnet col 13/10/1980
    Mycena pura Mycenaceae Lilac Bonnett bw 31/10/2008
    Mycena sanguinolenta Mycenaceae Bleeding Bonnet lf 26/10/1980
    Mycena sepia Mycenaceae   wp 13/10/1996
    Mycena swartzii Mycenaceae   bw; col
    Mycena vitilis(filopes) Mycenaceae Snapping Bonnet wp 13/10/1996
    Mycoacia uda ? Meruliaceae   wp 30/10/2009
    Nectria cinnabarina Nectriaceae Coral-spot col; wf 26/02/1977, 08/01/2010; wp 13/10/1996
    Nolanea farinolens Entolomataceae   col
    Oudemansiella mucida Physalacriaceae Porcelain Fungus wp 12/10/1992
    Panaeolus acuminatus(rickenii) Bolbitiaceae Dewdrop Mottlegill wf 27/10/1980; wp
    Panaeolus papilionaceus
    Bolbitiaceae Petticoat Mottlegill wp
    Panaeolus sphinctrinus Bolbitiaceae Grey Mottlegill wp 13/10/1996
    Panellus stipticus  ? Mycenaceae Bitter Oyster col 27/10/2005
    Paxillus involutus Paxillaceae Brown Roll-rim col; wp 14/10/1979
    Peziza sp. Pezizaceae Cup Fungus bw 28/10/2012; wp 03/04/1977
    Peziza repanda Pezizaceae Palamino Cup wf 03/11/1979; wp 13/10/1996
    Phallus impudicus Phallaceae Stinkhorn bw 26/10/1980; wf; wp
    Phlebia radiata(merismoides) Meruliaceae Wrinkled Crust lf 26/10/1980; wf; wp 18/10/1992
    Pholiota aurivella Strophariaceae Golden Pholoiota col 31/10/2007
    Pholiota lenta? Strophariaceae   bw 01/11/1980; col
    Pholoiota lucifera? Strophariaceae   bw 26/10/1980
    Pholiota squarrosa Strophariaceae Shaggy Pholiota bw; col; wp 12/10/1992
    Phragmidium violaceum Phragmidiaceae Violet Bramble Rust wf 14/11/2001
    Phyllosticta sphaeropsoidea Phyllostictaceae Horse Chestnut Leaf Blotch wf 23/06/2018
    Piptoporus betulinus Polyporaceae Birch Polypore col 21/01/2006; wf; wp 08/12/2008
    Pluteus cervinus
    Deer Toadstool wf 12/03/1977; wp 13/03/1977; lf 26/10/1980
    Pluteus leoninus
    Lion Shield wp 13/10/1996
    Pleurotus dryinus Pleurotaceae Veiled Oyster wp 19/11/1980
    Pleurotus ostreatus Pleurotaceae Oyster Fungus col 21/01/2006; 02/11/2007; wp 15/04/1979
    Polyporus squamosus Polyporaceae Dryad's Saddle col 12/06/1977; wf 05/05/2006; wp 29/04/1979
    Postia tephroleuca Fomitopsidaceae   wf 12/01/2016
    Psathyrella candolleana Psathyrellaceae Crumble Cap col; wf 28/09/1981
    Psathyrella gracilis Psathyrellaceae Brittlestem wf 03/11/1979; wp 13/10/1996
    Psathyrella microrhiza Psathyrellaceae Rootlet Brittlestem col; wp 13/10/1996
    Psathyrella spadico-grisea Psathyrellaceae Spring Brittlestem bw 26/10/1980; lf 26/10/1980
    Ramaria ? Gomphaceae   bw 28/10/2012; sw 27/12/2012
    Rhytisma acerinum Rhytismataceae Sycamore Tarspot wp 28/08/2004
    Rickenella (Mycena) fibula Repetobasidiaceae Orange Mosscap bw 26/10/1980; col
    Russula atropurpurea Russulaceae Purple Russula bw 03/09/1979; col 29/10/2000; lf 26/10/1980; wp; Gilbert's Slade 18/11/1979
    Russula brunneoviolacea Russulaceae Brown-violet Russula bw
    Russula cyanoxantha Russulaceae The Charcoal Burner bw; col; wf 28/10/1979; wp 31/10/2008
    Russula emetica Russulaceae The Sickener Gilbert's Slade 18/11/1979
    Russula nigricans Russulaceae Blackening Brittlegill bw; col 02/09/1979
    Russula ochroleuca Russulaceae Common Ochre Russula bw; col; lf 26/10/1980; wp 20/09/1992
    Russula sororia Russulaceae Sepia Brittlegill col
    Russula vesca Russulaceae Bare-toothed Russula bw; wf
    Schizophyllum commune Schizophyllaceae Split-gill Fungus wf 03/03/2016; Wanstead 21/10/2018
    Scleroderma areolatum ?  Sclerodermataceae Leopard Earthball wf 17/01/2005
    Scleroderma citrinum Sclerodermataceae Common Earth-ball bw 26/10/1980; col 04/11/2008; wp 28/10/1979
    Scleroderma verrucosum Sclerodermataceae Scaly Earthball bw; col 09/10/2010; wp 20/08/2009
    Scutellina scuttelata
    Eye-lash Fungus wp 14/10/1979
    Sphaerobolus stellatus
    Shooting Star bw 14/10/1979
    Stereum guasapatum Stereaceae Bleeding Oak Crust col
    Stereum hirsutum Stereaceae Hairy Stereum bw 14/10/1979; wp 13/10/1996; lf 26/10/1980
    Stereum rameale ? Stereaceae a crust fungus col 17/12/2006
    Stereum rugosum Stereaceae Bleeding Stereum wp
    Stropharia aeruginosa Strophariaceae Verdigris Agaric bw; wf; wp 06/12/2009
    Stropharia semi-globata Strophariaceae Dung Roundhead bw 26/10/1980
    Suillus grevellei Suillaceae Larch Bolete col
    Thelephora terrestris Theleporaceae Earth Fan bw 26/10/1980; lf 26/10/1980; wp 29/11/2006
    Trametes gibbosa Polyporaceae Lumpy Bracket col; wp 05/03/1977
    Trametes versicolor Polyporaceae Varicoloured Bracket bw; col 31/10/2007; 02/11/2007; wf 12/10/2010; wp 20/09/1992
    Tremella lutescens ? Tremellaceae Witch's Butter bw 31/10/2008
    Tremella mesenterica Tremellaceae Yellow Brain Fungus wf 12/01/2016; wp 02/01/2016
    Tricholoma gambosum Tricholomataceae St. George's Mushroom col 21/04/1981
    Tricholoma saponaceum Tricholomataceae Soapy Knight wf; wp 13/10/1996
    Tubaria furfuracea Tubariaceae Scurfy Twiglet col; wf 09/11/1979
    Ustulina deusta ? Kretzschmaria Brittle Cinder col 21/01/2006
    Vascellum pratense (Lycoperdon depressum) Agaricaceae Meadow Puffball wp 23/10/1979
    Volvariella speciosa
    Rosegill bw; wf; wp 13/10/1996
    Xylaria hypoxylon Xylariaceae Candle-snuff Fungus bw 02/11/2008; col 21/01/2006; wp 01/01/1978
    Xylaria polymorpha Xylariaceae Dead Mans Fingers wp 23/09/2001






    Beef Steak Fungus
  • Gulielma Lister - Flora of Wanstead Park District


    By Gulielma Lister F.L.S.

    ( from THE FLORA OF WANSTEAD PARK DISTRICT, By GULIELMA LISTER, F.L.S. (Read 29th November, 1941) (Essex Naturalist, Vol. 27))

    Latin names taken from Hooker's Student's Flora of the British Islands, Third Edition, 1884 ; reprinted in 1930. Names not included in the Student's Flora, from Liuce's List of British Plants ; Kew Hand-lists of Herbaceous Plants, and Trees and Shrubs, Bean's Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles, and Dallimore and Jackson's Handbook of Coniferae. English names taken from Hooker's Student's Flora where given, with additions from Bentham and Hooker's Handbook of the British Flora, and Hayward's Botanist's Pocket Book, 15th Edition, revised by Claridge Druce, 1917.

    See HERE for more on Gulielma Lister.


    (amendments to Lister's Flora in green)



    P. Wanstead Park. W. "The Warren" Estate. C. St. Mary's Churchyard. G. Wanstead Golf Links.

    B. Bushwood. F. Friends' Graveyard, Wanstead. An asterisk * indicates a cultivated plant.



    Anemone nemorosa L. ; Wood Anemone. P. W.

    Ranunculus heterophyllus Fries.; Water Crowfoot. P.

    R. Flammula L. ; Lesser Spear-wort. B.

    R. sceleratus L. ; Celery-leaved Buttercup. P.

    R. acris L. ; Meadow Buttercup. P. W. C. G.

    R. repens L. ; Creeping Buttercup. P. W. C. B.

    R. bulbosus L. ; Bulbous Buttercup. P. W. G.

    R. Ficaria L. ; Lesser Celandine. P. W. B.


    *Berberis Wilsonae Hems. Mrs. Wilson's Barberry. W.

    *B. aquifolium Pursh. (syn. Mahonia Aquifolium Nutt.) ; Oregon Grape. G.


    Nuphar luteum Sm.; Yellow Water-lily. P.

    Nymphaea alba L. ; White Water-lily. P.


    Corydalis lutea DC.; Yellow Fumitory. W.


    Nasturtium sylvestre Br. ; Creeping Watercress. P.

    N. palustre DC. ; Marsh Watercress. P.

    N. amphibium Br. : Great Watercress. P. W.

    Barbarea vulgaris Br. ; Common Winter Cress. P. W.

    Cardamine pratensis L. ; Cuckoo Flower. P. W.

    Sisymbrium officinale Scop. ; Hedge Mustard. P. W.

    S. Alliaria Scop. ; Garlic Mustard. P. W.

    S. altissimum L. ; Tall Rocket. W.

    Erysimum cheiranthoides L. ; Treacle Mustard. P.

    *Brassica oleracea L. ; Cabbage. W.

    *B. campestris sub-sp. Rapa L. ; Turnip. W.

    B. nigra Koch. ; Black Mustard. W.

    B. Sinapis Vis. ; Charlock. W.

    B. alba Boiss. ; White Mustard. W.

    Capsella Bursa-pastoris Moench. ; Shepherd's Purse. P. W. C. B.

    Senebiera didyma Pers. ; Wart Cress. W.

    S. Coronopus Poir. ; Swine's Cress. W.

    Lepidium ruderale L. ; Narrow-leaved Cress. W. B.

    Raphanus Raphanistrum L. ; Wild Radish. W.


    Reseda Luteola L.; Dyer's weed. P.


    Silene Cucubalus Wibel. ; Bladder Campion. W.

    Lychnis diurna Sibth. ; Red Campion. P. W.

    L. vespertina Sibth.; White Campion. W.

    Cerastium glomeratum Thuill. ; Broad-leaved Mouse-ear Chickweed. P. W. C. G. B.

    C. triviale Link. ; Common Mouse-ear Chickweed. P.

    Stellaria aquatica Scop. ; Water Chickweed. P.

    S. media Vill. ; Common Chickweed. P. W. C. B.

    S. graminea L. ; Heath Stitchwort. P. W. G. B.

    Arenaria trinervia L. ; Three-nerved Sandwort. P.

    A. serpyllifolia L. ; Thyme-leaved Sandwort. W.

    Sagina procumbens L. ; Common Pearlwort. P. W. C.


    Malva sylvestris L. ; Common Mallow. W.


    Tilia vulgaris Hayne ; Common Lime. W. B.


    Linum Sp. (very near L. usitatissimum L.) F.


    Geranium Robertianum L. ; Herb-Robert. C.

    Oxalis Acetosella L. ; Wood-sorrel. B.

    Impatiens parviflora DC. ; Small Yellow Balsam. B.


    Ilex aquifolium L. ; Holly. P. W. B. F.


    *Euonymus japonica L. ; Evergreen Spindle-tree. C.


    *Acer pseudoplatanus L. ; Sycamore. P. W. C.

    *A. Platanoides L. ; Norway Maple. C.

    *Aesculus hippocastanum L. ; Horse-Chestnut. P. W. C. B.


    *Ailanthus glandulosa Desr. ; Tree of Heaven. W.


    Genista anglica L. ; Needle Furze. F.

    Ulex europaeus L. ; Gorse. P. B.

    Cytisus scoparius Link. ; Broom. P. W. G. B.

    *Laburnum vulgare Presl. ; Common Laburnum. W.

    Medicago lupulina L. ; Black Medick. W. C.

    Melilotus officinalis Desr. ; Field Melilot. W.

    M. altissima Thuill. ; Common Melilot. W.

    *Lupinus nootkatensis Donn. ? ; Lupine. W.

    Trifolium pratense L. ; Red Clover. P. W. B.

    T. hybridum L. ; Alsike Clover. P. W. B.

    T. repens L. ; White Clover. P. W. C.

    T. dubium Sibth. ; Lesser Clover. P. W.

    Lotus corniculatus L. ; Bird's-foot Trefoil. P. W. C. G. F.

    *Coronilla varia ; Crown Vetch L. W.

    Vicia tetrasperma Moench ; Smooth Tare. W.

    V. Cracca L. ; Tufted Vetch. P. C.

    V. sativa L. ; Common Vetch. W.

    Lathyrus pratensis L. ; Yellow Meadow Vetchling. P. W.B.


    Prunus communis Huds. ; Blackthorn. P. W. B. F.

    P. Cerasus L. ; Wild Cherry. W. B.

    *P. Amygdalus Stokes ; Almond. W.

    *P. lusitanica L ; Portugal Laurel. W.

    Spiraea Ulmaria L. ; Meadow-sweet. P. W.

    Rubus idaeus L. ; Raspberry. B. C.

    R. fruticosus L. ; Bramble.

    sub-sp. R. rhamnifolius W. & N. B.

    sub-sp. R. caesius L. ; Dewberry. P. W. C.

    sub-sp. R. discolor W. & N. P. W. B.

    sub-sp. R. Radula Weihe. B.

    sub-sp. R. pallidus Weihe. B. F.

    R. laciniatus Willd. ; Cut-leaved Bramble. B.

    Geum urbanum L. ; Wood Avens. P. W.

    Potentilla tormentilla Scop. ; Tormentil. P. W. F.

    Potentilla tormentilla sub-sp. P. procumbens Sibth. P.

    P. reptans L. ; Creeping Cinquefoil. P. W. G. B.

    P. norvegica L. ; Norwegian Potentilla. W.

    *Waldsteinia trifolia Koch. (= W. ternata) Barren Strawberry. B.

    Rosa canina L. ; Dog Rose. P. W. B.

    R. arvensis Huds. ; Field Rose. B.

    Pyrus Aria L. ; sub-sp. latifolia Pers. (= P. Aria Sm. x P. torminalis Ehrh.) B. P.

    AucupariaGaertn. ; Rowan Tree. W. C. P.

    Malus L. ; Crab-apple. B.

    *Malus toringoides Hughes. Cut-leaved Crab. W.

    Crataegus Oxyacantha L. ; Hawthorn.

    Oxyacantha proper (syn. C. Oxyacanthoides Thuill.) P. B.

    sub-sp monogyna Jacq. P. W. C. B. F.


    Ribes rubrum L. ; Red Currant. P.

    *Philadelphus coronarius L. ; Syringa. W.


    Myriophyllum alterniflorum DC. ; Alternate-flowered Water Milfoil. P.

    Callitriche verna L. ; Water Starwort. P.

    C. autumnalis L. ; Water Starwort. B.


    Lythrum Salicaria L. ; Purple Loosestrife. P.

    Peplis Portula L. ; Water-Purslane. B.


    Epilobium angustifolium L. ; Rose-bay Willow-herb. P. W. B. C. F.

    E. hirsutum L. ; Codlins-and-Cream. P. W.

    E. parviflorum Schreb. ; Hoary Willow-herb. W. B.

    E. montanum L. ; Broad-leaved Willow-herb. W.

    E. lanceolatum Sebast. & Maur. ; Spear-leaved Willow-herb. P.

    E. roseum Schreb. ; Pale Willow-herb. W.

    E. tetragonum L. ; Square-stalked Willow-herb. W.

    Circaea lutetiana L. ; Enchanter's Nightshade. P. W.


    Bryonia dioica L. ; White Bryony. W. C.


    Conium maculatum L. ; Hemlock. W.

    Apium nodiflorum Reich. ; Marsh Wort. P.

    Aegopodium podagraria L. ; Gout Weed. P. W.

    Anthriscus sylvestris Hoffm. ; Wild Chervil. P. B.

    Angelica sylvestris L. ; Wild Angelica. P. W.

    Heracleum sphondylium L. ; Hogweed. P. W. B.

    Caucalis Anthriscus Huds. ; Hedge Parsley. P.


    Hedera Helix L. ; Ivy. P. W. C. B. F.


    *Aucuba japonica Thunb. W. C. F.


    Sambucus nigra L. ; Elder. P. W. C. G. B. F.

    Lonicera Periclymenum L. ; Honeysuckle. P.

    *Viburnum Tinus L. ; Lauristinus. C.


    Galium verum L. ; Lady's Bedstraw. P. W. C. G. B.

    G. saxatile L. ; Heath Bedstraw. P. F.

    G. Aparine L. ; Cleavers. P. W.


    Dipsacus sylvestris L. ; Wild Teasel. C.

    Scabiosa succisa L. ; Devil's Scabious. P. F.    (noted in 2007 in Society of Friends graveyard, B.W.)


    Eupatorium cannabinum L. ; Hemp Agrimony. P.

    *Aster novi-belgii L. ; Michaelmas Daisy. W.

    Erigeron canadense L. ; Canadian Fleabane. P. W. C. G.

    Bellis perennis L. ; Daisy. P. W. C. B.

    *Solidago canadensis L. ; Canadian Golden Rod. W.

    Gnaphalium uliginosum L. ; Marsh Cudweed. W. C

    Bidens cernua L. ; Nodding Bur-Marigold. P. B.

    B. tripartita L. ; Three-cleft Bur-Marigold P.

    Anthemis Cotula L. ; Stinking Mayweed. P. W.

    A. nobilis L. ; Chamomile. P.

    Achillea Millefolium L. ; Yarrow. P. W. C. G. B.

    Matricaria Chamomilla L. ; Wild Chamomile. P. W.

    M. inodora L. ; Scentless Mayweed. P. W.

    M. discoidea DC. (Syn. M. suaveolens). P. W. C. B.

    Chrysanthemum Leucanthemum L. ; Ox-eye Daisy. W. C.

    Artemisia vulgaris L. ; Mugwort. W. B.

    Petasites vulgaris Desf. ; Butter-bur. P. W.

    Tussilago Farfara L. ; Coltsfoot. P. W.

    Senecio vulgaris L. ; Groundsel. P. W.

    S. sylvaticus L. ; Heath Groundsel. W.

    S. viscosus L. ; Stinking Groundsel. P. W. C. G.

    S. Jacobaea L. ; Ragwort. P. W.

    S. squalidus L. ; Oxford Ragwort. W.

    *Calendula officinalis L. ; Marigold. W.

    Arctium Lappa L. ; sub-sp. minus Schkuhr ; Small Burdock. P. W. C. G.

    Centaurea nigra L. ; Knapweed. P. W. C.

    Cnicus lanceolatus Hoffm. ; Spear Thistle. P. W. C. G.

    C. arvensis Hoffm. ; Creeping Thistle. P. W. C. G.

    Lapsana communis L. ; Nipplewort. P. W. C.

    Picris echioides L. (syn. Helmintha echiodes Gaertn.) Ox-tongue. P. W.

    Crepis virens L. ; Smooth Hawk's-beard. P. W. C. G.

    C. taraxacifolia Thuill. ; Beaked Crepis. P. W.

    Hieracium Pilosella L. ; Mouse-ear Hawkweed. P. W. C.

    H. boreale Fries; Savoy Hawkweed. P. W.

    Hypochoeris radicata L. ; Long-rooted Cat's-ear. P. W. C.

    Leontodon autumnalis L. ; Autumnal Hawkbit. P. W.

    Taraxacum officinale Web. ; Dandelion. P. W.

    Lactuca Scariola L. ; Prickly Lettuce. W.

    Sonchus oleraceus L. ;

    S. oleraceus proper ; Common Sowthistle. P. W. C.

    sub-sp. Hoffm. ; Rough Sowthistle. P. W. C.

    Tragopogan pratensis L. ; var. minor Fries ; Goat's-beard. P. W. G.


    Campanula rotundifolia L. ; Hare-bell. P. W. F.


    *Arbutus Unedo L. ; Strawberry-tree. C.

    *Rhododendron ponticum L. P. W.


    *Armeria vulgaris Willd. ; Thrift. C.


    Lysimachia vulgaris L. ; Yellow Loosestrife. P.

    L. Nummularia L. ; Creeping Jenny. P.

    Anagallis arvensis L. ; Scarlet Pimpernel. P. W.


    Fraxinus excelsior L. ; Ash. P. W. C.

    *Ligustrum vulgare L. ; Privet. P. W. C. B. F.

    *Syringa vulgaris L. ; Common Lilac. W.


    *Buddleia Variabilis Hemsl. W.


    Symphytum officinale L. ; Common Comfrey. P.

    Myosotis palustris With. ; Forget-me-not. P.


    Convolvulus arvensis L. ; Corn Bindweed. P. W. B.

    C. sepium L. ; Large Bindweed. P. W. B.


    Solanum Dulcamara L. ; Bittersweet. P. W. C. B.

    S. nigrum L. ; Black Nightshade. P. W. C.


    Plantago major L. ; Great Plantain. P. W. C.

    P. lanceolata L. ; Ribwort Plantain. P. W.


    Scrophularia nodosa L. ; Knotted Figwort. P.

    Digitalis purpurea L. ; Foxglove. W. C.

    Veronica BuxbaumiiTen. ; Large Field Speedwell. C.

    V. hederifolia L. ; Ivy-leaved Speedwell. P. W.


    Lycopus europaeus L. ; Gipsy-wort. P.

    Nepeta Glechoma Benth.; Ground Ivy. P. W.

    Prunella vulgaris L. ; Self-heal. P. W. C.

    Scutellaria galericulata L. ; Skull-cap. P.

    Stachys sylvatica L. ; Hedge Woundwort. P. W. B.

    Galeopsis Tetrahit L. ; Common Hemp-nettle. P. W. C.

    Lamium purpureum L. ; Red Dead-nettle. W. B.

    L. album L. ; White Dead-nettle. P. W.

    Ballota nigra L. ; Black Horehound. P. W.

    Teucrium Scorodonia L. ; Wood Sage. P. B. .


    Chenopodium polyspermum L. ; Many-seeded Goose-foot. P.

    C. album L. ; Fat Hen. P. W.

    C. rubrum L. ; Red Goosefoot. P. W.

    Atriplex patula L. ; Common Orache. W. sub-sp. hastata L. P.


    Polygonum amphibium L. ; Floating Persicaria. P. B.

    P. lapathifolium L. ; Pale Persicaria. sub-sp. maculatum Dyer & Trimen. P. G.

    P. Persicaria L. ; Persicaria. P. W. C. B.

    P. Hydropiper L. ; Water Pepper. P.

    P. aviculare L. ; Knotgrass. P. W. B.

    P. Convulvulus L. ; Black Bindweed. P. W. C.

    Rumex obtusifolius L. ; Broad-leaved Dock. P. W.

    R. pulcher L. ; Fiddle Dock. G.

    R. crispus L. ; Curled Dock. P. W.

    R. sanquineus L. ; Red-veined Dock. var. viridis Sibth. P. W.

    R. conglomeratus Murr. ; Clustered Dock. P.

    R. Acetosa L. ; Sorrel. P. W. G.

    R. acetosella L. ; Sheep's Sorrel. P. W. G. B.


    *Laurus nobilis L. ; Bay Laurel. C.


    Euphorbia Helioscopia L. ; Sun Spurge. W.

    E. Peplus L. ; Petty Spurge. P. W. B.

    *E. virgata Waldst. & K. F.

    Mercurialis perennis L. ; Dog's Mercury. P.

    *Buxus sempervirens L. ; Box. C.



    Ulmus montana SM. ; Wych Elm. W.

    U. campestris SM (in part) ; Common Elm. P. W.

    U. hollandica Miller ; Dutch Elm. W.


    Urtica dioica L. ; Stinging Nettle. P. W. C. G. B.

    Urtica dioica var. angustifolia Wimm. & Grab. P.


    Humulus Lupulus L. ; Wild Hop. P.


    *Platanus acerifolia Willd. ; London Plane. P. B.



    Betula alba L. ; Birch. P. B.

    Alnus glutinosa Gaertn. ; Alder. P.


    Quercus robur L. ; Common Oak. P. W. B. F.

    Quercus robur var. sessiliflora Salisb. ; Durmast Oak. P.

    Fagus sylvatica L. ; Beech. P. W. B.

    *Castanea vulgaris Lamk. ; Sweet Chestnut. P. B.


    Carpinus Betula L. ; Hornbeam. P. W. B.


    Populus alba L. ; sub-sp canescens Sm. ; Grey Poplar. B.

    Salix fragilis L. ; Crack Willow. P. C.

    S. alba L. ; White Willow. P.

    S. Caprea L. ; Sallow. W. G.


    Ceratophyllum demersum L. ; Hornwort. P.


    Elodea canadensis Michx. ; Canadian Water Thyme. P.


    Iris pseudacorus L. ; Yellow Flag. P.


    *Galanthus nivalis L. ; Snowdrop. P.


    Scilla nutans Sm. ; Bluebell. P. B.


    Juncus effusus L. ;

    Juncus effusus proper ; Common Rush. P.

    var. conglomeratus L. B.

    J. squarrosus L. ; Heath Rush. F.

    J. bufonius L. ; Toad Rush. F.

    Luzula campestris Willd. ; Field Wood-rush. P. B. F.


    Sparganium ramosum Huds. ; Branched Bur-reed. P.

    S. simplex Huds. ; Unbranched Bur-reed. B.

    Typha latifolia L. ; Great Reedmace. P.


    Arum maculatum L. ; Lords and Ladies. P.


    Lemna minor L. ; Small Duckweed. P.

    L. trisulca L. ; Ivy-leaved Duckweed. P.


    Alisma Plantago L. ; Water Plantain. P.

    Saggitaria sagittifolia L. ; Arrow-head. P.


    Potamogeton obtusifolius Mert. & Koch. ; Obtuse-leaved Pondweed. P.


    Helocharis palustris Br. ; Marsh Club Rush. B.

    Carex remota L. ; Distant-spiked Sedge. P.

    C. acuta L. ; (syn. C. gracilis Curtis.) ; Slender-spiked sedge. P.

    C. goodenovii Gay. (syn. C. vulgaris Fries) ; Common Sedge. B.


    Phalaris arundinacea L. ; Reed Grass. P.

    *P. canariensis L. ; Canary Grass. W.

    Anthoxanthum odoratum L. ; Sweet Vernal Grass. W.

    Alopecurus pratensis L. ; Meadow Fox-tail. P. W. B.

    A. geniculatus L. ; Marsh Fox-tail. P. B.

    Phleum pratense L. ; Timothy. P. W. C.

    Agrostis vulgaris With. ; Fine Bent Grass. P. W. F.

    A. alba L. ; Fiorin Grass. P. W. C.

    Deschampsia flexuosa Trin. (syn. Aira flexuosa L.) ; Waved Hair Grass. F.

    D. caespitosa Beauv. (syn. Aira caespitosa L.) ; Tufted Hair Grass. P. W. G. F.

    Holcus lanatus L. ; Yorkshire Fog. P. W. C. B. F.

    H. mollis L. ; Soft-grass. P. W. F.

    Trisetum flavescens Beauv. (syn. Avena flavescens L.) ; Yellow Oat Grass. W.

    Avena fatua L. ; Wild Oat. P. W.

    Arrhenatherum avenaceum Beauv. (syn. Avena elatior L.) ; False Oat. P. W.

    Triodia decumbens Beauv. ; Heath Grass. B.

    Cynosurus cristatus L. ; Crested Dog's-tail. W.

    Dactylis glomerata L. ; Cock's-foot. P. W. B.

    Poa annua L. ; Annual Meadow Grass. P. W. C. B.

    P. pratensis L. ; Smooth Meadow Grass. P. W. C.

    P. trivialis L. ; Rough Meadow Grass. P. W.

    var. parviflora Parn. P.

    Glyceria aquatica Sm. ; Reed Meadow Grass. P.

    G. fluitans Br. ; Floating Meadow Grass. P. B. var. plicata Fr. B.

    Festuca pratensis Huds. ; Meadow Fescue. P. W.

    F. gigantea Vill. (syn. Bromus giganteus L., Tall Brome) ; Large Fescue. P.

    F. ovina L. ;

    F. ovina proper ; Sheep's Fescue. P. C. G. B.

    F. ovina sub-sp. rubra L. ; Red Fescue. B.

    Bromus sterilis L. ; Barren Brome. B.

    Brachypodium sylvaticum R. & S. ; False Brome. P.

    Lolium perenne L. ; Rye Grass. P. W. C. B.

    Agropyron repens Beauv. (syn. Triticum repens L.) Couch Grass. P. W.

    Nardus stricta L. ; Mat-weed. B. F.

    Hordeum pratense Huds. Meadow Barley. W.

    H. murinum L. ; Wall Barley. P. W. C. B.

    CONIFERAE (not native in this district)


    Araucaria imbricata Pav. ; Chile Pine or Monkey Puzzle. F.

    Pinus sylvestris L. Scots Pine. P. W. C.

    P. austriaca Hoess. (syn. P. Laricio Poir.) ; var. nigricans Parl.) ; Austrian Pine. W.

    Picea excelsa Link. ; Common Spruce. C.

    Cedrus atlantica Manetti ; Atlas Cedar. W.

    C. Deodara Loud. ; Deodar. W.

    C. Cupressa nootkatensis Don. ; Yellow Cypress. C.

    C. LawsonianaMurr. ; Lawson Cypress. C. G. F.

    C. pisifera Koch. ; Sawara Cypress. C. G.

    var. plumosa Mast. G.

    Thuja orientalis L. ; Chinese Arbor-vitae. C.

    var. aurea Hort. C.

    Juniperus Sabina L. ; Savin. C.


    Taxus baccata L. ; Common Yew. P. W. C.


    Ginkgoe biloba Kaempf. ; Maidenhair Tree. W.



  • Insects


    Considering the vast numbers of insect species that must be present in the area, only a small number are listed here. That is entirely due to my own inexperience. However - as with other aspects of the website - at least some small idea of what may be present is included, enough perhaps to give a "taster" and to encourage others to go out and find whatever is to be found.

    During 1994, Colin Plant - then living locally, I believe - recorded some 390 Diptera (fly) species from the City of London Cemetery. These were determined by D.A. Smith, who has kindly allowed the list to be made available HERE. There are some subsequent records from 1995 included. The list is in the form of a .xls document.

    Subsequently, local and self-taught naturalist Rose Stephens became interested in the insects to be found near her home in Forest Gate and found numbers of species that I have not seen. These - and a few from other recorders - are appended after my listing.

    This list is presented in Natural Order, and all orders of insects listed on this website are accessible from here. Some groups are dealt with more specifically, and these may also be accessed directly from the "Type of Wildlife" list to to the left. Note that Collembola  - Springtails - are not now considered to be insects at all, although they are - as insects are - Arthropods.

    Name Order and Family Species Locality and first records
    Springtails Collembola    
    a springtail Dicyrtomidae Dicyrtominasp. ? Capel Road garden 20/10/2014
    a springtail Entomobryidae Orchesella cincta Manor Park Cemetery 29/11/2014 (Rose Stephens); Capel Road garden 01/03/2015
    Mayflies Ephemeroptera unknown species Heronry Pond 27/08/2005
    Dragonflies    click here Odonata    
    Stoneflies and Earwigs Dermaptera    
    Common Earwig Forficulidae Forficula auricularia  
    Grasshoppers, Crickets, Bush-crickets               click here Orthoptera    
    Bugs            click here Hemiptera    
    Booklice and  Barklice Psocoptera
    a booklouse Stenopsocidae Liposcelis bostrychophila ? Capel Road house 06/11/2013
    Thrips Thysanoptera unknown species Capel Road garden 23/07/2013
    Beetles        click here Coleoptera    
    Alderflies, Lacewings, etc. Neuroptera    
    an alderfly Sialidae Sialis lutaria Wanstead Park, 24/04/2005
    a green lacewing Chrysopidae Chrysopa (perla?) 14/05/2014
    a green lacewing Chrysopidae Chrysopa sp. Common, 17/06/2005
    a scorpion fly Panorpidae Panorpa sp. Wanstead Park, 09/06/2001
    Ants andVelvet Ants Hymenoptera- various    
    Large Velvet Ant Mutillidae Mutilla europaea Wanstead Park, 13/09/2008
    an ant Formicidae Formica cunicularia ? Wanstead Flats 09/04/2010; Sewage Works site 18/06/2015; Capel Road garden 30/06/2016; City of London Cemetery, 11/07/2016; Manor Park Station 14/05/2017
    Yellow Meadow Ant Formicidae Lasius flavus Sewage Works site 22/03/2016; Wanstead Park; Wanstead Flats
    Black Garden Ant Formicidae Lasius niger Capel Road garden, 04/06/2011
    Potter Wasps Hymenoptera -Eumenidae  
    a potter wasp Eumenidae Ancistrocerus trifasciatus Capel Road garden, 24/05/2015
    Wasps Hymenoptera- Apidae
    Hornet Vespidae Vespa crabro Capel Road garden, 29/08/2006; Wanstead Park, 11/10/2008; also seen in City of London Cemetery
    Red Wasp Vespidae Vespula rufa Capel Road garden, 08/05/2011
    German Wasp Vespidae Vespula germanica Wanstead Park, near Bullet Hill, 29/09/2009
    Common Wasp Vespidae Vespula vulgaris Wanstead Flats, 20/08/2004; Wanstead Park 09/07/2007; Capel Road garden, 29/08/2006
    Ruby-tailed Wasp Chrysididae Chrysis ignita Capel Road garden 11/07/2019
    a digger wasp Sphecidae Cerceris sp. ? Capel Road garden 28/07/2005
    Sand Tailed Digger Wasp Sphecidae Cerceris(arenaria) Wanstead Flats, 14/07/2005
    Ornate Tailed Digger Wasp Sphecidae Cerceris rybyensis Wanstead Flats, E. end of Alex. Lake, 17/07/2016
    a digger wasp Sphecidae unknown species (possibly Mellinus arvensis) Wanstead Flats, E. end of Alex. Lake, 17/06/2017
    Bee Wolf Crabronidae Philanthus triangulum Wanstead Flats 14/07/2005; Capel Road garden 09/07/2007; Wanstead Park, 31/07/2007
    Bees            click here Hymenoptera- Apidae    
    Wasps Hymenoptera
    a parasitic wasp Gasteruptiidae Gasteruption jaculator Capel Road garden 18/07/2005
    an ichneumon Ichneumonoidae Pimpla hypochondriaca Capel Road garden 16/05/2007
    an ichneumon Ichneumonoidae Ophion luteus (?) Capel Road garden 14/04/2006
    an ichneumon Ichneumonoidae Ichneumon stramentarius City of London Cemetery, 06/04/2015
    an ichneumon Ichneumonoidae Netelia sp. (?) Capel Road garden, 11/03/2012
    an ichneumon Ichneumonoidae Amblyteles armatorius(?) Capel Road garden 04/04/2007
    Sawflys Symphyta    
    Berberis Sawfly Argidae Arge berberidis (?) Capel Road garden 13/05/2006
    Bramble Sawfly Argidae Arge cyanocrocea Capel Road garden 06/05/2011
    Rose Sawfly Argidae Arge ochropus Capel Road garden 21/08/2006 & annually
    Large Rose Sawfly Argidae Arge pagana (?) Capel Road garden 07/06/2007
    Honeysuckle Sawfly Cimbicidae Zaraea lonicerae  Capel Road garden, possibly on 02/05/2006;  6/7/8th April 2011
    Solomon's Seal Sawfly Tenthredinidae Phymatocera aterrima City of London Cemetery 09/07/2010
    Iris Sawfly Tenthredinidae Rhadinoceraea micans Wanstead Park 07/07/2002
    Oak Sawfly Tenthredinidae Periclista lineolata Wanstead Park 11/05/2009
    Woolly Alder Sawfly Tenthredinidae Eriocampa ovata (?) Wanstead Park 20/09/2005
    a sawfly Tenthredinidae Tenthredopsis (litterata) Sewage Works 25/05/2015
    Green Sawfly Tenthredinidae Rhogogaster viridis Wanstead Park 21/06/2007
    Moths            click here Lepidoptera    
    Butterflies    click here Lepidoptera    
    Caddis Flies Trichoptera    
    a caddis fly Leptoceridae Mystacides azurea Capel Road garden, 19/08/2005
    a caddis fly Leptoceridae Mystacides longicornis Capel Road garden, 28/06/2005
    a caddis fly Limnephilidae Glyphotaelius pellucidus ? Capel Road garden, 19/08/2005
    a caddis fly Limnephilidae Limnephilus affinis ? Capel Road garden, 19/08/2005
    a caddis fly Limnephilidae Limnephilus lunatus ? Capel Road garden, 01/07/2013
    True Flies Diptera - various    
    Spotted Cranefly Tipulidae Nephrotoma appendiculata Wanstead Park, 21/05/2009
    a crane-fly Tipulidae Nephrotoma quadrifaria Wanstead Flats, 07/10/2014
    a crane-fly Tipulidae Tipula maxima Wanstead Park, 05/08/2011
    a crane-fly Tipulidae Tipula (vernalis) City of London Cemetery, 19/05/2010
    a crane-fly Tipulidae Tipula (confusa) Wanstead Park, 05/10/2014
    a crane-fly Tipulidae Tipula (oleracea) Capel Road garden 18/08/2012
    a crane-fly Tipulidae Tipula laterallis Old Sewage Works site, 31/08/2006
    a crane-fly Limoniidae Limonia sp. ? Capel Road garden 25/05/2012
    a March fly Bibionidae Bibio lanigerus Wanstead Park, 09/04/2015
    St. Mark's Fly Bibionidae Bibio marci Wanstead Park 23/04/2005; also on Wanstead Flats
    an owl midge Psychodidae unknown species Capel Road garden, 10/10/2014
    an owl midge Psychodidae unknown species City of London Cemetery 27/01/2015
    an owl midge Psychodidae unknown species Capel Road garden, 29/01/2015
    a phantom cranefly Ptychopteridae Ptychoptera contaminata Wanstead Park, 17/05/2011
    a phantom cranefly Ptychopteridae Ptychoptera sp. Wanstead Park, 20/07/2013
    a non-biting midge Chironomidae Chironomus plumosus Wanstead Park, 07/05/2006
    a non-biting midge Chironomidae Chironomus sp. Capel Road garden 14/04/2006
    a soldier fly Stratiomyidae Chloromyia formosa Chalet Wood, Wanstead Park, 21/06/2007
    a soldier fly Stratiomyidae Sargus bipunctatus? The Temple, Wanstead Park, 18/09/2005
    Bee-fly Bombyliidae Bombylius major Wanstead Park, 05/04/2008; 2009; 2010
    horse fly Therevidae Thereva nobilitata ? Wanstead Flats, 04/07/2005
    a robber fly Asilidae Dioctria sp.? Capel Road garden 20/06/2007
    Semaphore Fly Dolichopodidae Poecilobothrus nobilitatus Capel Road garden, 17/06/2007
    Hoverflies       click here Diptera- Syrphidae    
    True Flies - continued Diptera- various    
    a conopid fly Conopididae Sicus ferrugineus Wanstead Park, 16/06/2007
    Womanly Bow Wing Pallopteridae Palloptera (Toxoneura) muliebris Lorne Road garden, Forest Gate, 02/10/2014 (Rose Stephens); Capel Road garden, 25/10/2014
    a picture-wing fly Ulidiidae Seioptera vibrans Capel Road garden, 06/06/2018
    a picture-wing fly Tephritidae Tephritis sp. Capel Road garden, 22/04/2006
    a picture-wing fly Tephritidae Anomoia permunda Capel Road garden, 25/07/2007
    a fruit fly Chloropidae Thaumatomyia notata ? Capel Road garden, 02/04/2015
    a fruit fly Drosophilidae unknown species Capel Road garden, 23/03/2015
    Golden Dung-fly Scathophagidae Scathophaga stercoraria Capel Road garden, 20/04/2011
    a house-fly Anthomydiidae Anthomyia pluvialis Wanstead Park, 12/05/2008
    Tiger Fly Muscidae Coenosiasp.
    Capel Road garden, 09/06/2006
    Orange Muscid Fly Muscidae Phaonia(pallida) Capel Road garden 18/03/2015
    Bluebottle Calliphoridae Calliphora sp. Capel Road garden, 13/05/2006; Wanstead Park, 21/06/2007
    Greenbottle Calliphoridae Lucilia caesar Capel Road garden, 31/08/2000
    a flesh fly Sarcophagidae Sarcophaga carnaria Wanstead Park, 29/07/2005; Sewage Works, 02/06/2006; Capel Road garden, 05/06/2006; Wanstead Flats, 07/06/2007
    a Tachinid fly Tachinidae Tachina fera? Capel Road garden, 20/08/2004; Bush Wood, 05/05/2008; Wanstead Park, 01/08/2011
    a Tachinid fly Tachinidae unknown species Sewage Works site, 26/06/2005


    Appended here is a list of species that I have not personally found or seen:

    Name Order and Family Species Locality and first records
    Springtails Collembola    
    a springtail Dicyrtomidae Dicyrtomina saundersi Manor Park Cemetery 24/01/2016 (Rose Stephens)
    a springtail Entomobryidae Entomobrya sp. (multifasciata?) Lorne Road garden 27/02/2015 (Rose Stephens)
    a springtail Entomobryidae Orchesella villosa 25/10/2014 (Rose Stephens)
    a springtail Tomoceridae Tomocerus longicornis Manor Park Cemetery 25/01/2016 (Rose Stephens)
    a springtail Tomoceridae Tomocerus minor Lorne Road garden 17/02/2015 (Rose Stephens)
    a barklouse Caeciliusidae Valenzuela flavidus Manor Park Cemetery 14/10/2014 (Rose Stephens)
    Ants andVelvet Ants Hymenoptera- various    
    Pharaoh Ant ? Formicidae Monomorius pharaonis Woodcote Road house, 29/11/2014 (Roger Snook)
    Wasps Hymenoptera- Apidae
    a digger wasp Sphecidae Pemphredon inornata Lorne Road E7, 03/03/2016 (Rose Stephens)
    an ichneumon Ichneumonoidae Gelis sp. Lorne Road, Forest Gate 12/01/2015 (Rose Stephens)
    an ichneumon Ichneumonoidae Dusonasp. 13/05/2014 (Rose Stephens)
    an ichneumon Ichneumonoidae Ophion obscura Lorne Road, Forest Gate, 25/10/2014 (Rose Stephens)
    True Flies Diptera - various    
    a March fly Bibionidae Bibio (johannis ?) Wanstead Flats  11/04/2016 (Rose Stephens)
    a winter gnat Trichoceridae Trichocera sp. Lorne Road garden 01/12/2014 (Rose Stephens)
    a mosquito Culicidae Culiseta annulata Manor Park Cemetery 29/11/2014 (Rose Stephens)
    a biting midge Ceratopogonidae unknown species City of London Cemetery 24/02/2015 (Rose Stephens)
    a spear-winged fly Lonchopteridae Lonchoptera(lutea or bifurcata) Manor Park Cemetery, 28/01/2016 (Rose Stephens)
    True Flies - continued Diptera- various    
    a picture-wing fly Opomyzidae Geomyza tripunctata ? Wanstead Flats 12/04/2016 (Rose Stephens)
    a fly Heleomyzidae Suillia variegata Wanstead Flats 11/03/2016 (Rose Stephens)
    Spotted-wing Drosophila Drosophilidae Drosophila suzukii St Mary's Wanstead, 07/02/2016 KH/(Rose Stephens)
    a fly Ephydridae Discomyza incurva ? East bank of Roding 31/03/2016 (Rose Stephens)



    Other Insects

    Name Species Locality
    For Dragonflies click here Zygoptera  
    Grasshoppers and Crickets Orthoptera  
    Common Green Grasshopper Omocestulus viridulus Sewage Works 10/08/01
    Common Field Grasshopper Chorthippus brunneus SW; COL cemetery
    Meadow Grasshopper Chorthippus parallelus SW; Wanstead Park
    Long-winged Conehead Conocephalus discolor Sewage Works on 10/09/90; Wanstead Flats; Wanstead Park
    Oak Bush-cricket Meconema thalassinum Common on Wanstead Flats
    Speckled Bush-cricket Leptophyes punctatissima Common around Wanstead Park
    Slender Ground -hopper Tetrix subulata In rough vegetation on S. side of Heronry Pond, 24/04/09
    Dark Bush Cricket Pholidoptera griseoaptera COL; First found in Wanstead Park on 27/06/07
    Roesel's Bush-cricket Metrioptera roeselii Common on Flats, in Park and in Sewage Works and COL cemetery
    House Cricket Acheta domestica By stables near Sewage Works and in CoL Cemetery. Not heard since 2006
    Bugs Hemiptera  
    Water Scorpion Nepa cinerea In Heronry Pond
    Water Boatman Corix punctata Capel Road garden
    Striped Oak Bug Calocoris quadripunctatus Capel Road by Wanstead Flats
    a mirid bug Liocoris tripustulatus Capel Road garden
    a mirid bug Stenotus binotatus Wanstead Park, 9 June and 27 June 2007
    a mirid bug

    Dryophilocoris flavoquadrimaculatus

    Sewage Works site
    a mirid bug Heterotoma planicornis Capel Road garden, 8 July 2007
    a mirid bug Plagiognathus arbustorum(?) Capel Road garden
    Shield and Brassica Bugs Heteroptera  
    Shield Bug Coreus marginatus Capel Road garden, Wanstead Park
    Shield Bug Gonocerus acuteangulatus(?) City of London Cemetery
    Shield Bug Myrmus miriformis Wanstead Park
    Tortoise Bug Eurygaster testudinaria Wanstead Flats on 11/05/09
    Bishop's Mitre Aelia acuminata Wanstead Park, Sewage Works
    Sloe Bug Dolycoris baccarum Wanstead Park, 27 June 2007

    Woundwort Shield Bug

    Eysarcoris fabricii Common in Capel Road garden
    Green Shield-bug Palomena prasina Common - col, gdn, wp

    Forest Shield Bug

    Pentatoma rufipes Capel Road garden
    Brassica Bug Eurydema oleracea Wanstead Flats, 26 April 2007
    Hawthorn Bug Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale City of London Cemetery
    Juniper Bug Elasmostethus tristriatus City of London Cemetery, 16 September 2008
    Parent Bug Elasmucha grisea Wanstead Park by OW on Alder, 6 October 2008
    Homopteran Bugs Homoptera  
    Leafhopper Lassus lanio Common in grassland and gardens

    American Leaf Hopper

    Graphocephala fennahi Common in City of London Cemetery
    Beetles Coleoptera  
    Lesser Stag Beetle Dorcus parallelopipedus Wanstead Park, 5 July 2003
    Devil's coach-horse Ocypus olens On the Plain in Wanstead Park 23/09/01
    Darkling Beetle Cylindronotus laevioctostriatus (?) Wanstead Flats on 24 April 2007.
    Darkling Beetle Eledona agricola Capel Road garden, 11 June 2006
    Summer Chafer Amphimallon solstitiale Wanstead Flats around oaks by Capel Rd.
    Click Beetle Athous bicolor (?) Capel Road garden, 12 June 2006
    Soldier Beetle Cantharis sp. (poss. figurata) Capel Road garden, 13 June 2006

    Soldier Beetle

    Cantharis sp. (poss. rustica) Sewage Works site, 2 June 2006

    Soldier Beetle

    Rhagonycha fulva Wanstead Park

    Carpet Beetle

    Anthrenus verbasci Capel Road house

    Malachite Beetle

    Malachius bipustulatus Sewage Works site


    Endomychus coccineus Wanstead Park
    Pine Ladybird Exochomus 4-pustulatus City of London Cemetery - many on 17/03/09
    Orange Ladybird Halyzia 16-guttata Capel Road garden

    22-Spot Ladybird

    Psyllobora 22-punctata Capel Road garden
    14-Spot Ladybird Propylea 14-punctata Capel Road garden 10/08/04
    Harlequin Ladybird Harmonia axyridis Vey common everywhere
    2-Spot Ladybird Adalia 2-punctata Common

    10-Spot Ladybird

    Adalia 10-punctata Capel Road garden
    7-Spot Ladybird Coccinella 7-punctata Common
    Water Ladybird Anisosticta 14-punctata The Forest Pond, Gilbert's Slade, 10 May 2008
    Mealworm Beetle Tenebrio molitor(?) Capel Road garden

    Swollen-thighed Beetle

    Oedemera nobilis Frequent in Wanstead Park; also in Capel Road gdn, Green Man Roundabout and elsewhere
    Black-headed Cardinal Beetle Pyrochroa coccinea Wanstead Park
    Common Cardinal Beetle Pyrochroa serraticornis City of London Cemetery, by the Birches, 13/05/08
    a longhorn beetle Strangalia (Leptura) maculata Wanstead Park

    Wasp Beetle

    Clytus arietis Sewage Works
    Rosemary Beetle Chrysolina americana On a nettle by Perch Pond, Wanstead Park, 6 October 2008
    a flea beetle Alticasp. By the Ornamental Waters, Wanstead Park, 18 May 2006
    Vine Weevil Otiorhynchus sulcatus Capel Road garden, 12 October 2007
    Wasps Hymenoptera - Vespidae  


    Vespa crabro Frequent in Wanstead Park; also Cemetery
    Common Wasp Vespula vulgaris Capel Road garden

    a digger wasp

    Family Sphecid Wasps Wanstead Flats
    a digger wasp Ectemniussp. Capel Road garden on 9 June 2007; also in Wanstead Park
    Bees Hymenoptera - various  

    a leaf-cutter Bee

    Megachile sp. Capel Road garden, 2000
    Honey Bee Apis mellifera City of London Cemetery, 13 January 2008

    Red-tailed Bumble Bee

    Bombus lapidarius Wanstead Park

    White-tailed Bumblebee

    Bombus lucorum Wanstead Park; Cemetery

    Common Carder Bee

    Bombus pascuorum Wanstead Park

    Buff-tailed Bumble Bee

    Bombus terrestris Wanstead Flats, 19 April 2006
    Wasps Hymenoptera - various  

    a Parasitic Wasp

    Gasteruption jaculator (?) Capel Road garden
    an Ichneumon Wasp Amblyteles armatorius (?) Capel Road garden, 4 April 2007

    an Ichneumon Wasp

    Ophion luteus (?) Capel Road garden
    an Ichneumon Wasp Pimpla hypochondriaca Capel Road garden
    Sawflys Symphyta  
    Iris Sawfly Rhadinoceraea micans Wanstead Park

    a sawfly

    Abia sericea (?) Capel Road garden
    Rose Sawfly Arge orchropus Capel Road garden
    a Sawfly Arge pagana(?) Capel Road garden, 7 June 2007

    a Sawfly

    Rhogogaster viridis Wanstead Park, 21 June 2007
    a sawfly unidentified species (?) Capel Road garden
    For Moths click here Lepidoptera
    For Butterflies click here Lepidoptera  
    Flies Diptera - various  
    a caddis fly Mystacides longicornis Capel Road garden
    St. Mark's Fly Bibio marci Common in Wanstead Park and on Wanstead Flats

    a non-biting midge

    Chironomus plumosus Wanstead Park
    a soldier fly Chloromyia formosa Wanstead Park
    a soldier fly Sargus bipunctatus(?) The Temple, Wanstead Park
    Bee-fly Bombylius sp. Wanstead Park, 5 April 2008

    horse fly

    poss. Thereva nobilitata Wanstead Flats
    a Dolichopod fly Poecilobothrus nobilitatus Capel Road garden
    Hoverflies Diptera - Syrphidae  
    a Hoverfly Melanostoma scalare gdn?, wp
    a Hoverfly Platycheirus clypeatus (?) gdn, wp
    a Hoverfly Chrysotoxum bicinctum gdn
    a Hoverfly Chrysotoxum verralli sw
    a Hoverfly Epistrophe eligans gdn, wf
    a Hoverfly Epistrophe nitidicollis (?) gdn
    a Hoverfly Episyrphus balteatus col, gdn, wp
    a Hoverfly Eupeodes luniger gdn, wf
    a Hoverfly Meliscaeva auricollis gdn
    a Hoverfly Scaeva pyrastri gdn, sw? wf, wp?,
    a Hoverfly Sphaerophoria rueppillii gdn
    a Hoverfly Sphaerophoria scripta gdn?, wp
    a Hoverfly Syrphus ribesii gdn
    a Hoverfly Syrphus vitripennis(?) gdn, wp?
    a Hoverfly Xanthogramma pedissequum gdn, sw? wp
    a Hoverfly Eristalis arbustorum(?) gdn
    a Hoverfly Eristalis intricarius wp
    a Hoverfly Eristalis pertinax gdn
    a Hoverfly Eristalis tenax gdn
    a Hoverfly Helophilus pendulus gdn, sw, wp,
    a Hoverfly Myathropa florea gdn, sw, wp
    a Hoverfly Pipizella viduata gdn
    a Hoverfly Volucella inanis gdn, wp?
    a Hoverfly Volucella pellucens wp
    a Hoverfly Volucella zonaria gdn, wp
    a Hoverfly Syritta pipiens gdn
    Flies Diptera - various  
    a Conopid Fly Sicus ferrugineus Wanstead Park


    Calliphora sp. Capel Road garden, wp


    Lucilia caesar Capel Road garden

    a Flesh Fly

    Sarcophaga carnaria wp

    a Tachinid Fly

    possibly Tachina fera wp
    a Tachinid Fly unknown species sw
    Alderflies,Lacewings, etc. Neuroptera  
    an Alderfly

    Sialis lutaria

    Green Lacewing family Chrysopidae Common
    a Scorpion Fly Panorpa sp. wp
  • Ladybirds


    Fifteen species of ladybird are listed here, plus the False Ladybird, Endomychus coccineus. These are the species that I have noticed to be present in the south of Epping Forest, though I may have overlooked others of course, and making an assumption that I have identified the species correctly.

    The False Ladybird Endomychus coccineus does look quite like a ladybird, although it has considerably longer antennae and is also much flatter. I have only seen it once, in Wanstead Park in August 2006.

    Another species, Rhyzobius litura, is only 2.5-3mm long, and perhaps not so readily recognised as a ladybird. This, together with its small size, may be why it has been overlooked. I only know of one record of this species, spotted and photographed by Rose Stephens while we were looking at the old sewage works site.

    The Pine Ladybird Exochomus 4-pustulatus is - in Essex - fairly common in urban areas and has been seen here in the City of London Cemetery and Wanstead Park. The Orange Ladybird Halyzia 16-guttata has occurred from time to time actually inside my house as well as in the garden at the south edge of Wanstead Flats. The 22-spot Ladybird Psyllobora 22-punctata is frequently found in the garden as well as in the Exchange Lands and in Wanstead Park. The Cream-spot Ladybird Calvia 14-guttata has only been recorded four times: on Wanstead Flats on 14/05/2009, in Wanstead Park on 06/05/2010 and again on 21/04/2015, and in the Sewage Works site on 03/05/2015. The 14-spot Ladybird Propylea 14-punctata although small is brightly and distinctively coloured and is seen quite frequently. The City of London Cemetery, the garden in particular, Wanstead Flats and Wanstead Parks are all areas where it has been noticed, indicating perhaps that it is very common.

    The Harlequin Ladybird Harmonia axyridis goes under a number of English names; this is the invader that arrived in Britain in 1994 and has spread rapidly since then, now having become one of the most frequently sighted. The harlequin name is given because of the range of colours and patterns that it may exhibit. Suffice to say, it is very common throughout this area.

    The 2-spot Ladybird Adalia 2-punctataon the other hand is (was?) one of our two common and native species, the other being the larger 7-spot Ladybird Coccinella 7-punctata. These may still be seen fairly commonly in a variety of locations, and are common in gardens. The 10-spot Ladybird Adalia 10-punctata is much less common, although I have found it in my garden.

    Hippodamiavariegata (alternatively Adania variegata) is another small creature, measuring some 4-5mm. Locally, it was seen and photographed on Wanstead Flats in October 2014 by Rose Stephens, and subsequently I saw one in the City of London Cemetery on 30th July 2018.  I have only seen the 13-spot Ladybird Hippodamia 13-punctata once; this was in the old sewage works site by the edge of the cycle track that runs across "Redbridge Field". This was in 2010 when a small number were feeding on vegetation by the side of a track.

    Similarly, the Water Ladybird Anisosticta 14-punctatahas only been found once, in the small pond by Forest School, Gilbert's Slade, when Jenny Coverdale found it during a pond-dipping exercise. This was being run at the annual BNA Conference, taking place that day in the school, and it was confidently identified by Professor Michael Majerus, a Cambridge ladybird expert who was at hand!

    The 16-spot Ladybird Tytthaspis 16-punctatais a tiny creature of some 3mm, which I first saw in my garden in Capel Road in May 2006. Careful searching of the ant-hills on the Plain in Wanstead Park has produced other specimens, and more have been found in the old Sewage Works site. The first 24-spot Ladybird Subcoccinella 24-punctata, was recorded in March 2012, seen walking across the sandy track adjacent to Alexandra Lake. since then, numbers have been seen in the Aldersbrook Exchange Lands, particularly on and under felts put out for reptile studies.


    The list below includes dates of the first known records for the Wanstead Wildlife area.

    Name Species Locality
    False Ladybird Endomychus coccineus Wanstead Park, 30/08/2006
    a ladybird Rhyzobius litura Sewage Works site, 11/03/2015
    Pine Ladybird Exochomus 4-pustulatus City of London Cemetery, 15/03/2008, many on 17/03/2009; Wanstead Park, only on 06/06/2008.
    Orange Ladybird Halyzia 16-guttata Capel Road garden, 06/09/2004; Wanstead Park, 27/02/2014; City of London Cemetery, 05/03/2014
    22-Spot Ladybird Psyllobora 22-punctata Capel Road garden, 11/05/2006; Wanstead Park, 31/07/2008; Sewage Works site, 10/07/2011
    Cream-spot Ladybird Calvia 14-punctata Wanstead Flats, 14/05/2009; Wanstead Park, 06/05/2010 and 21/04/2015; Sewage Works site, 03/05/2015
    14-Spot Ladybird Propylea 14-punctata Capel Road garden, 10/08/2004; Wanstead Park, 07/05/2006; Wanstead Flats, 24/07/2007; Sewage Works site, 22/05/2012; Alders Brook area, 17/06/2015
    Harlequin Ladybird Harmonia axyridis City of London Cemetery, 09/10/2005; Capel Road garden, 05/04/2006; Wanstead Flats, 27/05/2006; Wanstead Park, 27/07/2007; City of London Cemetery, 18/06/2008
    2-Spot Ladybird Adalia 2-punctata Capel Road garden, 23/05/2012
    10-Spot Ladybird Adalia 10-punctata Capel Road garden, 22/04/2005; Wanstead Park, 31/05/2011; City of London Cemetery, 08/08/2016
    7-Spot Ladybird Coccinella 7-punctata Tarsy Wood, Wanstead 12/02/2005; City of London Cemetery, 27/10/2005; Capel Road garden, 21/04/2006; Sewage Works site, 23/05/2006; Wanstead Flats, 25/05/2006; Bush Wood, 23/02/2007; Wanstead Park, 25/04/2011
    Adonis Ladybird Hippodamia(Adonia) variegata City of London Cemetery, on old shoot area, 30/07/2018. Also found once on Wanstead Flats on 14/10/2014 by Rose Stephens
    13-Spot Ladybird Hippodamia 13-punctata  Old Sewage Works site (Aldersbrook Exchange Lands) on 12/06/2010
    Water Ladybird Anisosticta 14-punctata By the Forest Pond, Gilbert's Slade, 10/05/2008
    16-spot Ladybird
    Tytthaspis 16-punctata Capel Road garden, 07/05/2006; Wanstead Park, on the Plain, 06/06/2008; Sewage Works site, 10/03/2015
    24-spot Ladybird Subcoccinella 24-punctata Wanstead Flats, on sandhills by Alexandra Lake, 30/03/2012. Many in Old Sewage Works site (Aldersbrook Exchange Lands) on 22/03/2016.



  • Lake-side clearance by Ornamental Waters

    Lake-side clearance by Ornamental Waters

    Apart from reports of some new or interesting wildlife observed in the area, unhappily some of the other articles that I post on Wanstead Wildlife tend often to be of a complaining nature – difficult access, unwelcome clearances, and the like.

    wp ow 150430 5398artThe banks of the Ornamental Waters - where it has been cleared...I was happy to find when I walked along the bank of the Ornamental Water from the bottom of Florrie's Hill towards the Cedar Tree and the Glade that a stretch opposite Lincoln Island had been carefully cleared of the vegetation that had encroached along the bank so much so that the water was difficult to see.

    Last December, together with Tricia Moxey, we had an on-site meeting with Geoff Sinclair, who is Head of Operations for Epping Forest. One of the aspects we discussed with him was the possibility of opening up the view of the lake by selectively clearing vegetation – much of which was willow and alder. See here for that report

    This has been done for quite a stretch, and what a difference it makes! Now what I perceived to be a somewhat claustrophobic and dark stretch, with Warren Wood on one side and the vegetation lining the lake on the other, is a walk with the channel of the lake between the bank and Lincoln Island clearly visible. Trees have been left spaced at decent intervals.

    wp ow 150430 5400art...and where it hasn'tHowever, the clearance only stretches so far. The section that I would have started with is still as-was. This is that stretch right opposite the channel between Lincoln Island and Rook Island, which looks down towards the Fortifications and often has a nice selection of ducks, geese, swans, herons and cormorants to be seen – from the couple of metres gap in the trees!

    Beyond that, opposite Rook Island and heading towards the Cedar Tree, I note that some relatively small bits of tree-pruning has been done, but not clearance. I was particularly pleased to find one plant – a rather special one considering its location - has also been spared. This is a London Plane tree that grows on the bank. Why it is unusual – for there are some lovely London Planes in the Park – is that this one almost certainly self-seeded there, and self-seeding is rare with London Planes. The ones we see are usually planted.



    Paul Ferris, 30th April 2015

  • Lichens


    Lack of expertise means that the tables below only represents of some of the species that are present, and in some cases uncertainty is indicated by brackets and a question mark.

    Below is a list ofLichens. A photograph (where available) of a specimen found somewhere in the area may be viewed by clicking on the scientific name.

    Species Common Name Location
    Caloplaca sp.   col 15/03/2008
    Candelariella aurella   wp ??/05/2007
    Catillaria sp. ?   col 03/11/2005
    Cladonia (chlorophaea?)   wp 23/10/2004; sw 26/12/2004
    Cladoniasp. (fimbriata?)   Capel Road, garden wall 09/11/2002
    Cladoniasp. (furcata?)   sw 09/11/2007
    Cladonia sp. (humilis ?)   sw 09/11/2007
    Collema tenax   Capel Road on wall top, 16/11/2020
    Flavoparmelia caperata   Capel Road, 27/05/2008; wp 06/05/2010; wf 07/04/2011; bw 28/10/2012; col 14/02/2013
    Hypogymnia physodes ?   sw 31/01/2005 on a twig together with Xanthoria parietina; col on a rock slab, 14/02/2013
    Lecanora chralotera   wf on a tree with X. parietina, 01/02/2005
    Lecanora muralis   col 25/09/2004; wp 21/11/2004
    Lepraria incana ?   wp, Chalet Wood, 23/03/2002
    Melanelia fuliginosa subsp. glabratula   col 03/11/2005
    Parmelia saxatilis   Capel Road, on plane tree, 13/01/2009
    Parmelia sulcata   wp Warren Wood, 25/09/2004; by Heronry Pond, 02/03/2006; wf by Alexandra Lake, 08/08/2006
    Peltigera(hymenina?) Dog Lichen sw 16/06/2007; col 06/11/2012
    Physcia adscendens   sw 30/01/2005; wf 18/01/2005; Capel Road, on a plane tree, 24/08/2004: col, 25/09/2004;
    Physconia grisea   07/03/2002, Capel Road, on a plane tree; col 25/09/2004, 02/03/2007, 30/03/2008; Capel Road, on a plane tree
    Ramalina farinacea ?   wp 13/03/2009
    Rhizocarpon reductum   Capel Road on wall top, 16/11/2020
    Xanthoria aureola ?   wp, on concrete fence post, 23/03/2002
    Xanthoria parietina Common Orange Lichen wf 04/03/2002; Capel Road 24/08/2004: wp 1303/2009: sw 16/01/2005;
    Xanthoria polycarpa   may be locally as common as the previous species. These two need checking



  • Loss of Creeping Willow on Wanstead Flats

    Loss of Creeping Willow on Wanstead Flats

    I have tried to hang back a bit on being critical of work taking place on Epping Forest – or elsewhere, for that matter - for a lone voice in the “wilderness” doesn't have the clout a conservation group or a 'friends' group should have, and kickbacks and disappointments in the past have led to a feeling of “Don't bother” in more recent times..

    Creeping Willow flower wf 060503 8513artIn flower on 3rd May 2006However, sometimes those groups miss small things that experience might show can lead to larger problems. I can cite New Zealand pigmyweed and floating pennywort as examples of small problems growing larger, and I can harp back to the loss of a nice insect-rich area of grassland in Wanstead Park which wasn't protected during and after path-laying. And today I saw another example – one which I have been afraid of and seen gradually increasing.

    Creeping willow 160428 7700artThe Creeping Willow on 28th April 2016, after mowingWe have on Wanstead Flats five distinct patches of a low-growing shrub called creeping willow Salix repens. Country-wide, this isn't a rare plant, but apart from some on Leyton Flats, this is all we have locally. It is special enough to have been mentioned in some of the City of London's own publications relating to the Flats. It mightn't have the appeal of the Park's bluebells, but it may be the equivalent in “specialness”!

    Creeping Willow bramble wf 110401 50472artThe other patch nearby, almost brambled - and canned - outI know that those five patches have been carefully plotted by GPS by Epping Forest staff, so they know where they are. In the past I have mentioned locally that one patch of two near Alexandra Lake is getting brambled out. That patch is hanging on – but the bramble may well prove the winner. The other patch nearby is just coming into flower, but unfortunately is at the edge of the playing fields. And that is where my worry has been for a long time. Each time the mower goes round, a little bit more is eroded away. This time, however, a lot more has been taken away – about two feet off the whole length of the west edge of the patch, I would say. The playing fields expand, and the wildlife diminishes.

    So – two out of the five patches potentially lost. We should remember too, that it isn't just the loss of one plant that we might bemoan, but of the other life that might be associated with it. Collecting records of species found in our area is increasingly showing the associations that one organism has with another. And that might include people, as well.

    Just to finish, I mentioned the floating pennywort, which many realise now is threatening the health of Perch Pond. Well, this year I have seen and reported three very small rooted clumps of this highly invasive species in the Ornamental Water, far from Perch Pond. They could easily be removed now, especially as the water-level is so low. I hope they are, or these small things could lead to larger problems. (note: I was unable to find these on a much later-in-the-year visit. The water level was very low and they had been close to the bank, so it is possible someone else saw them and simply grubbed them out.)

    Paul Ferris, 28th April 2016

  • Mammals


    The mammal population of the area is probably relatively small, due to human disturbance, traffic and predation. I don't know of any live-trapping programmes that have been carried out prior to one in August 2014 (see here), so our knowledge of the smaller mammals is lacking. Some of the records of smaller mammals have been in chance finds of dead specimens. Larger mammals have only been recorded by chance observations.

    Red Foxes are very common, though as with most places it is now more usual to see them in the vicinity of houses than in "the wild", in fact in the City of London Cemetery they have been known to take food from the hands of visitors to the Gatehouse Pantry. Foxes are often observed crossing from the vicinity of the cemetery to Wanstead Flats, where the wild-fowl of Alexandra Lake doubtless acts as a food-source. They also cross onto the Flats from the houses in Capel Road - often using my side-entrance to get from Manor Park Cemetery - thus being commonly sighted patrolling along Capel Road or indeed along the Manor Park Cemetery wall or in adjacent gardens.

    There are plenty of Grey Squirrels, particularly in Wanstead Park, but they are found along the edge of Wanstead Flats as well as in the wooded areas there, and Bush Wood. There are reports of this species in Wanstead Park from as early as 1917 although this population did not last long. It wasn't until after 1933 that Grey Squirrels again began to spread into Epping Forest. The actual date of the subsequent arrivals in Wanstead Park isn't known, but the last positive report of a Red Squirrel in the Park was in 1947 when a Red Squirrel was seen fighting with a Grey. (Essex Field Club archives)

    Wanstead Park has had a population of Rabbits; however signs of these were scarce in 2008, and by 2010 there was no longer any indication of their presence.

    Brown Rats can be easily seen, particularly near Alexandra Lake on Wanstead Flats and by Heronry Pond and the Perch Pond in Wanstead Park, where food from the area around the kiosk probably adds an incentive. Culling procedures are sometimes undertaken to reduce the numbers.

    House Mice are of course found in houses in the area, and Wood Mice are present in gardens adjacent to Wanstead Park, and in 2014 were proved to be present in the Aldersbrook Exchange Lands. At that time it was also suggested that this area might be an appropriate habitat to find Harvest Mice, although there is no evidence of these.

    Hedgehogs have not been so common in recent years (up to 2009), but one was reported from Manor Park Cemetery and adjacent gardens in June 2009 and a young one of about 4 weeks was found in Wanstead Park in July 2009. Subsequently, there have been a few reports from the general area, and in 2014 a number were reported from various sites.

    Mole hills are a common sight in parts of Wanstead Park and the adjacent areas such as Aldersbrook Exchange Lands, particularly so on the banks of the River Roding. They have not been seen, however, on Wanstead Flats.

    Common Shrews can often be heard (by people with hearing capable of this - mine isn't, any longer!), but those that have been seen are more usually dead ones. It has been suggested that the site of the old Redbridge Sewage Works may also harbour Pygmy Shrews and the nearby River Roding Water Shrews. These suggestions were made by Darren Tansley, Water for Wildlife Officer for the Essex Wildlife Trust, at a mammal-trapping exrecise in August 2014. (see here)

    Water Voles were once a common sight on the Roding, but disappeared for years until one was seen in 1998. They became scarce by the early 1990s, although one was seen in 1998 and another in mid July, 2004, both sightings being from the banks of the Aldersbrook Exchange Lands.

    We have had few reports of Bank Voles -one was seen at the west edge of Chalet Wood perhaps in the early 80s. One was found freshly dead on the north side of the Roding near the Coronation Bridge on 15th April during a Wren Group bird-walk.

    Short-tailed Field Vole was found dead and mauled near Northumberland Avenue on 4th April 2012. Another was seen by Tim Harris swimming in Alexandra Lake and then using a run on the west side on 6th April 2013

    During the winter of 1998/99, three American Mink, Mustela vison were seen in Wanstead Park, by the Ornamental Water. One was seen by the River Roding in Wanstead Park on 14th April 2006 and again on 31 July 2007. In 2011 four were seen at one time by the Ornamental Waters, which may indicate breeding. A capturing programme was instigated late in 2011 and continued into 2012. At least four were known to have been trapped.

    Signs of Otters were reported on the Roding during 2009 from as far south as Ilford, and occasionally - and unconfirmed - in subsequent years.

    Stoats and Weasels are present, and occasionaly are reported from Wanstead Park.

    The Pipistrelle is the most common Bat, and both Common and Soprano species are present and common. There had been tantalizing suspicions of Nathusius' Pipistrelle and these were confirmed in September 2013. Just one Serotine has been detected: near Whiskers Island, Wanstead Park, by Tim Harris on 22/08/2013. There are Noctule and Daubenton's as well and a possible Leisler's was detected by Perch Pond on 17/07/2009. A positive detection was obtained by Perch Pond on 26/07/2009. The lakes of Wanstead Park - particularly Perch Pond - and Alexandra Lake on Wanstead Flats are good places to see bats. A summary of the Bats of the Wanstead area has been written by Tim Harris and is available here.

    There have been occasional and increasing sightings of Muntjac Deer in the area although not often being seen south of the Green Man roundabout until about 2019 when increasing reports of sightings wewre heard. In particular. perhaps, they had been seen in the City of London Cemetery (and indeed were likely the culprits that had chewed the bark of the newly-planted Wollemi Pine: see here). Vague reports also of sightings in Manor Park Cemetery, and one in Sebert Road, Forest Gate - a residential road.

    Populations of feral Cat have been known in the City of London Cemetery, and of course domestic cats haunt both the Flats and Wanstead Park in search of prey.

    Other mammals that have or had an impact on the ecology of the area are of course the Domestic Dogand Cat, and until the B.S.E crisis in 1996, Cattle. It may be noted that in recent years, Horses from Aldersbrook Riding School have been permitted to use a route around and through the Aldersbrook Exchange Lands, and a September 2014 proposal to create paddocks in part of the old Sewage Works Site, of which the Exhange Lands are a part, was implemented. Horses of course also are permitted to use routes which pass through all parts of our area on Epping Forest.


    Name Species Status
    Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus Few if any reports from  even before 2006; in 2009 a few reports came in of hedgehogs: from a garden near Manor Park Cemetery and of one found in Wanstead Park (photo)
    Common Shrew Sorex araneus Often found in the old Sewage Works site
    Mole Talpa europaea Signs mostly seen in the Sewage Works site.
    Serotine Eptesicus serotinus One detected near Whiskers Island, Wanstead Park, by Tim Harris on 22/08/2013
    Daubenton's Bat Leuconoe daubentonii In Wanstead Park and by Alexandra Lake on the Flats; Hollow Pond 17/06/08
    Noctule Bat Nyctalus noctula In Wanstead Park and by Alexandra Lake on the Flats; Alex 17/06/08
    Nathusius' Pipistrelle Pipistrellus nathusii
    Recorded by Tim Harris at Heronry Pond, Wanstead Park on 22/09/2013
    Common Pipistrelle Pipistrellus pipistrellus In Wanstead Park and particularly by Alexandra Lake on the Flats
    Soprano Pipistrelle Pipistrellus pygmaeus By Alexandra Lake and in Wanstead Park
    Red Fox Vulpes vulpes Very common
    Stoat Mustela erminea Wanstead Park
    Weasel Mustela nivalis Wanstead Park
    American Mink Mustela vison Wanstead Park, seen in the Ornamental Water and River Roding area since 2005; a culling programme was begun at the end of 2011; four known to have been trapped.
    European Otter Lutra lutra Occasional reports from Wanstead Park and the Roding, the most recent in November 2009 (see here)
    Grey Squirrel Sciurus carolinensis Very Common
    Water Vole Arvicola terrestris Wanstead Park, in River Roding;  Sewage Works site. Roding. Not seen in recent years - last known sighting in 2000
    Bank Vole Clethrionomys glareolus One seen years ago at the west edge of Chalet Wood; one found freshly dead on Ilford side of Roding by Coronation Bridge on 15th April 2012
    Field Vole (Short-tailed Vole) Microtus agrestis One found dead near Northumberland Avenue on 04/04/2012; One seen by Tim Harris "swimming in Alexandra Lake and then using a run on the west side" on 06/04/2013
    Wood Mouse Apodemus sylvaticus In gardens in Northumberland Avenue, Aldersbrook
    House Mouse Mus musculus In houses adjacent to Forest areas
    Brown Rat Rattus norvegicus Wanstead Park, common by Heronry Pond. Wanstead Flats, by Alexandra Lake and by Jubilee Pond
    Rabbit Oryctalogus cuniculus A long-established colony in Wanstead Park is no longer present; the last known photograph was in 2002 and by 2008 signs (scats) were scarce. None known since 2010
    Muntjac Deer Muntiacus muntjak Reported from Wanstead Flats and the adjacent area of Leytonstone in 2006. Also seen in Snaresbrook Crown Court grounds, having entered from Leyton Flats. By 2019, Muntjac were known to be living in the City of London Cemetery, and in 2020 one was reported in Sebert Road, Forest Gate. Unconfirmed reports of sightings in Manor Park Cemetery were also obtained.


  • Mosses

    Mosses in Wanstead

    In the introduction to the wildlife of the Wanstead area, a notable omission in information about particular groups of plants or animals includes mosses. It is stated that this is because the expertise has not been available for this group, and this of course needs addressing - if possible.

    In fact Roger Snook of Wanstead does have some expertise in these plants, so as an introductory guide to them we arranged a couple of simple "overview" walks - one in Wanstead Park and another on Wanstead Flats.

    The results are shown below as a simple list of species that we found to be present, without a close examination. It is certain that many more species would be found, particularly if samples were collected and examination performed. Hopefully, this might come later.

    I have also included species found in my garden; even here it is very likely that more will be present.

    Wanstead Park

    Atrichum undulatum - Chalet Wood

    Brachythecium albicans- the Plain

    Brachythecium rutabulam - the Plain

    Eurhynchium sp. - Chalet Wood, the Dell

    Fissidens bryoides - Chalet Wood - damp banks

    Funaria hygrometrica - the Plain

    Wanstead Flats

    Brachythecium albicans

    Brachythecium rutabulam

    Polytrichum commune

    Polytrichum juniperinum

    Polytrichum piliferum


    Amblystegium serpens

    Tortula muralis

  • Moths - list

    Moths of the Wanstead Area

    Until 2012 most of the moths recorded in the Wanstead area had been identified by moth trapping exercises carried out in 2005 and 2006 (click here). During this time 102 species were identified in my garden, which is at the south edge of Wanstead Flats adjacent to Manor Park Cemetery. Most of these I would not have been aware of, apart from those few species that may have been attracted to the lights of the house or those that have been found sheltering in vegetation during the daytime or day-flying moths found casually.

    During 2012 a moth trap was again used in my garden in Capel Road and another in Tim Harris' garden in Belgrave Road on the Lakehouse Estate at the other end of Wanstead Flats. In my garden, 156 species were identified, of which 57 were micro moths and 99 macros. The increase in numbers of species over the 2005/6 moth trapping may well have been due to an increase in the number of micro moths identified - this in itself helped a lot by the publication in 2012 of the "Field Guide to the Micro Moths of Great Britain and Ireland", by Sterling, Parsons and Lewington. 26 species were identified that hadn't previously been identified in this area. For a spreadsheet showing the results click here

    In 2013 my trap at Capel Road was in use only between 10th April and 19th August. During this time there were 168 species of which 31 were new to me. Tim's trap in Belgrave Road was in use for a considerably longer period and produced 225 species, with 89 being new ones to that trap.

    2014 results were down on the previous year, with a total of 221 species recorded in the area. However the lower number is almost certainly due to my not being able to put the trap out after May, and Tim Harris being unable to trap during the busy season of June and July. Amongst the highlights of the year was the finding of an Emperor Moth laying eggs on an egg-box in my trap on 24th April. The eggs hatched, then pupated and the moths - it was hoped - would begin to emerge in 2015. In May, Rose Stephens photographed a Red-belted Clearwing on the curtains of her house in Lorne Road, Forest Gate - the first known record of a Clearwing species in the area.

    2015 moth trapping results are not compiled yet, but the first pupa of last year's Emperor Moth hatched in my house on 10th March, followed by numbers of others up until 10th April. All of them were released into vegetation in my garden. Lures were obtained to try to attract Clearwing species, with succesfull results. Yellow-legged, Orange-tailed, Red-belted and Six-belted were all recorded. In addition I was pleased to see a Hornet Clearwing in Goodmayes Park on 12th June, but that is somewhat outside the Wanstead Wildlife area.

     For photos, click here, or - if available (shown in blue) - click on the species name in the list below

    For some historical records from the Wanstead area, click here

    For spreadsheets showing results of moth trapping exercises click here

    Abbreviations: KH = Kathy Hartnett; RS = Roger Snook; TH = Tim Harris     √ = recorded in this year by myself;   + = recorded in this year by another. mt = moth trap. Those species in Red are species that I have not seen.


    List No. Class. Species Common Name Local Area (including first records)
    2005 2006 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
    6 2.001 Dyseriocrania  subpurpurella Common Oak Purple Capel Road mt, 27/04/2006; Bush Wood, 27/03/2014 (TH); Aldersbrook 08/04/2015           √+ √ 08/04/15  
    15 3.001 Triodia sylvina Orange Swift Belgrave Road mt, 01/08/2012 (TH) + +      
    17 3.002 Hepialus lupulinus Common Swift Capel Road mt, 26/05/2006; Green Man underpass, 04/05/2015       √  √  √ 04/05/15  
    20 4.076 Ectoedemia decentella Sycamore Seed Pygmy Capel Road mt, 13/06/2015               √ 13/06/15  
    50 4.045 Stigmella aurella Golden Pigmy Wanstead Park 17/04/2006; Capel Road mt, 31/05/2006; Wanstead Flats 03/03/2016     √            √ 03/03/2016
    119 5.001 Opostega salaciella Sorrel Bent-wing Wanstead Flats, by Long Wood - 2 day-flying on 01/06/2013 (TH); 1 day-flying on 15/05/2014           + √+    
    125 10.003 Coptotriche (Emmetia) marginea Bordered Carl Capel Road mt, 19/05/2014                
    130 8.002 Incurvaria masculella Feathered Bright Wanstead Flats by Aldersbrook Changing Rooms, 25/04/2014; CapelRoad garden, Belgrave Road garden             √  22/04/15; + 21/05/15  
    140 7.015 Nematopogon swammerdamella Large Longhorn Wanstead Park, 21/04/2011; Capel Rd garden 27/05/15             √ 27/05/15  
    144 7.004 Nemophora fasciella Horehound Longhorn Wanstead Flats, 19/06/2015               * 19/06/15 (KH)  
    146 7.003 Nemophora cupriacella Coppery Longhorn Capel Road garden, 11/08/2006    

    148 7.001 Nemophora degeerella Yellow-barred Longhorn Sewage Works, 02/0/2006; Wanstead Park; Capel Road garden; Wanstead Flats 31//05/2014 +    
    150 7.006 Adela reaumurella Green Longhorn Capel Road garden, 22/04/2005; Wanstead Flats, 05/05/2006; Wanstead Park, 24/04/2009       √  √ 22/04/15  
    161 50.002 Zeuzera pyrina Leopard Moth + Belgrave Road mt, 00/00/2015 (TH)  
    169 54.008 Zygaena filipendulae Six-spot Burnet Wanstead Park, 06/08/2005: Wanstead Flats √      +    
    171 54.009 Zygaena lonicerae Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet Wanstead Flats 04/06/2009; Wanstead Park, 12/07/2001             √ Wanstead Flats 21/06/2015  
    185 11.009 Luffia(ferchaultella) Virgin Smoke Manor Park Cemetery 30/01/2016 + Manor Park Cemy.; 30/01/2016 RSt  
    186 11.012 Psyche casta Common Sweep Wanstead Flats, 25/05/2006; Capel Road garden; Wanstead Park           √+ √   
    200 12.048 Psychoides filicivora Fern Smut Capel Road garden 19/06/2015               √ Capel Road garden 19/06/15  
    229 12.038 Monopis obviella Yellow-backed Clothes Moth Capel Road garden, 24/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 19/05/2014 (TH)         + √ 04/05/15  
    247 12.033 Tinea trinotella Bird's-nest Moth Capel Road mt 27/05/2012; Belgrave Road mt, 10/05/2015 (TH)         √      + √ 10/05/15  
    263 21.001 Lyonetia clerkella Apple Leaf-miner Capel Road mt 26/07/2012           √ 14/06/15  
    273 14.009 Bucculatrix thoracella Lime Bent-wing Capel Road mt, 27/07/2006, 11/06/13       √       
    274 14.010 Bucculatrix ulmella Oak Bent-wing Capel Road mt, 11/06/2013             √ 03/07/15  
    284 15.006 Caloptilia rufipennella Small Red Slender Capel Road mt, 22/07/2015               √  22/07/15  
    286 15.008 Caloptilia alchimiella Yellow-triangle Slender Belgrave Road mt, 29/05/2015 (TH) + 29/05/15
    288 15.010 Caloptilia stigmatella White-triangle Slender Wanstead Flats 11/03/2016 (RSt) + 11/03/2016 (RSt)
    294 15.014 Caloptilia (Gracilaria) syringella Common Slender Belgrave Road mt, 01/06/2013 (TH) + +
    296 15.017 Calybites phasianipennella Little Slender Capel Road mt, 11/07/2005                
    304 15.029 Parornix devoniella Hazel Slender Capel Road mt, 22/07/2015               √  22/07/15  
    315 15.034 Phyllonorycter harrisella White Oak Midget Capel Road mt, 16/05/2014                
    321 15.040 Phyllonorycter messaniella Garden Midget Capel Road mt, 18/07/2013                 
    321a 15.041 Phyllonorycter platani London Midget Capel Road mt, 17/06/2015               √ 17/06/15  
    364 15.086 Phyllonorycter geniculella Sycamore Midget Capel Road mt, 16/07/2013                
    366a 15.089 Cameraria ohridella Horse-chestnut Leaf-miner Capel Road mt; Wanstead Park, 08/07/2006   + √ 01/05/15  
    374 52.012 Synanthedon vespiformis Yellow-legged Clearwing Wanstead Park, 10/07/2015               √ 10/07/15  
    378 52.010 Synanthedon andrenaeformis Orange-tailed Clearwing City of London Cemetery 06/07/2015               √ 06/07/15  
    379 52.011 Synanthedon myopaeformis Red-belted Clearwing Lorne Road, house, 31/05/2014 (RSt); Wanstead Flats 04/07/2015 (RSt) + +04/07/15  
    382 52.014 Bembecia ichneumoniformis Six-belted Clearwing Wanstead Flats 04/07/2015 (TH) + 04/07/15  
    385 48.001 Anthophila fabriciana Common Nettle-tap Wanstead Park, 21/07/2005; Capel Road mt, 18/05/2006; City of London Cemetery, 29/04/2014; Wanstead Flats; Alders Brook 14/05/2014 Belgrave Road mt, 23/07/2013 (TH)     √  √  √+ √ 01/05/15  
    391 19.007 Glyphipterix simpliciella Cocksfoot Moth Sewage Works, 25/05/2015               √ 25/05/2015  
    409a 20.005 Argyresthia trifasciata Triple-barred Argent Capel Road mt, 19/05/2014; Belgrave Road mt, 23/05/2015 (TH)             + 22/05/2015  
    417 20.018 Argyresthia spinosella Blackthorn Argent Belgrave Road mt, 04/06/2015 (TH) + 04/06/2015  
    420 20.021 Argyresthia pruniella Cherry Fruit Moth + Belgrave Road mt, 00/00/2015 (TH)  
    421 20.022 Argyresthia bonnetella
    Hawthorn Argent Belgrave Road mt, 01/07/2015 (TH)  + Belgrave Road mt, 01/07/2015 (TH)  
    424 16.001 Yponomeuta evonymella Bird-cherry Ermine Capel Road mt, 22/07/2006              
    426 16.003 Yponomeuta (malinellus) Apple? Ermine Capel Road mt, 17/0/2006                
    427 16.004 Yponomeuta cagnagella Spindle Ermine? Belgrave Road mt, 11/08/2013 (TH)           +      
    428 16.005 Yponomeuta rorella Willow Ermine Capel Road mt, 11/07/2005              
    438 16.017 Swammerdamia pyrella Little Ermel Capel Road garden, 06/08/2013                
    441 16.020 Paraswammerdamia nebulella Hawthorn Emmel Belgrave Road mt, 25/07/2015 (TH)  + Belgrave Road mt, 25/07/2015 (TH)  
    447 13.002 Roeslerstammia erxlebella Copper Ermel Capel Road garden, 04/05/2015               √ 04/05/2015  
    449 22.002 Prays fraxinella Ash Bud Moth Belgrave Road mt, 19/06/2013 (TH) +  
    450 25.001 Scythropia crataegella Hawthorn Moth Capel Road mt 28/06/2012         √         
    455 17.005 Ypsolopha scabrella Wainscot Smudge Capel Road mt 14/08/2012         √         
    464 18.001 Plutella xylostella Diamond Back Moth Belgrave Road mt, 01/08/2013 (TH)           + + √ 13/06/15   
    516 37.003 Coleophora trifolii Large Clover Case-bearer Capel Road mt 24/07/2013                
    589? 37. Coleophora sp. unknown Case-bearer Capel Road mt, 31/07/2012         √         
    607 38.037 Elachista canapennella Little Dwarf Belgrave Road mt, 15/06/13 (TH) +  
    610 38.004 Elachista argentella Swan-feather Dwarf Sewage Works, 02/06/2006             √ 22/04/15  
    640 28.015 Batia lunaris New Tawny Tubic Capel Road mt 28/06/2012         √    √ 23/06/15  
    642 28.014 Crassa (Batia) unitella Golden-brown Tubic Capel Road mt 29/06/2012; Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2014 (TH)         +    
    647 28.010 Hofmannophila pseudospretella Brown House Moth Capel Road mt, 17/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 17/05/2014 (TH)     + + 23/05/2015 (TH); √ 17/06/15  
    648 28.009 Endrosis sarcitrella White-shouldered House Moth Belgrave Road mt, (TH); Capel Road mt, 02/08/2012       √+ √  06/05/15  
    649 28.019 Esperia sulphurella Sulphur Tubic Capel Road mt, 07/05/2006; Wanstead Park, 17/05/2006               + 12/03/2016 (RSt)
    652 28.022 Alabonia geoffrella Common Tubic Wanstead Park, 23/05/2012                
    656 28.024 Tachystola acroxantha Ruddy Streak Belgrave Road mt, 24/07/2012 (TH) + √ 22/05/15; + 23/05/2015 (TH)   
    658 31.001 Carcina quercana Long-horned Flat Body Belgrave Road mt, 21/06/2013, (TH) +    
    663 29.001 Diurnea fagella March Tubic Capel Road mt, 13/04/2006         √ 08/03/15  
    672 32.015 Agonopteryx subpropinquella Rufous Flat Body Belgrave Road mt, 08/10/2013 (TH) +      
    688 32.018 Agnopterix heracliana Common Flat-body
    Capel Road mt, 12/03/2014                
    695 32.031 Agonopterix alstromeriana Brown-spot Flat-body Capel Road mt, 15/07/2013           √     
    697 32.017 Agonopterix arenella Brindled Flat-body Belgrave Road mt, 26/05/2015 (TH)               + 27/05/2015  
    701 32.007 Agonopterix ocellana Red-letter Flat-body Sewage Works site, 18/05/2014 (TH) +    
    764 35.035 Chrysoesthia drurella Flame Neb Redbridge Lane West Allotments 01/06/2015               √ 01/06/2015  
    770 35.151 Carpatolechia (proximella)sp. (Black-speckled) Groundling sp. Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2013 (TH) +      
    774 35.143 Teleoides luculella Crescent Groundling Capel Road mt, 16/07/2013                
    866 35.028 Brachmia blandella Gorse Crest Capel Road mt, 14/07/2005                
    870 27.001 Oegoconia quadripuncta Four-spotted Obscure Capel Road mt, 28/06/2005       √         
    873 41.002 Blastobasis adustella Dingy Dowd Capel Road mt 25/07/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 27/08/2013 (TH)     √  √ + +    
    874 41.003 Blastobasis lacticolella London Dowd + Belgrave Road mt, 00/00/2015 (TH)  
    883 40.015 Mompha raschkiella Little Cosmet Wanstead Park, 09/06/2008                  
    892 40.008 Mompha subbistrigella Garden Cosmet Capel Road mt, 11/06/2013                
    902 39.006 Chrysoclista lathamella Orange-blotch Cosmet  Capel Road mt 24/07/2012                
    904 39.003 Spuleria flavicaput Yellow-headed Cosmet Wanstead Flats, near Alexandra Lake, 25/05/2006                
    905 39.001 Blastodacna hellerella Hawthorn Cosmet  Capel Road mt, 16/07/2013                
    937 49.109 Agapeta hamana Hook-marked Straw Moth Leyton Flats, 03/07/2007                  
    947 49.120 Aethes smeathmanniana Yarrow Conch  Capel Road mt, 25/06/2006; 07/06/2012       √    √ Capel Road mt, 17/06/15  
    964 49.137 Cochylis dubitana Little Conch Capel Road mt, 23 June 2005                
    966 49.139 Cochylis atricapitana Black-headed Conch Capel Road mt, 05/07/2012              
    968 49.133 Cochylis nana Birch Conch + Belgrave Road mt, 00/00/2015 (TH)  
    969 49.024 Pandemis corylana Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix Capel Road mt, 08/09/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 02/08/2014 (TH)         +    
    970 49.025 Pandemis cerasana Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix Capel Road mt, 23/05/2012; Belgrave Road mt, 02/08/2014 (TH)         √  √  +    
    974 49.020 Argyrotaenia ljungiana Heather Tortrix Capel Road mt, 07/05/2006; Sewage Works, 02/06/2006: Belgrave Road mt, 02/06/2013 (TH)         √ +   + 23/05/2015 (TH)  
    977 49.013 Archips podana Large Fruit-tree Tortrix Capel Road, 10/06/2008; Belgrave Road mt, 05/09/2014 (TH)         √  +    
    979 49.014 Archips crataegana Brown Oak Tortrix Capel Road mt, 01/07/2013                
    980 49.015 Archips xylosteana Variegated Golden Tortrix Belgrave Road mt, 07/07/2013 (TH) +    
    985 49.030 Cacoecimorpha pronubana Carnation Tortrix Capel Road mt 29/05/2008                
    986 49.028 Syndemis musculana Dark-barred Tortrix Capel Road mt 25/05/2012                
    994 49.038 Clepsis consimilana Privet Tortrix Capel Road mt, 11/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 07/07/2013 (TH)         √ +      
    998 49.039 Epiphyas postvittana Light Brown Apple Moth Capel Road mt, 15/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 22/04/2014 (TH)   √  √+ √ 13/04/15; + 23/05/2015 (TH)  
    1001 49.040 Lozotaenides formosanus Orange Pine Tortrix Belgrave Road mt, 30/06/2012 (TH) + +    
    1010 49.004 Ditula angustiorana Red-barred Tortrix Capel Road mt, 24/06/2005   √      √  + √ 13/06/15  
    1011 49.091 Pseudargyrotoza conwagana Yellow-spot Tortrix Capel Road mt, 24/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 16/06/2013 (TH)         √  + +    
    1020 49.050 Cnephasia (stephensiana) Grey Tortrix Capel Road mt, 09/07/2006             √ 22/05/15   
    1025 49.044 Tortricodes alternella Winter Shades Belgrave Road mt, 05/03/2013 (TH) +      
    1032 49.060 Aleimma loeflingiana Yellow Oak Button Capel Road mt, 30/06/2013; + Belgrave Road mt, 11/06/2015 (TH)             + Belgrave Road mt, 11/06/2015 (TH)  
    1033 49.059 Tortrix viridana Green Oak Tortrix Capel Road mt, 17/06/2005; Wanstead Park, 01/06/2006. Common in June     + √ 15/06/15   
    1036 49.062 Acleris forsskaleana Maple Button Capel Road mt 15/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 25/06/2013 (TH)       √ +      
    1037 49.061 Acleris holmiana White-triangle Button Belgrave Road mt, 14/08/2012 (TH) +        
    1041 49.069 Acleris sparsana Ashy Button Belgrave Road mt, 26/09/2013 (TH) +      
    1042 49.070 Acleris rhombana Rhomboid Tortrix Capel Road mt 31/05/2013                
    1044x 49.0831 Acleris ferrugana/ notana   Capel Road mt 05/03/2015               √ 05/03/15  
    1047 49.073 Acleris schalleriana  Viburnum Button Belgrave Road mt, 02/09/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 02/09/2015 (TH)  
    1048 49.077 Acleris variegana Garden Rose Tortrix Capel Road mt 31/07/2013; Belgrave Road mt, 24/09/2013 (TH)           √ +      
    1054 49.076 Acleris cristana Tufted Button Capel Road mt 31/05/2013                
    1063 49.161 Celypha striana Barred Marble Capel Rd. mt 17/06/2005 (possibly); Belgrave Road mt, 29/30 June 2012 (TH)   (?)     +        
    1076 49.166 Celypha lacunana Common Marble Wanstead Park, 18/06/2010; 09/06/2012              
    1082 49.157 Hedya pruniana Plum Tortrix +    
    1083 49.156 Hedya nubiferana Marbled Orchard Tortrix Capel Road mt, 01/07/2013; Belgrave Road mt, 04/07/2013 (TH)           √ +   √ 17/06/15   
    1093 49.150 Aptomis betuletana Birch Marble Belgrave Road mt, 13/08/2014 (TH) +    
    1115 49.215 Ancylis achatana Triangle-marked Roller Belgrave Road mt, 23/06/2015 (TH)               + Belgrave Road mt, 23/06/2015 (TH)  
    1133 49.254 Epinotia bilunana Crescent Bell Capel Road mt 28/06/2012             + 25/05/15  
    1138 49.255 Epinotia nisella Grey Poplar Bell Belgrave Road mt, 15/08/2013 (TH) +      
    1159 49.223 Rhopobota naevana Holly Tortrix Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2015 (TH)  
    1165 49.260 Zeiraphera isertana Cock's-head Bell Belgrave Road mt, 04/07/2015 (TH)  + Belgrave Road mt, 04/07/2015 (TH)  
    1169 49.279 Gypsonoma dealbana Common Cloaked Shoot Capel Road mt, 02/07/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2014 (TH)         +    
    1174 49.292 Notocelia cynosbatella Yellow-faced Bell Belgrave Road mt, 21/05/2015 (TH) + 21/05/2015 (TH)  
    1175 49.294 Notocelia uddmanniana Bramble-shoot Moth Capel Road mt, 14/07/2005       √       
    1176 49.298 Notocelia trimaculana Triple-blotched Bell Capel Road mt, 06/06/2013; Belgrave Road mt, 19/05/2014 (TH)           + √ 15/06/15   
    1183 49.288 Epiblema foenella White-foot Bell  Capel Road mt 26/07/2012                
    1197 49.269 Eucosma campoliliana Marbled Bell Belgrave Road mt, 03/08/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 03/08/2015 (TH)  
    1200 49.266 Eucosma hohenwartiana Bright Bell Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2015 (TH)  
    1201 49.265 Eucosma cana Hoary Bell  Capel Road mt, 30/06/2013                
    1205 49.224 Spilonota sp. Bud Moth Capel Road mt 15/08/2012; Belgrave Road mt, 25/07/2015 (TH)         √  +    
    1207 49.304 Clavigesta purdeyi Pine Leaf-mining Moth Belgrave Road mt, 14/05/2014 (TH) +    
    1211 49.306 Rhyacionia pinicolana Orange-spotted Shoot Belgrave Road mt, 13/07/2014 (TH) +    
    1212 49.307 Rhyacionia pinivorana Spotted Shoot Moth Belgrave Road mt, 16/06/2013 (TH) + +    
    1216 49.200 Enarmonia formosana Cherry Bark Tortrix Belgrave Road mt, 08/09/2013 (TH) +    
    1233 49.376 Pammene aurita Sycamore Piercer Belgrave Road mt, 23/07/2012 (TH) +    
    1234 49.375 Pammene regiana Regal Piercer Capel Road mt, 04/07/2008; Belgrave Road mt, 13/08/2014 (TH) +    
    1236 49.367 Pammene fasciana Acorn Piercer Capel Road mt, 08/07/2013                
    1253 49.352 Grapholita orobana Crescent Piercer Sewage Works Site 16/07/2014 (TH, KH) +    
    1259 49.342 Cydia fagiglandana Large Beech Piercer Belgrave Road mt, 25/06/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 25/06/2015 (TH)  
    1260 49.341 Cydia splendana Marbled Piercer Capel Road mt, 02/08/2012         √  √       
    1261 49.338 Cydia pomonella Codling Moth Capel Road mt, 15/06/05; Belgrave Road mt, 17/05/2014 (TH)     √+ √ 17/06/15   
    1273 49.321 Dichrorampha petiverella Common Drill Sewage Works site, 19/07/2011; Belgrave Road mt, 23/07/2014 (TH)           + + SW 25/05/2015 (TH)  
    1278 49.316 Dichrorampha sequana Square-spot Drill Sewage Works, 25/05/2015              



    1279 49.313 Dichrorampha acuminatana Sharp-winged Drill  Belgrave Road mt, 11/05/2015 (TH): Capel Road mt 13/06/2015 ?               + 11/05/2015 (TH)  
    1283 49.323 Dichrorampha montanana? Spike-marked Drill Sewage Works, 25/05/2015               √ 25/05/2015  
    1288 44.001 Alucita hexadactyla Twenty-plume Moth Capel Road mt, 30/08/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 23/07/2014 (TH)       √+ + 23/05/2015 (TH); √ 11/07/15  
    1293 63.080 Chrysoteuchia culmella Garden Grass Veneer Capel Road mt; 23/06/2005; Sewage Works, 25/06/2006: Wanstead Flats, 01/06/2014; Belgrave Road mt 11/07/2014 (TH)     √  + √ 17/06/15   
    1294 63.081 Crambus pascuella Grass Veneer Capel Road mt, 28/06/05; Belgrave Road mt 13/07/2014 (TH)     √  √  +    
    1301 63.086 Crambus lathoniellus Hook-streaked Grass Veneer Capel Road mt, 07/06/2006; Wanstead Park 12/06/2012; Wanstead Flats 01/06/2014 (TH); Belgrave Road mt, 29/05/2014 (TH)           + √ 13/06/15   
    1302 63.088 Crambus perlella Yellow Satin Veneer Capel Road mt, 31/07/2012; Belgrave Road mt 15/07/2014 (TH)         √  + √ 03/07/15  
    1304 63.093 Agriphila straminella Pearl Veneer Capel Road mt, 04/08/2012; Belgrave Road mt 13/07/2014 (TH); Sewage Works site 16/07/2014 (TH)         √  √  +    
    1305 63.089 Agriphila tristella Common Grass-Veneer Sewage Works, 12/08/2005; Capel Road mt, 03/09/2005; Belgrave Road mt 07/08/2014 (TH)       +    
    1306 63.090 Agriphila inquinatella Barred Grass-veneer Capel Road mt, 11/08/2006              
    1309 63.095 Agriphila geniculea Elbow Stripe Grass-Veneer  Belgrave Road mt, 11/08/2013 (TH) + +    
    1313 63.099 Catoptria pinella Pearl Grass-veneer Capel Road mt, 15/07/2005     √    √ 11/07/15   
    1316 63.102 Catoptria falsella Chequered Grass-Veneer Capel Road mt, 03/08/2006; Belgrave Road mt 11/07/2014 (TH)       √  √  +    
    1331 63.115 Acentria ephemerella Water Veneer Capel Road mt, 07/07/2006; Belgrave Road mt 13/06/2014 (TH)       √    +    
    1333 63.066 Scoparia pyralella Meadow Grey Capel Road mt, 16/06/2005; gdn by Bush Wood North, 13/06/2007; Wanstead Flats 01/06/2014 (TH); Belgrave Road mt 11/06/2014 (TH)         +    
    1334 63.064 Scoparia ambigualis ? Base-lined Grey Capel Road mt, 24/06/2006; Belgrave Road mt 15/07/2014 (TH)           + + Belgrave Road mt, 03/06/2015 (TH)  
    1334a 63.063 Scoparia basistrigalis Base-lined Grey + Belgrave Road mt, 00/00/2015 (TH)  
    1336? 63.075 Eudonia pallida? Marsh Grey ? Capel Road mt; 17/06/2015               √ 17/06/2015  
    1338 63.067 Eudonia (Dipleurina) lacustrata Little Grey Capel Road mt, 23/06/2006       √  √    √ 15/06/2015  
    1343 63.072 Eudonia delunella Pied Grey + Belgrave Road mt, 00/00/2015 (TH)  
    1344 63.074 Eudonia mercurella Small Grey Capel Road mt, 11/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt 11/07/2014 (TH)       + √ 19/06/2015   
    1345 63.114 Elophila nymphaeata Brown China-mark Capel Road mt,10/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt 18/09/2014 (TH)   √        +    
    1348 63.117 Parapoynx stratiotata Ringed China-mark Capel Road mt, 01/09/2005; Belgrave Road mt 13/06/2014 (TH)         +    
    1354 63.116 Cataclysta lemnata Small China-mark Capel Road mt, 12/08/2005; Wanstead Park 20/05/2014 (TH); Belgrave Road mt 13/08/2014 (TH)     √    + √ 21/06/2015  
    1356 63.057 Evergestis forficalis Garden Pebble Capel Road mt, 29/08/2006             √ 17/06/2015   
    1357 63.058 Evergestis extimalis Marbled Yellow Pearl Belgrave Road mt, 08/08/2012 (TH)   +        
    1361 63.006 Pyrausta aurata Small Purple and Gold Wanstead Park; Capel Road mt, 09/08/2004; Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2014 (TH)     √  √+ √ 13/06/2015   
    1362 63.007 Pyrausta purpuralis Common Purple and Gold Wanstead Flats, Capel Road mt in June & August each year; Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2014 (TH)   √    √  √  +    
    1365 63.005 Pyrausta despicata Straw-barred Pearl Capel Road mt, 04/05/2013                
    1375 63.028 Ostrinia nubilalis European Corn-borer Capel Road mt, 13/08/2012         √  √    √ 06/07/15   
    1376 63.025 Anania (Eurrhypara) hortulata Small Magpie Capel Road mt, 18/06/2005; Sewage Works site 16/07/2014 (TH); Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2014 (TH)     √  + √ 10/06/2015   
    1378 63.018 Anania (Phlyctaenia) coronata Elder Pearl Capel Road mt,02/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2014 (TH)     √  +    
    1388 63.033 Udea lutealis  Pale Straw Pearl + Belgrave Road mt, 00/00/2015 (TH)  
    1392 63.037 Udea olivalis Olive Pearl Belgrave Road mt, 26/06/2013 (TH) + +    
    1395 63.031 Udea ferrugalis Rusty-dot Pearl Belgrave Road mt, 15/11/2014 (TH) +    
    1398 63.052 Nomophila noctuella Rush Veneer Capel Road mt, 21/06/2006         √       
    1405 63.038 Pleuroptya ruralis Mother of Pearl Wanstead Park, 23/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2014 (TH)     +    
    1409a 63.054 Cydalima perspectalis Box Tree Moth Belgrave Road mt, 10/07/2015 (TH) + 10/07/2015  
    1413 62.075 Hypsopygia costalis Gold Triangle Capel Road mt, 21/09/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 18/09/2014 (TH)     √    +    
    1415 62.076 Orthopygia (Hypsopygia) glaucinalis Double-striped Tabby Capel Road mt, 19/06/2006     √    √      √ 17/06/15   
    1417 62.072 Pyralis farinalis Meal Moth Capel Road mt 18/07/2013           √       
    1421 62.074 Aglossa pinguinalis Large Tabby Belgrave Road mt, 29/06/2012 (TH) + +      
    1424 62.077 Endotricha flammealis Rose Tabby Capel Road mt, 26/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 11/07/2014 (TH)     √  + √ 06/07/15   
    1425 62.006 Galleria mellonella Wax Moth Belgrave Road mt, 28/06/2013 (TH) + +    
    1428 62.001 Aphomia sociella Bee Moth Capel Road mt, 14/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 05/05/2014 (TH)     + + 23/05/2015 (TH); √ 17/06/2015  
    1433 62.007 Cryptoblabes bistriga Double-striped Knot-horn Capel Road mt 22/07/2015               √ 22/07/2015  
    1436 62.034 Acrobasis (Conobathra) repandana

    Warted Knot-horn

    Capel Road mt, 29/06/2005       √       
    1437 62.038 Acrobasis consociella Broad-barred Knot-horn  Capel Road mt, 29/07/2012; Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2015 (TH)         √      + Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2015 (TH)  
    1439 62.035 Acrobasis (Trachycera) advenella Grey Knot-horn Belgrave Road mt, 30/07/2013 (TH) + +    
    1452 62.029 Phycita roborella Dotted Oak Knot-horn Belgrave Road mt, 22/08/2014 (TH) +    
    1454 62.025 Dioryctria sylvestrella New Pine Knot-horn  Belgrave Road mt, 16/08/2012 (TH) +    
    1458 62.042 Myelois circumvoluta Thistle Ermine Sewage Works site, 26/06/2005; Capel Road mt, 13/06/2006   √           
    1470 62.048 Euzophera pinguis Ash-bark Knot-horn  Northumberland Avenue moth trap on 29/07/2005                
    1474 62.065 Ephestia (unicolorella) ssp. woodilella False Cacao Capel Road mt 01/07/2013; Belgrave Road mt, 24/06/2013 (TH)           √ +   √ 06/06/2015  
    1479 62.062 Plodia interpunctella Indian Meal Moth Capel Road mt 04/07/2013           √       
    1481 62.054 Homoeosoma sinuella Twin-barred Knot-horn  Capel Road mt 18/06/2005              
    1497 45.010 Amblyptilia acanthadactyla Beautiful Plume Capel Road mt, 17/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2014 (TH)     √  √  +    
    1498 45.011 Amblyptilia punctidactyla Brindled Plume Capel Road mt, 30/06/2006       √         
    1504 45.008 Gillmeria (Platyptilia) pallidactyla Yarrow Plume Sewage Works site, 13/06/2008; Capel Rd gdn, 11/07/2013                
    1509 45.012 Stenoptilia pterodactyla Brown Plume Belgrave Road mt, 12/07/2013 (TH) +      
    1513 45.030 Pterophorus pentadactyla White Plume Capel Road mt, 14/07/2005              
    1524 45.044 Emmelina monodactyla Common Plume Capel Road mt, 04/02/2002; Belgrave Road mt, 06/03/2014 (TH)     √  √  √+ √ 09/04/15  
    1631 66.001 Poecilocampa populi December Moth Belgrave Road mt, 24/11/2015 (TH)  + Belgrave Road mt, 24/11/2015 (TH)  
    1634 66.003 Malacosoma neustria Lackey Belgrave Road mt, 13/07/2013 (TH) +  
    1643 68.001 Saturnia pavonia Emperor Capel Road mt, 24/04/2014                
    1646 65.002 Watsonalla binaria Oak Hook-tip Capel Road mt, 01/09/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 31/08/2014 (TH)     √  √+ √+ 22/05/2015  
    1648 65.005 Drepana falcatria
    Pebble Hook-tip Belgrave Road mt, 09/07/13 (TH) +      
    1653 65.009 Habrosyne pyritoides Buff Arches Capel Road mt, 02/07/2013                
    1654 65.010 Tethea ocularis Figure of Eighty Belgrave Road mt, 11/06/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 11/06/2015 (TH)  
    1660 65.015 Polyploca ridens Frosted Green Belgrave Road mt, 13/04/2014 (TH) +  
    1661 70.203 Archiearis parthenias Orange Underwing The Plain, 03/04/02; Sewage Works 28/03/2002; Capel Road mt, 07/08/2005            
    1663 70.245 Alsophila aescularia March Moth Belgrave Road mt, 01/03/2012 (TH); Capel Road mt, 16/03/2014         +      
    1665 70.297 Pseudoterpna pruinata Grass Emerald Belgrave Road mt, 27/06/2012 (TH) + +    
    1667 70.300 Comibaena bajularia Blotched Emerald mt by Bush Wood north, 13/06/2007 (RS); Belgrave Road mt, 26/06/13(TH) + +    
    1669 70.305 Hemithea aestivaria Common Emerald Capel Road mt, 08/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 05/07/2013 (TH)     √ +      
    1680 70.036 Cyclophora punctaria Maiden's Blush Capel Road mt, 01/08/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 05/05/2014 (TH)     √  √  √+ √ 06/06/2015   
    1682 70.029 Timandra comae Blood-vein Wanstead Park, 01/09/2004; Capel Road mt, 21/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 28/08/2014 (TH)       +    
    1689 70.023 Scopula marginepunctata Mullein Wave Capel Road mt, 18/06/2005     √       
    1693 70.027 Scopula floslactata Cream Wave Belgrave Road mt, 27/06/2012 (TH) +        
    1699 70.004 Idaea rusticata Least Carpet Capel Road mt, 24/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 11/07/2014 (TH)     + √ 19/06/2015   
    1701 70.010 Idaea sylvestraria Dotted Border Wave Belgrave Road mt, 05/03/2013(TH) +    
    1702 70.013 Idaea biselata Small Fan-footed Wave Belgrave Road mt, 11/07/2014 (TH) +    
    1705 70.006 Idaea fuscovenosa Dwarf Cream Wave Capel Road mt, 23/06/2005     √  √       
    1707 70.008 Idaea seriata Small Dusty Wave Capel Road mt, 23/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 15/07/2014 (TH)     √  √+ √ 03/05/15  
    1708 70.011 Idaea dimidiata Single-dotted Wave Capel Road mt, 04/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 15/07/2014 (TH)     √  √  + √  22/07/15   
    1709 70.009 Idaea subsericeata Satin Wave Capel Road mt, 19/08/2005     √    √ 03/06/2015   
    1711 70.012 Idaea trigeminata Treble Brown Spot Capel Road mt, 14/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 02/06/2014 (TH)     √  √  + √ 19/06/2015   
    1713 70.016 Idaea aversata Riband Wave Wanstead Park; East bank Roding, 11/06/2002; Capel Road mt 24/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 11/06/2014 (TH)     √  √  + √ 17/06/2015  
    1716 70.038 Rhodometra sacraria The Vestal Capel Road mt, 31/07/2013             + Belgrave Road mt, 02/09/2015  
    1724 70.052 Xanthorhoe spadicearia Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet Sewage Works, 04/06/2015               √  04/06/2015  
    1728 70.049 Xanthorhoe fluctuata Garden Carpet Capel Road mt, 23/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 24/04/2014 (TH)     √  √+ √ 07/06/2015   
    1732 70.045 Scopteryx chenopodiata Shaded Broad-bar Sewage Works, 21/07/2013                
    1738 70.061 Epirrhoe alternata Common Carpet Capel Road mt, 22/07/2006; Wanstead Park, 19/07/2007       √  √     
    1742 70.059 Camptogramma bilineata Yellow Shell Capel Road mt, 23/07/2005. Wanstead Flats, 04/06/2007. Sewage Works, 11/06/2007     √       
    1749 70.069 Pelurga comitata Dark Spinach Capel Road mt, 05/08/2005     √         
    1757 70.092 Eulithis mellinata Spinach Capel Road mt, 05/08/2005            
    1759 70.094 Ecliptopera silaceata Small Phoenix Capel Road mt, 05/05/2014                
    1760 70.095 Chloroclysta siterata Red-green Carpet Capel Road mt, 05/05/2013; Belgrave Road mt, 06/05/2014 (TH)           √+    
    1764 70.097 Chloroclysta truncata Common Marbled Carpet Capel Road mt, 15/06/2005. Nthlnd Ave mt, 18/06/05; Belgrave Road mt, 17/05/2014 (TH; Wanstead Park 19/05/2014 (TH))     √  √+ + 21/05/2015  
    1765 70.085 Cidaria fulvata Barred Yellow Belgrave Road mt, 25/06/2015 (TH)  + Belgrave Road mt, 25/06/2015 (TH)  
    1766 70.084 Plemyria rubiginata Blue-bordered Carpet Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2014 (TH) +  
    1768 70.081 Thera obeliscata Grey Pine Carpet Belgrave Road mt, 23/05/2012 (TH); Capel Road mt, 20/05/2014         +   √+    
    1769 70.079 Thera britannica Spruce Carpet Belgrave Road mt, 27/05/2012 (TH) + +    
    1771a 70.083 Thera cupressata Cypress Carpet Belgrave Road mt, 01/06/2012 (TH); Capel Road mt, 20/05/2014         +   √+  + 15/05/2015;  
    1776 70.100 Colostygia pectinataria Green Carpet Capel Road mt, 24/08/2005     √  √       
    1777 70.074 Hydriomena furcata July Highflyer Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2013 (TH) +      
    1778 70.075 Hydriomena impluviata May Highflyer Belgrave Road mt 2012 (TH) +      
    1795 70.1071 Epirrita dilutataagg. November Moth Capel Road mt, 27/10/2005; Belgrave Road mt 27/10/2014 (TH)         +    
    1816 70.150 Eupithecia linariata Toadflax Pug Capel Road mt, 05/08/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 13/07/2013 (TH)       √ + +    
    1817 70.151 Eupithicia pulchellata Foxglove Pug Capel Road mt, 24/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt 03/04/2014 (TH)         +    
    1819 70.184 Eupithecia exiguata Mottled Pug Belgrave Road mt, 11/06/2013 (TH) +      
    1825 70.173 Eupithecia centaureata Lime-speck Pug Capel Road mt, 17/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt 19/05/2014 (TH)     √  + √+ √ 10/05/15  
    1827 70.176 Eupithecia intricata

    Freyer’s Pug

    Belgrave Road mt, 17/06/2013 (TH); Capel Road mt, 20/05/2014           + √+ √ 17/06/2015   
    1830 70.179 Eupithecia absinthiata Wormwood Pug Belgrave Road mt, 19/05/2014 (TH) +    
    1832 70.182 Eupithecia assimilata Currant Pug Capel Road mt, 01/08/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2014 (TH)     √  √+    
    1834 70.183 Eupithecia vulgata Common Pug Capel Road mt, 18/05/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 29/05/2014 (TH)       √  √+  √+ 22/05/2015   
    1835 70.160 Eupithecia tripunctaria White-spotted Pug Capel Road mt, 21/07/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 24/05/2012 (TH)       +   √+  √ 10/05/15  
    1837 70.190 Eupithecia subfuscata Grey Pug Capel Road mt, 03/05/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 02/06/2014 (TH)       +    
    1838 70.187 Eupithecia icterata Tawny Speckled Pug Capel Road mt, 13/08/2012; Belgrave Road mt, 18/08/2013         √  +      
    1842 70.166 Eupithecia simpliciata Plain Pug Belgrave Road mt, 23/07/2013 + +    
    1844 70.171 Eupithecia indigata Ochreous Pug Belgrave Road mt, 23/05/2015               + 22/05/2015  
    1852 70.156 Eupithecia abbreviata Brindled Pug Capel Road mt, 05/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 17/03/2014 (TH)       √    √+    
    1853 70.157 Eupithecia dodoneata Oak-tree Pug Capel Road mt, 15/07/2005              
    1857 70.162 Eupithecia tantillaria Dwarf Pug Belgrave Road mt, 15/06/2012 (TH)         +        
    1860 70.144 Pasiphila rectangulata Green Pug Capel Road mt, 14/06/2005     √      √+ 23/05/2015   
    1862 70.141 Gymnoscelis rufifasciata Double-striped Pug Capel Road mt, 02/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 13/03/2014 (TH)     √  √+ √ 09/04/15; + Belgrave Road mt, 17/12/2015 (TH)  
    1864 70.195 Chesias legatella Streak Capel Road mt, 27/10/2005; Wanstead Flats, October/November 2014 (Rose Stephens)         +    
    1865 70.196 Chesias rufata Broom-tip Belgrave Road mt, 07/05/2013 (TH) + +    
    1867 70.192 Aplocera plagiata Treble-bar Capel Road mt, 18/06/2005       √    + Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2015 (TH)  
    1883 70.200 Acasis veretata Yellow-barred Brindle Belgrave Road mt, 20/05/2013 and 13/06/2013 (TH) +      
    1884 70.205 Abraxus grossulariata Magpie Capel Road mt, 07/06/2012; Belgrave Road mt, 17/06/2013         √    √ 23/06/15   
    1888 70.208 Ligdia adustata Scorched Carpet Belgrave Road mt, 11/08/2013 (TH); Capel Road mt, 08/05/2015           +   √ 08/05/15  
    1894 70.218 Chiasmia clathrata Latticed Heath Belgrave Road mt, 13/05/2015 (TH);Wanstead Flats (TH) + 13/05/15  
    1906 70.226 Opisthograptis luteolata
    Brimstone Moth Wanstead Park in the Grove 10/08/1999; Northumberland Avenue mt; Capel Road mt, 08/05/2006; Bush wood North mt, 13/06/2007; Belgrave Road mt, 22/04/2014 (TH)     √  √  √+ √+ 22/05/2015   
    1914 70.235 Ennomos fuscantaria Dusky Thorn Capel Road mt, 05/08/2005              
    1915 70.236 Ennomos erosaria September Thorn Belgrave Road mt, 26/07/2014 (TH) +    
    1917 70.237 Selenia dentaria Early Thorn Capel Road mt, 03/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 19/07/2013 (TH)     √  + +    
    1921 70.241 Crocallis elinguaria Scalloped Oak Capel Road mt, 16/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 11/06/2014 (TH)     √  + √ 22/06/2015   
    1922 70.243 Ourapteryx sambucaria Swallow-tailed Moth Capel Road mt, 01/08/2012; Belgrave Road mt, 15/07/2014 (TH)       √  +    
    1923 70.244 Colotois pennaria Feathered Thorn Capel Road mt, 29/10/2005           + Belgrave Road mt, 28/10/2015  
    1925 70.246 Apocheima hispidaria Small Brindled Beauty Belgrave Road mt, 24/02/2012 (TH) + +    
    1926 70.247 Phigalia pilosaria Pale Brindled Beauty Belgrave Road mt, 01/03/2012 (TH) +    
    1927 70.248 Lycia hirtaria Brindled Beauty Manor Park Flats, 21/04/2005 (RS); Belgrave Road mt, 07/04/2013 (TH) Capel Road mt, 18/03/2014   *       + √+    
    1930 70.251 Biston strataria Oak Beauty Belgrave Road mt, 01/03/2012 (TH) + +    
    1931 70.252 Biston betularia Peppered Moth Capel Road mt, 02/07/2013; Belgrave Road mt, 13/07/2014 (TH)           √+ + 21/05/2015   
    1932 70.253 Agriopis leucophaearia Spring Usher Belgrave Road mt, 31/01/2016 (TH)                  
    1934 70.255 Agriopis marginaria Dotted Border Capel Road mt, 03/03/2012; Belgrave Road mt, 12/03/2015 (TH)         √      + 12/03/2015 (TH)  
    1935 70.256 Erannis defoliaria Mottled Umber Capel Road mt, 05/12/2004; Wanstead Park (larva), 17/05/2006         + Belgrave Road mt, 17/12/2015 (TH)  
    1936 70.257 Menophra abruptaria Waved Umber Capel Road mt, 30/05/2012                 
    1937 70.258 Peribatodes rhomboidaria Willow Beauty Capel Road mt, 14/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 05/05/2014 (TH)     √  + √ 15/05/15; + 21/05/2015   
    1941 70.265 Alcis repandata Mottled Beauty Capel Road mt, Wanstead Park                  
    1955 70.277 Cabera pusaria Common White Wave Capel Road mt 13/06/2013; Wanstead Park 19/05/2014 (JCh)           + √ 21/06/15   
    1958 70.280 Lomographa temerata Clouded Silver Capel Road mt, 19/06/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 05/07/2013 (TH)         +   √ 21/06/15  
    1961 70.283 Campaea margaritata Light Emerald Capel Road mt, 15/06/2005; Wanstead Park, 19/05/2008; Belgrave Road mt, 17/05/2014 (TH)     √  √+ √ 06/06/15   
    1962 70.284 Hylaea fasciaria Barred Red Belgrave Road mt, 11/07/2013 (TH); Sewage Works, 21/06/2013 (TH) +      
    1972 69.004 Agrius convulvulii Convolvulus Hawkmoth Capel Road mt, 02/10/2006                
    1979 69.001 Mimas tiliae Lime Hawkmoth Capel Road mt, 02/06/2013           √ 13/06/15   
    1981 69.003 Laothoe populi Poplar Hawkmoth Capel Road mt, 30/07/2005              
    1984 69.010 Macroglossum stellatarum Humming-bird Hawkmoth Leytonstone mt, 15/10/2006 (KH)     √             
    1991 69.016 Deilephila elpenor Elephant Hawkmoth Capel Road mt, 09/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 13/07/2013 (TH)       +      
    1992 69.017 Deilephila porcellus Small Elephant Hawkmoth Belgrave Road mt, 10/06/2013 (TH); Capel Road mt, 13/07/2013           √ + +    
    1994 71.025 Phalera bucephala Buff-tip Wanstead Flats, 25/07/2005; Bush Wood North mt, 13/06/2007. Capel Road mt, 09/06/2008; Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2013 (TH)         √ + √ + √  22/07/15   
    2007 71.017 Pheosia tremula Swallow Prominent Belgrave Road mt, 07/05/2015 (TH) + 07/05/15  
    2011 71.020 Pterostoma palpina Pale Prominent Capel Road mt, 21/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 31/05/2013 (TH)       + +    
    2015 71.011 Drymonia ruficornis  Lunar Marbled Brown Belgrave Road mt, 21/04/2015 (TH) + 21/04/15 (TH)  
    2019 71.027 Clostera curtula Chocolate-tip Belgrave Road mt, 05/06/2013 (TH) +  
    2022 71.001 Thaumetopoea processionea Oak Processionary + Belgrave Road mt, 00/00/2015 (TH)  
    2026 72.017 Orgyia antiqua Vapourer Wanstead Flats, 17/08/2007; Wanstead Park, 27/05/2011; Capel Road mt, 23/07/2013; Belgrave Road mt, 01/08/2013 (TH)         √ + +    
    2028 72.015 Calliteara pudibunda Pale Tussock Belgrave Road mt, 30/05/2012 (TH) +        
    2029 72.012 Euproctis chrysorrhoea Brown-tail Capel Road mt, 04/07/2006                
    2030 72.013 Euproctis similis Yellow-tail Capel Road gdn (caterpillar), 22/09/2004; Belgrave Road mt, 17/07/2014 (TH)           +    
    2031 72.009 Leucoma salicis White Satin Moth Belgrave Road, 09/07/15 + Belgrave Road, 09/07/15  
    2033 72.010 Lymantria monacha Black Arches Capel Road mt, 09/08/2012             + Belgrave Road, 21/07/15  
    2034 72.011 Lymantria dispar Gypsy Moth Belgrave Road mt, 07/08/2013 (TH) + + Belgrave Road, 27/08/2015  
    2039 72.042 Atolmis rubricollis Red-necked Footman Belgrave Road mt, 26/06/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 26/06/2015 (TH)  
    2044 72.044 Eilema griseola Dingy Footman Capel Road mt, 02/08/2013             √  22/07/15   
    2047 72.046 Eilema complana Scarce Footman Capel Road mt, 30/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 13/07/2014 (TH)     √  √  +    
    2050 72.045 Eilema lurideola Common Footman Capel Road mt, 24/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 13/07/2014 (TH)     √  + √ 19/06/15   
    2057 72.026 Arctia caja Garden Tiger Belgrave Road mt, 11/08/2013 (TH) +      
    2060 72.020 Spilosoma lubricipeda White Ermine Capel Road mt, 15/06/2005; Wanstead Park, 13/05/2006; Bush Wood North mt, 13/06/2007     √  √  √  √ 03/05/15   
    2061 72.019 Spilosoma luteum Buff Ermine Capel Road mt, 1/2 August 2012; Belgrave Road mt, 15/07/2014 (TH)         √  + √ 06/07/15   
    2063 72.022 Diaphora mendica Muslin Moth Capel Road mt, 26/04/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 17/04/2014 (TH)       √  √+    
    2064 72.024 Phragmatobia fuliginosa Ruby Tiger Capel Road mt, 21/07/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2014 (TH)       √  √  +    
    2067 72.030 Euplagia quadripunctaria Jersey Tiger Capel Road mt, 10/08/2012; Belgrave Road mt, 17/07/2014 (TH)         √  √  + √  22/07/15   
    2069 72.031 Tyria jacobaeae Cinnabar Sewage Works, 13/07/2003 (caterpillars); Wanstead Flats, 29/05/27; Wanstead Park       √(WF) + SW 25/05/2015 (TH);  √ WF ??/05/2015  
    2076 74.002 Meganola albulanola albula Kent Black Arches Belgrave Road mt, 03/10/2014 (TH) +    
    2077 74.003 Nola cucullatella Short-cloaked Moth Capel Road mt, 19/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2014 (TH)     √  √  +    
    2078 74.004 Nola confusalis Least Black Arches Capel Road mt, 17/05/2012         √       
    2087 73.319 Agrotis segetum Turnip Moth Capel Road mt, 12/08/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 06/05/2014 (TH)     √    + √  08/05/15  
    2088 73.320 Agrotis clavis Heart and Club Capel Road mt, 21/06/2005     √  √    √ 19/06/15  
    2089 73.317 Agrotis exclamationis Heart and Dart Capel Road mt, 14/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 19/05/2014 (TH)     √+

    √  15/05/2015

    + 23/05/2015 

    2090 73.324 Agrotis trux ssp. trux Crescent Dart Belgrave Road mt, 12/09/2014 (TH) +    
    2091 73.327 Agrotis ipsilon Dark Sword-grass Capel Road mt, 14/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 13/07/2013 (TH)       + +    
    2092 73.325 Agrotis puta puta Shuttle-shaped Dart Capel Road mt, 22/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 05/05/2014 (TH)     √ + √ 10/05/15  
    2098 73.328 Axylia putris Flame Capel Road mt, 08/07/2013; Belgrave Road mt, 15/07/2013 (TH)           √ + + √ 10/06/15   
    2102 73.329 Ochropleura plecta Flame Shoulder Wanstead Park, 23/06/2012; Capel Road mt, 06/08/2012; Belgrave Road mt, 30/06/2013 (TH)         √  √ + √+    
    2107 73.342 Noctua pronuba Large Yellow Underwing Capel Road mt 14/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 05/06/2014 (TH)     √  + √ 11/06/15   
    2109 73.345 Noctua comes Lesser Yellow Underwing Capel Road mt, 18/06/2005     √    √ 03/07/15   
    2110 73.343 Noctua fimbriata Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Capel Road mt, 11/07/2005       √ 14/07/15   
    2111 73.348 Noctua janthe Lesser Broad-bordered
    Yellow Underwing
    Capel Road mt, 14/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 13/08/2014 (TH)     √  +    
    2112 73.346 Noctua interjecta Least Yellow Underwing Capel Road mt, 10/08/2012                
    2120 73.333 Diarsia mendica Ingrailed Clay Belgrave Road mt, 25/06/2015 (TH)  + Belgrave Road mt, 25/06/2015 (TH)  
    2123 73.334 Diarsia rubi Small Square-spot Belgrave Road mt, 11/06/2014 (TH) +  
    2126 73.359 Xestia c-nigrum Setaceous Hebrew Character Capel Road mt, 25/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 17/05/2014 (TH)     √  √  √+ √ 07/06/15   
    2128 73.361 Xestia triangulum Double-square Spot Capel Road mt, 14/07/2005              
    2132 73.355 Xestia castanea

    Neglected Rustic

    Belgrave Road mt, 29/09/2013 (TH) +    
    2133 73.358 Xestia sexstrigata

    Six-striped Rustic

    Belgrave Road mt, 15/07/2013 (TH) +    
    2134 73.357 Xestia xanthographa Square-spot Rustic Capel Road mt, 09/08/2005; Wanstead Park, 24/09/2011; Belgrave Road mt, 17/05/2014 (TH)       +    
    2147 73.273 Hada plebeja Shears Capel Road mt, 17/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 29/05/2014 (TH)     √  + √ 03/06/15   
    2154 73.274 Mamestra brassicae Cabbage Moth Capel Road mt, 05/08/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 22/08/2014 (TH)         + √ 04/05/15  
    2155 73.270 Melanchra persicariae Dot Moth Belgrave Road mt, 31/07/2012 (TH) +    
    2157 73.263 Lacanobia w-latinum Light Brocade Belgrave Road mt, 30/06/2013 (TH) + +    
    2158 73.264 Lacanobia thalassina Pale-shouldered Brocade Belgrave Road mt, 09/05/2015 (TH); Capel Rd mt 21/06/15              

    + 09/05/15;

    √ 21/06/15

    2160 73.267 Lacanobia oleracea Bright-line Brown-eye Capel Road mt,  27/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 22/04/2014 (TH)     √  √  √+

    + 25/05/15;

    √ 06/06/15

    2166 73.276 Hadena rivularis Campion Capel Road mt, 25/07/2005              
    2167 73.286 Hadena perplexa perplexa Tawny Shears Belgrave Road mt, 19/06/2013 (TH) +      
    2170 73.282 Hadena compta Varied Coronet Capel Road mt, 23/06/2006                
    2173 73.281 Hadena bicruris Lychnis Capel Road mt, 14/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 07/08/2013 (TH)     √ + √     
    2176 73.254 Cerapteryx graminis Antler Moth Wanstead Park, 09/09/2007                
    2178 73.253 Tholera decimalis Feathered Gothic Belgrave Road mt, 29/09/2012 (TH) +        
    2182 73.245 Orthosia cruda Small Quaker Capel Road mt, 28/03/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 08/03/2014 (TH)       √+    
    2185 73.246 Orthosia populeti Lead-coloured Drab Belgrave Road mt, 05/04/2015 (TH) + 05/04/2015 (TH)  
    2186 73.247 Orthosia gracilis Powdered Quaker Belgrave Road mt, 07/05/2013 (TH) +  
    2187 73.244 Orthosia cerasi Common Quaker Capel Road mt, 29/03/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 06/03/2014 (TH)       √+ √ 06/03/15  
    2188 73.242 Orthosia incerta Clouded Drab Capel Road mt, 29/03/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 11/03/2014 (TH)       √+ √ 14/04/15  
    2189 73.250 Orthosia munda Twin-spotted Quaker Belgrave Road mt, 09/03/2012 (TH); Capel Road mt, 19/03/2014         +   √+    
    2190 73.249 Orthosia gothica Hebrew Character Capel Road mt, 28/03/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 08/03/2014 (TH)         √+

    √ 05/03/15; + Belgrave Road mt, 08/12/2015 (TH)

    2193 73.298 Mythimna ferrago Clay Capel Road mt, 26/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 13/07/2014 (TH)     √  +    
    2194 73.297 Mythimna albipuncta White-point Capel Road mt, 09/06/2012; Belgrave Road mt, 08/09/2014 (TH)         +    
    2198 73.293 Mythimna impura Smoky Wainscot Capel Road mt, 11/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 12/07/2013 (TH)       +      
    2199 73.291 Mythimna pallens Common Wainscot Capel Road mt, 21/06/2005           √ 22/06/15  
    2202 73.300 Mythimna l-album L-album Wainscot Belgrave Road mt, 18/09/2014 (TH) +    
    2205 73.301 Mythimna comma Shoulder-striped Wainscot Capel Road mt, 14/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2014 (TH)     √  +

    + 25/05/15;

    √ 10/06/15

    2223 73.059 Calophasia lunula Toadflax Brocade Capel Road mt, 22/07/2006           + 11/05/2015 (TH)   
    2225 73.220 Brachylomia viminalis Minor Shoulder-knot Belgrave Road mt, 03/07/2013 (TH); Capel Road mt, 24/07/2013;           √ +      
    2231 73.231 Aporophyla lutulentata Deep-brown Dart Belgrave Road mt, 28/09/2014 (TH) +    
    2232 73.233 Aporophyla nigra Black Rustic Capel Road mt, 14/10/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 30/09/2014 (TH)         +    
    2235 73.200 Lithophane semibrunnea Tawny Pinion Belgrave Road mt, 20/03/2012 (TH) +        
    2240 73.206 Lithophane leautieri Blair's Shoulder-knot Capel Road mt, 14/10/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 28/09/2014 (TH)           +    
    2243 73.069 Xylocampa areola Early Grey Capel Road mt, 10/04/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 15/03/2014 (TH)       √+ √ 13/04/15  
    2245 73.068 Allophyes oxycanthae Green-brindled Crescent Belgrave Road mt, 23/10/2012 (TH) +    
    2247 73.224 Griposia aprilina Merveille du Jour Belgrave Road mt, 25/10/2014 (TH) +    
    2248 73.225 Dryobotodes eremita Brindled Green Capel Road mt, 12/10/2005; Wanstead Park, 24/09/2011; Belgrave Road mt, 18/09/2013 (TH)       + +    
    2252 73.237 Polymixis flavicincta Large Ranunculus Capel Road mt, 27/08/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 28/09/2014 (TH)         +    
    2256 73.210 Eupsilia transversa Satellite Capel Road mt, 29/10/2005          
    2258 73.194 Conistra vaccinii Chestnut Capel Road mt, 17/10/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 07/08/2014 (TH)           +    
    2259 73.195 Conistra ligula Dark Chestnut Belgrave Road mt, 15/03/2014 (TH) +  
    2262 73.192 Agrochola circellaris Brick Belgrave Road mt, 04/11/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 04/11/2015 (TH)  
    2264 73.190 Agrochola macilenta Yellow-line Quaker Belgrave Road mt, 28/10/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 28/10/2015 (TH)  
    2269 73.219 Atethmia centrago Centre-barred Sallow Belgrave Road mt, 18/08/2013 (TH) +  
    2270 73.193 Omphaloscelis lunosa Lunar Underwing Capel Road mt, 13/09/2005; Wanstead Park, 14/09/2006; ; Belgrave Road mt, 12/09/2014 (TH)       +    
    2271 73.179 Xanthia citrago Orange Sallow Capel Road mt, 22/09/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 29/08/2013 (TH)       +      
    2272 73.180 Xanthia aurago Barred Sallow Belgrave Road mt, 08/10/2013 (TH) + +    
    2273 73.181 Xanthia togata Pink-barred Sallow Belgrave Road mt, 29/09/2013 (TH) + +    
    2274 73.182 Xanthia icterictia Sallow Capel Road mt, 28/09/2006                
    2278 73.046 Acronicta megacephala Poplar Grey Belgrave Road mt, 09/07/2013 (TH) +      
    2279 73.039 Acronicta aceris Sycamore Moth Northumberland Avenue (larva) 16/09/2001; Capel Road mt, 23/06/2006              
    2280 73.040 Acronicta leporina Miller Belgrave Road mt, 13/07/2013 (TH) + +    
    2284 73.038 Acronicta psi Grey Dagger Capel Road mt          
    2289 73.045 Acronicta rumicis Knot Grass Capel Road mt 25/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 06/05/2014 (TH)   √    +    
    2292 73.082 Cryphia algae Tree-lichen Beauty Capel Road mt 09/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 17/07/2014 (TH)     √  + √  22/07/15   
    2293 73.084 Cryphia domestica Marbled Beauty Capel Road mt 20/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 11/06/2014 (TH)     + √ 11/07/15   
    2295 73.085 Chryphia muralis Marbled Green Capel Road mt 11/07/15               √ 11/07/15  
    2297 73.062 Amphipyra pyramidea Copper Underwing Capel Road house 13/07/2003; Belgrave Road mt, 21/07/2014 (TH)     √  +    
    2298 73.063 Amphipyra berbera ssp. svenssoni Svensson’s Copper Underwing Belgrave Road mt, 08/09/2013 (TH) +      
    2299 73.064 Amphipyra tragopoginis Mouse Moth Capel Road mt 23/07/2005              
    2300 73.107 Mormo maura Old Lady Northumberland Avenue gdn 23/03/2005; Capel Road gdn 12/08/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 02/09/2014 (TH)       +    
    2301 73.105 Dypterygia scabriuscula Bird's Wing Capel Road mt 15/06/2005; Wanstead Park 03/07/2005     √    √ 10/06/15   
    2303 73.109 Thalpophila matura Straw Underwing Capel Road mt 24/08/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 07/08/2014 (TH)       +    
    2306 73.113 Phlogophora meticulosa Angle Shades Capel Road mt 23/09/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 13/04/2014 (TH); Wanstead Flats 30/04/2014     √+ √ 22/05/15  + 12/03/2016 (RSt) larva
    2314 73.222 Apterogenum ypsillon Dingy Shears Belgrave Road mt, 04/07/2012 (TH) +        
    2318 73.216 Cosmia trapezina Dun-bar Capel Road mt 24/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 15/07/2014 (TH)     √  + √ 11/07/15  
    2319 73.217 Cosmia pyralina Lunar-spotted Pinion Belgrave Road mt, 15/07/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 15/07/2015 (TH)  
    2321 73.162 Apamea monoglypha Dark Arches Capel Road mt 21/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 11/07/2014       + √ 06/07/15   
    2322 73.163 Apamea lithoxylaea Light Arches Capel Road mt, 28/06/2012                
    2327 73.155 Apamea epomidion Clouded Brindle Belgrave Road mt, 23/06/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 23/06/2015 (TH)  
    2330 73.954 Apamea remissa Dusky Brocade Capel Road mt, 13/06/2015               √ Capel Road mt, 13/06/2015  
    2334 73.158 Apamea sordens Rustic Shoulder-knot Belgrave Road mt, 19/05/2014 (TH) +    
    2336 73.168 Lateroligia ophiogramma Double-lobed Belgrave Road mt, 25/07/2012 (TH) +    
    2337 73.172 Oligia strigilisagg. Marbled/Rufous Minor Capel Road mt 16/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 02/06/2014       √  √+ √ 06/06/15   
    2339 73.174 Oligia latruncula Tawny Marbled Minor Capel Road mt 28/06/2005       √  √       
    2340 73.176 Oligia fasciuncula Middle-barred Minor Capel Road mt; 21/06/2005     √  √    √ 11/06/15   
    2341 73.172 Mesoligia furuncula Cloaked Minor Wanstead Park 23/07/2005; Capel Road mt 28/07/2005     √  √       
    2342 73.171 Mesoligia literosa

    Rosy Minor

    Belgrave Road mt, 30/07/2013 (TH) +      
    2343 73.169 Mesapamea secalis agg. Common Rustic Capel Road mt 07/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 15/07/2014     + √  22/07/15   
    2343a 73.170 Mesapamea didyma ? Lesser Common Rustic ? Capel Road mt, 26/07/2005            
    2352 73.120 Eremobia ochroleuca Dusky Sallow Capel Road mt, 02/08/2012; Belgrave Road mt, 13/07/2014         √  + √  22/07/15  
    2353 73.131 Luperina testacea Flounced Rustic Capel Road mt, 13/08/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 22/08/2014       +    
    2360 73.128 Amphipoea oculea Ear Moth Capel Road mt, 31/07/2005     √       
    2361 73.123 Hydraecia micacea Rosy Rustic Capel Road mt, 14/07/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 22/08/2013 (TH)       + +    
    2373 73.151 Globia spaganii Webb's Wainscot Belgrave Road mt, 28/07/2015 (TH)  + Belgrave Road mt, 28/07/2015 (TH)  
    2380 73.101 Charanyca trigrammica Treble Lines Belgrave Road mt, 19/05/2014 (TH); Capel Road mt 21/05/2014             √+

    √ 15/05/15

    2381 73.096 Hoplodrina alsines Uncertain Capel Road mt, 16/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 11/07/2014 (TH)     + √ 07/06/15   
    2382 73.097 Hoplodrina blanda Rustic Capel Road mt, 19/06/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 12/07/2013 (TH)     √ + + √ 06/06/15   
    2384 73.099 Hoplodrina ambigua Vines Rustic Capel Road mt, 12/08/2005; Belgrave Road mt, 02/06/2014 (TH)       +    
    2385 73.087 Spodoptera exigua Small Mottled Willow Belgrave Road mt, 12/08/2015 (TH)  + Belgrave Road mt, 12/08/2015 (TH)  
    2387 73.092 Caradrina morpheus Mottled Rustic Capel Road mt, 17/06/2005          
    2389 73.095 Paradrina (Caradrina) clavipalpis Pale Mottled Willow Capel Road mt, 15/06/2005; Wanstead Park, 24/09/2011; Belgrave Road mt, 29/03/2014 (TH)     √  √+ √ 08/05/15  
    2397 73.048 Panemeria tenebrata Small Yellow-underwing Wanstead Flats 12/05/2014; Alders Brook 14/05/2014; Sewage Works site, 18/05/2014 (TH)             √+ √ 13/05/15  
    2399 73.070 Pyrrhia umbra Bordered Sallow + Belgrave Road mt, 00/00/2015 (TH)  
    2403 73.074 Heliothis peltigera Bordered Straw Belgrave Road mt, 05/06/2014 (TH) +  
    2410 73.024 Protodeltote pygarga Marbled White Spot Wanstead Park, 18/06/2010; 13/07/2013                  
    2418 74.011 Earias clorana Cream-bordered Green Pea Belgrave Road mt, 18/06/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 18/06/2015 (TH)  
    2421 74.007 Pseudoips prasinana Scarce Silver-lines + Belgrave Road mt, 00/00/2015 (TH)  
    2422 74.008 Pseudoips prasinana Green Silver-lines Capel Road mt, 23/06/2005              
    2423 74.009 Nycteola revayana Oak Nyceteoline Belgrave Road mt, 30/06/2012 (TH) + +      
    2425 73.032 Colocasia coryli Nut-tree Tussock Capel Road mt, 06/05/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 29/03/2014 (TH)     √+ √  10/04/15  
    2432 73.003 Trichoplusia ni Ni Moth Belgrave Road mt, 12/11/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 12/11/2015 (TH  
    2434 73.012 Diachrysia chrysitis
    Burnished Brass Capel Road mt, 21/06/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 11/06/2015 (TH)           + Belgrave Road mt, 11/06/2015 (TH)  
    2441 73.015 Autographa gamma Silver Y Capel Road mt, 07/07/2005; Sewage Works site, 23/05/2006; Wanstead Flats, 19/06/2007; Wanstead Park, 01/09/2011     √    √ 08/05/15  
    2449 73.002 Abrostola triplasia Dark Spectacle Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2015 (TH)  
    2450 73.001 Abrostola tripartita Spectacle Capel Road mt, 25/07/2005              
    2452 72.078 Catocala nupta Red Underwing Capel Road mt, 20/08/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 18/09/2013 (TH); Wanstead Flats 15/05/2014         +      
    2462 72.084 Callistege mi Mother Shipton Sewage Works site, 13/06/2002; Bush Wood South, 09/06/2006; Leyton Flats, 12/06/2007; Wanstead Park, 27/05/2008; Wanstead Flats 15/05/2014         +    
    2463 72.083 Euclidia glyphica Burnet Companion Sewage Works, 13/06/2005; Leyton Flats, 13/07/2012; Wanstead Flats, 26/06/2012   √      √         
    2469 72.001 Scoliopteryx libatrix Herald Northumberland Avenue garden, 23/03/2005; Capel Road mt, 27/04/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 11/07/2013 (TH)       + √     
    2473 72.069 Laspeyria flexula Beautiful Hook-tip Capel Road mt 16/07/2013; Belgrave Road mt, 04/07/2013 (TH)           √+ +    
    2474 72.002 Rivula sericealis Straw Dot Capel Road mt, 28/07/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2014 (TH)       + √ 07/06/15   
    2477 72.003 Hypena proboscidalis Snout Capel Road mt, 19/06/2006       √  √ 21/06/15  
    2480 72.004 Hypena rostralis Buttoned Snout Capel Road mt, 20/05/2006; Belgrave Road mt, 27/05/2013 (TH)         +      
    2489 72.053 Herminia tarsipennalis Fan-foot Belgrave Road mt, 31/05/2014 (TH) +  
    2492 72.055 Herminia grisialis Small Fan-foot Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2015 (TH) + Belgrave Road mt, 13/06/2015 (TH)  
  • Plants of the Area - Introduction

    Plants of the Wanstead Area - an introduction

    In the order of 780 species of flowering plants and ferns have been recorded in the area covered, but this does not include algae, lichens, slime moulds, fungi, liverworts or mosses.

    For Algae, Lichens, Slime Moulds, Fungi, Liverworts and Mosses use the respective "Type of Wildlife" menu to the left.

    For Flowering Plants (including ferns) use the "Wildlife Sites" menu to the left to see the pages relating to those found in specific areas such as Wanstead Park, Wanstead Flats, etc.

    In the main, the plants covered on the website are those that appear to occur naturally here - in other words 'wild'. Some of these are native, of course, but others have been introduced, either deliberately or by accident. As such it is difficult to say at times whether they are truely wild. And it would be a shame to leave out so many species that may have immense value to the local wildlife of all sorts. So, many trees - for example - have been included, even though these may be in the form of 'specimens' in cemeteries, churchyards, parks or gardens, and some shrubs, too. But generally I have tried to avoid including all of the plants and flowers that may crop up in such places. That would be an immense task! Only if such a species has 'jumped the wall' and found a space outside its original garden wall, or perhaps has spread beyond the gravestone planting, have I included these.



    Cedar of Lebanon, Wanstead ParkThe well-known Cedar of Lebanon, by the Ornamental Water in Wanstead Park

    The well-known Cedar of Lebanon, by the Ornamental Water in Wanstead Park