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* in some cases the entry was made some time after the species was found. This may be due to a new identification or a previous mis-identification.

Species Common Name Type of Organism Date of find or entry* Found by:
Apion frumentarium Red Rumex Weevil a beetle 05/11/2015 Rose Stephens
Agrochola macilenta Yellow-line Quaker a moth 28/10/2015 Tim Harris
Trombidium holosericeum Velvet Mite a mite 08/10/2015 Paul Ferris
Lestes viridis Willow Emerald Damselfly a damselfly 06/09/2015 Gill James/Tim Harris
Gymnosporangium sabinae Pear Rust a fungus 27/07/2015 Paul Ferris
Dysdera crocata Woodlouse Spider a spider 23/07/2015 Paul Ferris
Caloptilia rufipennella Small Red Slender a micro moth 22/07/2015 Paul Ferris
Parornix devoniella Hazel Slender a micro moth 22/07/2015 Paul Ferris
Cryptoblabes bistriga Double-striped Knot-horn a micro moth 22/07/2015 Paul Ferris
Autographa pulchrina Beautiful Golden Y a moth 15/07/2015 Tim Harris
Cosmia pyralina Lunar-spotted Pinion a moth 15/07/2015 Tim Harris
Chryphia muralis Marbled Green a moth 11/07/2015 Paul Ferris
Cydalima perspectalis Box Tree Moth a moth 10/07/2015 Tim Harris
Synanthedon vespiformis Yellow-legged Clearwing a moth 10/07/2015 Paul Ferris
Synanthedon andrenaeformis Orange-tailed Clearwing a moth 06/07/2015 Paul Ferris
Bembecia ichneumoniformis Six-belted Clearwing a moth 04/07/2015 Tim Harris
Rhinanthus minor Yellow Rattle a flowering plant 21/06/2015 Kathy Hartnett
Psychoides filicivora Fern Smut a micro moth 19/06/2015 Paul Ferris
Nemophora fasciella Horehound Longhorn a micro moth 19/06/2015 Kathy Hartnett
Phyllonorycter platani London Midget a micro moth 17/06/2015 Paul Ferris
Deraeocoris flavilinea ? a mirid bug a bug 17/06/2015 Paul Ferris
Rhynchites aequatus Apple Fruit Weevil a weevil 17/06/2015 Paul Ferris
Calocoris (Grypocoris) stysi a plant bug a bug 17/06/2015 Paul Ferris
Parhelophilus frutetorum? a hoverfly a hoverfly 17/06/2015 Paul Ferris
Apamea remissa Dusky Brocade a moth 13/06/2015 Paul Ferris
Ectoedemia decentella Sycamore-seed Pigmy a micro moth  13/06/2015 Paul Ferris
Panurgus sp. (Furry?) Panurgus a mining bee 13/06/2015  Paul Ferris
Herminiina grisialis Small Fan-foot a micro moth 13/06/2015  Tim Harris 
Abrostola triplasia Dark Spectacle a moth 13/06/2015  Tim Harris
Tethea ocularis Figure of Eighty a moth 11/06/2015  Tim Harris
Formica cunicularia ? an ant an ant 08/06/2015 Paul Ferris 
Xanthorhoe spadicearia Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet  a moth 05/06/2015 Paul Ferris 
Heliothis peltigera Bordered Straw a moth 05/06/2015 Tim Harris
Argyresthia spinosella Blackthorn Argent a micro moth 04/06/2015 Tim Harris
Chrysoesthia drurella Flame Neb a micro moth 01/06/2015 Paul Ferris
Clogmia albipunctata an owl midge a fly 01/06/2015  Paul Ferris
Caloptilia alchimiella Yellow-triangle Slender a micro moth 29/05/2015  Tim Harris
Agonopterix arenella Brindled Flat-body a micro moth 27/05/2015  Tim Harris
Dichrorampha montanana Spike-marked Drill a micro moth 25/05/2015 Paul Ferris
Dichrorampha sequana Square-spot Drill a micro moth 25/05/2015 Paul Ferris
Onthophagus sp. a Dor Beetle a beetle 25/05/2015 Paul Ferris
Glyphipterix simpliciella Cocksfoot Moth a micro moth 25/05/2015 Paul Ferris
Tenthredopsis sp. (litterata ?) a sawfly a sawfly 25/05/2015 Paul Ferris
Tachypodoiulus niger White-legged Snake-millipede a millipede 25/05/2015 Paul Ferris
Taphrina pruni a fungi gall on blackthorn a gall 25/05/2015 Paul Ferris
Ancistrocerus trifasciatus a potter wasp a wasp 24/05/2015 Paul Ferris
Philodromus (albidus) a crab spider a spider 21/05/2015 Paul Ferris
Philodromus dispar a crab spider a spider 10/05/2015 Paul Ferris
Pheosia tremula Swallow Prominent a moth 07/05/2015 Tim Harris
Roeslerstammia erxlebella Copper Ermel a micro moth 04/05/2015 Paul Ferris
Hypera postica ? Clover Leaf Weevil a weevil 04/05/2015 Paul Ferris
Harpocera thoracica ? a mirid bug a bug 02/05/2015 Paul Ferris
Andrena (haemorrhoa?) Early Mining Bee a bee 23/04/2015 Paul Ferris
Drymonia ruficornis Lunar Marbled Brown a moth 21/04/2015 Tim Harris
Bibio lanigerus a March fly a fly 09/04/2015 Paul Ferris
Ichneumon stramentarius an ichneumon wasp a wasp 08/04/2015 Paul Ferris
Orthosia populeti Lead-coloured Drab a moth 05/04/2015 Tim Harris
Empoasca vitis ? a leafhopper a bug 23/03/2015 Paul Ferris
Drosophilidae (family) a fruit fly a  fly 23/03/2015 Paul Ferris
Sitticus pubescens a crab spider a spider 20/03/2015 Paul Ferris
Amaurobius fenestralis a lace-weaver spider a spider 18/03/2015 Paul Ferris
Deraeocoris lutescens  a mirid bug a bug 14/03/2015 Paul Ferris
Tibellus sp. (obllongus) a crab spider a spider 12/03/2015 Rose Stephens
Ozyptila sp. a spider a spider 12/03/2015 Rose Stephens
Euophrys frontalis a jumping spider a spider 10/03/2015 Rose Stephens/Paul Ferris
Rhyzobius litura a ladybird a beetle 10/03/2015 Rose Stephens/Paul Ferris
Dromius linearis a ground beetle  a beetle 10/03/2015 Rose Stephens/Paul Ferris
Nabis rugosus Common Damsel Bug a bug 10/03/2015 Rose Stephens/Paul Ferris
Mocydiopsis attenuata a hemipteran bug a bug 10/03/2015 Rose Stephens/Paul Ferris
Drymus sylvaticus a groundhoppe a bug 10/03/2015 Rose Stephens/Paul Ferris
Asiraca clavicornis a planthopper a bug 10/03/2015 Rose Stephens/Paul Ferris
Acleris ferrugana / notana a micro moth a micro moth 05/03/2015 Paul Ferris
Asellus aquaticus Water Slater a crustacean 27/02/2015 Paul Ferris
Tomocerus sp. a springtail a springtail 27/02/2015 Rose Stephens
Entomobrya sp. (multifasciata?) a springtail a springtail  27/02/2015 Rose Stephens
Ceratopognidae (family) a biting midge  a biting midge 24/02/2015 Rose Stephens
Tomocerus minor a springtail a springtail 17/02/2015 Rose Stephens
Blaniulus guttulatus Spotted Snake-millipede a millipede 10/02/2015 Rose Stephens
Gelis sp. a parasitic wasp a parasitic wasp  31/01/2015 Rose Stephens
Collembola (family) a springtail a springtail 29/01/2015 Paul Ferris
Psychodidae (family)  an owl midge a fly 27/01/2015 Paul Ferris
Psychodidae (family) an owl midge a fly 27/01/2015 Paul Ferris
Swammerdamia pyrella Little Ermel a micro moth 06/08/2013* Paul Ferris
Dichrorampha petiverella Common Drill a micro moth 19/07/2011* Paul Ferris



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