Moth Trap exercise

Photograps of Moths in the Wanstead area

The following are photographs of the moths found in the Wanstead area. Many of the pictures were of moths caught in a moth trap in a garden in Forest Gate on the southern edge of Epping Forest. (to the photos >)

The earlier photographs were taken with a Minolta Dimage Z1 camera, mostly indoors by a south facing window using natural light. Initially hand-held, later a small tripod was used which enabled the distance to be set to 10cm on the macro setting and the moths to be placed on a surface directly beneath the lens. Side views were also taken, but the distance was less precise. Later a Z5 camera was used.

The photographs were later cropped and if necessary enhanced, to provide clearer viewing on the web site, so that respective sizes are not in scale. For more information on the procedure - click here

The photographs are arranged in species order, starting with the smaller moths - the "micros" - and each is referred to by its common name if it has one, its scientific name and its British List number. As the micros may be less easy to identify, some will be found to state just that - "unidentified". These have been labelled with the date caught, and a personal reference number. Those where an identification has been made, but are still somewhat, uncertain have a question mark by them

Following the micros are the "macros" (larger moths).

The photographs were taken by Paul Ferris, unless otherwise stated. 


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