Update on Slender Groundhoppers in Wanstead Park

In 2009 I came across my first ever sighting of a Slender GroundhopperTetrix subulata, in Wanstead Park. As this species was not previously known to the area - or indeed to Epping Forest - I wrote an article about it here.

Tetrix subulata Wanstead ParkTetrix subulata in Wanstead ParkOn 6th May 2013 I was walking close to the water-side by the east end of Heronry Pond when I disturbed a "grasshopper" which jumped into the pond. So early in the season, I assumed it was actually a groundhopper as these tend to be around much earlier than other orthoptera.

Through my binoculars I could see that it was in fact a groundhopper and that it seemed to be floating comfortably in the water. As I watched - not being able to reach it for a 'rescue' - it jumped out of the water onto the land. This species - the Slender GroundhopperTetrix subulata - favours damper places, and it certainly seemed to have no problem being in the water or getting out of it! On 31st May, in the same spot, as well as an adult I saw that there were two or three smaller individuals. We do seem to have a colony of this interesting and unusual - or at least rarely reported - species for Epping Forest right here in Wanstead Park.


Paul Ferris, 7th June 2013